The Flesh of Fallen Angels

Chapter 1

It all started two days ago. I was shopping with my sister Buttercup and my creator, professor Utonium. We were returning home. My other sister Bubbles had wanted to stay home drawing her pictures. I was a bit surprised, because Bubbles usually came along with us when we went shopping. I started thinking that Bubbles spended too much time drawing her pretty pictures.

"Man, I can't believe Bubbles wanted to stay home instead of coming with us." Buttercup said. "She missed some good things only because she wanted to draw her stupid pictures." She was obviously surprised too.

"What do you think, professor?" I asked.

"Well, Blossom. I think it's normal. I can't make you come with me every time we go shopping together, can I."

The professor always found an explanation to everything. When we turned to our house, I suddenly felt cold. Unnoticed to me, I was also shaking like I had just seen something scary.

"Are you okay, Blossom? You seem to be shaking." Buttercup asked me.

"I'm not sure, but just now I felt cold."

When the car stopped, the professor turned around and asked:

"Are you sick, Blossom?"

"I don't think so. I don't feel like I'm sick." I touched my forehead. "And I don't think I have a fever."

"Hmm, maybe you just got some cold shivers." the professor said.

Right then, the coldness was gone. I nodded to professor.

"Could you girls take the bags for me?" the professor asked


We took the bags and got out of the car. Since Bubbles was home, there had been no reason to lock the door, so we went straight inside. We went to the kitchen and put the bags on the table.

"Bubbles, we're home!" I yelled. There was no answer. We had been gone for quite a while so I thought that Bubbles was sleeping in our room. She always does that after drawing. The professor came inside.

"Is Bubbles here?" he asked

"She's probably sleeping. She didn't answer to my call." I answered. "I'll go and check if she is in our room."

I flew up the stairs and to the front of the door leading to our room. When I was about to open the door, I felt cold again. I thought it was strange, but I didn't want to worry the others. I opened the door gently, still thinking that Bubbles was sleeping. When I peeked into our room, I didn't see Bubbles in our bed. I looked into other corners of the room. I didn't see a trace of her but I saw Bubbles' Octi, her toy octopus, laying on the floor. That was really weird for me. Bubbles usually carried her Octi when she was here and when she wasn't, Octi would have been on our bed. I went to pick up Octi. I felt really cold then and I was shaking even more than before. I clutched myself and closed my eyes.

"What's wrong with me?" I asked myself. What happened next wasn't something anyone would expect. I opened my eyes and I was about to go to bed when my eyes caught something. When I looked up, I gasped.


Buttercup and the professor appeared at the door and they saw me on the floor hyperventilating.

"What's wrong, Blossom?" the professor asked. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

While the professor was looking at me, Buttercup was looking at the same direction I was.

"You're not far from it, professor." Buttercup said. "Look over there."

The professor looked at the direction Buttercup pointed. He stood up.

"What in the name of Newton..." he started, but couldn't finish the sentence. What we all saw gave us all a shock. There was something written on the wall right up from our bed. It seemed to be written with fresh blood. The professor went closer to look at it and confirmed my suspicion.

"It looks like fresh blood. What kind of a sick joke is this?"

"I don't think... this is... a joke, professor." I said, almost not breathing. "It wasn't there when I first looked to the wall."

Buttercup read it: "The flesh of fallen angels. What does that mean?"

None of us couldn't answer that question. I couldn't care less about the answer now. I looked to the left side of the bed, but that was a big mistake. My eyes caught something else on the floor.

"What's that, professor?" I asked.

After Buttercup and the professor saw what I was pointing, we all started to walk to the left side of the bed. I didn't know what I felt when I turned to look at the floor. On the floor was a pool of blood and in the center of it...