By: Timo Wikström


Part 3


The explosion lasted for a while. Dark Timo was looking down right at the spot where the girls were, grinning with satisfaction. The explosion finally fainted and HIM smiled. The crater was empty.


HIM: My, that was so impressive. You just destroyed the Powerpuff Girls.


But Dark Timo's expression had changed to anger.


Dark Timo: No... I didn't.


HIM: Huh?


Dark Timo: (looks behind) ...


HIM turned around and to his shock, he saw Timo floating in the sky, his ice staff on his hand and from that staff hung a sphere where the girls could be seen lying unconcious inside. Timo's eye looked at Dark Timo's eyes and vice versa. HIM was furious.




But Dark Timo didn't even move. HIM looked at the ground and saw the Rowdyruff Boys weakly getting up.




That was enough for Timo to snap out and he started to fly away towards the girls' home. Dark Timo didn't move at all, which made HIM very angry.




Dark Timo: (grinning) Cool down, demon. He'll be back. Tell me what is the most public place in this city?


HIM: (confused now) Townsville Park. Why do you ask?


Dark Timo just grinned.




Timo bashed the door open and crashed to the floor, causing the sphere to disappear and throwing the girls to a far wall. The professor came from his lab, hearing all the noise and got terrified at the sight. He immediately checked the girls and then turned to Timo, who was feeling great pain.


Professor: What happened and why aren't you resting?


Timo: Agh! ... I had to... Are they okay?


Professor: They're fine. They're just unconcious. Now what happened?


Timo: A big blast. I sensed him. He almost... destroyed the girls.


Professor: Who?


The girls began to wake up slowly. Blossom was the first one to realize where she was.


Blossom: Professor? How did we get home?


The professor turned around and then revealed Timo trying to stabilize his breathing. Blossom went wide eyed.


Professor: He brought you home and what I gathered from him, he saved your lives.


Blossom: Saved us? (remembers) Oh yeah... we were attacked by a dark figure. (stands up) All I saw was a dark flash and everything went black.


Bubbles: (stands up) We even had hard time fighting the Rowdyruff Boys.


Buttercup: (also stands up) Who was that dark figure?


Professor: I believe Timo has the answer for that, but before he tells us I better take care of any open wounds first and put him back to bed.


The professor took Timo back to the lab. The girls went to the living room and sat on the sofa. They were still woozy.


Buttercup: Oh man. I can't believe how tougher the boys are.


Blossom: We would have lost the battle. There was no way we could have won.


Bubbles: Good thing Timo came and saved us.


Blossom: That's true. Despite how hurt he was, he still came.


Buttercup: Yeah...


Blossom: (looks at Buttercup) What's the matter, Buttercup?


Buttercup: Nothing, I guess. It's just that...


Bubbles: Just what?


Buttercup: Just that you gotta admire Timo. Like you said Blossom, no matter how badly he's beaten, he still came and saved our lives. Moving around with all those injuries must have been painful.


Blossom: Yes, I think so too. But we have bigger things to worry about now.


Buttercup: The Rowdyruff Boys. Got any plans, Red?


Blossom: Not right now. At least let's rest until we've completely recovered at least. Then let's think of a way to beat the boys.


Bubbles: Let's see if Puppet Pals is on TV.


Bubbles grabbed the remote next to her and turned TV on.




Back at HIM's layer, the Rowdyruff Boys were so furious that they were breaking things like a big tornado. HIM didn't care about it for he too was angry. He was looking at Dark Timo, who in turn was as calm as anyone could have been.


HIM: (to Dark Timo) What happened at that time?


Dark Timo: Nothing.


HIM: Why didn't you attack him and why in the world you had to hurt my boys?


Dark Timo: Your boys? They were originally created by that monkey. You only improved them.


HIM: (growls)


Dark Timo: Your boys were in the way. They should have flown away the second they saw me attacking.


The boys stopped and looked angrily at Dark Timo.


HIM: Don't forget that it was I who released you. You will do as I say.


Dark Timo: (turns to HIM and flows right in front of his face) Let me make one thing perfectly clear, demon. I do not work for ANYONE. Immortal or not, I could so easily destroy you, so don't say I belong to you. If you want to destroy those so called Powerpuff Girls, then follow me to Townsville Park with your boys.


Brick: And why should we?


Dark Timo: Because there this whole charade will end.




The girls kept watching TV. Blossom's head was down however and she didn't pay any attention to TV.


Blossom: (thinking) How are we gonna beat them? That new guy was able to beat us with one shot. He could destroy the whole city with one shot if he wanted to. I'm sure of it. What should we do?


They all heard the lab door opening and heard Timo talking.


Timo: I said I'm fine, professor. I can fly.


Professor: But fighting would open your wounds. You are not capable to fight now.


Timo: I understand, but right now there's a threat that definitively needs to be taken care of, no matter what condition I'm in.


The girls flew to them.


Professor: Girls...


Blossom: Professor, I'm afraid Timo is right. We don't have any choices. We need all the help we can get on this one.


Professor: If Timo fights now, he'll die for sure.


Timo: It's not like I can't fight.


Professor: Don't tell me you don't feel pain because I'm very sure you are in pain right now.


Timo put one of his hands on his chest and winced.


Professor: Please be reasonable.


Bubbles: But professor, we can't win the Rowdyruff Boys with just the three of us.


Blossom: The new guy is much more powerful than any of us.


Timo: That new guy...


Buttercup: You know him, don't you, Timo?


Timo: Yes, I know him. (saddens)


Blossom: Who is he and where did he come from?


Timo: He's my opposite self and he came... from inside me.


Girls: What??


Timo: Remember when I told you that HIM took me away?


Blossom: What about it?




(Timo is been choked by Brick. Timo opens his eyes, which are now red)


Timo: The power he sensed in me was very evil and dark. He first sensed it when I fought those Rowdyruff Boys alone and then...


(Scene changes to Timo aiming and firing his ice staff on Bubbles)


Timo: ...on the day I attacked you Bubbles. You already know that I asked professor to take my powers away because of that.


(Scene changes to Rowdyruff Boys holding Timo)


Timo: HIM somehow found out what I had done and saw a chance. He forced me to come with him to his layer.


(Scene changes to HIM holding Timo in his claws. He hits at the light blue diamond shaped part in the middle of Timo's shirt, which causes Timo to feel agony, with his other claw)


Timo: There he broke the diamond on my shirt and unleashed my dark self. After that he let his boys beat me and take me back home to you, obviously to give you all a message.


(End of flashback)


Buttercup: So you're saying that the new guy we saw came from inside your diamond?


Timo: Yes. He was imprisoned inside me all along. (saddens more) I wish I never would have come here. All I did was bring you a powerful enemy.


Bubbles: But you are a good guy. Now we know you aren't really evil. It wasn't you who attacked me.


Timo: Maybe not, but I really don't want you girls to get involved in this battle. (walks towards the front door)


Blossom: Where are you going?


Timo: To fight my dark self, before he destroys the city.


Buttercup: (flies in front of the front door, blocking Timo)


Timo: (angrily) Out of my way, Buttercup.


Buttercup: No.


Timo: Look, I have to fight him alone. If I take you with me, he'll destroy you and then me.


Buttercup: What makes you think he won't have the Rowdyruff Boys with him when you face him?


Timo: He doesn't accept any help. He'll only fight alone and he only wants to destroy me using any means necessary. (walks to Buttercup) Now get out of my way.


Buttercup: (punches Timo making him fall on the floor) Sorry to do that, but that proves that if you go alone, all it takes is one strong punch to knock you down.


Timo couldn't say anything. Blossom and Bubbles flew next to Timo.


Blossom: She's right, Timo. You can't win your dark self in that state. Besides... do you even know where he is?


Timo stood up and closed his only visible eye.


Timo: What's the most public place in Townsville?


Professor: That would be Townsville Park.


Timo: Then that's where he is. (opens his eye and looks at Buttercup) Please let me go, Buttercup. He only wants me. If he doesn't get me, he'll make others suffer. You were there. He attacked you instead of me, because I wasn't at the scene.


Buttercup: Not before you accept we come along with you.


Timo: I don't have time for this!


Blossom: Just think for a minute, Timo. If you go alone, fight and win, you might die. If you lose, you'll die and we'd still have the problem. Besides, did you forget that you are a member of our team?


Timo: I just don't want you girls to die because of me.


Blossom: And as I said before, it's our choice to help you out. Like it or not, we'll come with you.


Timo: … … Okay, but only as a backup. I want to fight him alone. If I fail, you'll finish the job. Understand?


Blossom: Good enough for me.


Buttercup: (moves out of the way) Then it's settled.


Timo walked to the door, but before he managed to open it, Bubbles grabbed his fine arm and looked at his eye.


Bubbles: Are you sure?


Timo: Don't worry, Bubbles. Everything's gonna be alright.


Bubbles: You promise?


Timo: ... (smiles)


He then opened the door and all of them went out.


Professor: Good luck and be careful!




Dark Timo was floating right above the park, Rowdyruff Boys behind him, waiting patiently. Unlike him, though, the boys were showing impatience. Many people were walking in the park happily, not noticing the threat up in the skies.


Butch: Damn it, how much longer do we have to wait until those sissies show up?


Brick: Hey, Darky! You sure this is the place?


Dark Timo: This is where people mostly are, right? If they don't show up very soon, I'm gonna blow this whole park to smithereens.


Boomer: Are you serious, dude?


Dark Timo: I'm always dead serious about these things. If Timo doesn't show up in one minute, I'm gonna blow this park and he can only blame himself for not been here on time.


Brick: (thinking) Man, this dude's a maniac.


Butch: You sure you don't need any help from us in beating that kid up?


Dark Timo gave an angry look on Butch.


Butch: Alright, alright, suit yourself. (thinking) Psycho.


Dark Timo: You'll have your hands full with those girls anyway.


Brick: What makes ya think the kid would take the sissies with him?


Dark Timo: He knows the rules and I'm sure he wouldn't let anyone else to fight me.


Butch: And you?


Dark Timo just smiled.


Dark Timo: Time's up.


He flew higher. The boys followed him without asking anymore question as they saw Dark Timo charging a blast on one of his hands.


Dark Timo: *raises his hand* Another destruction you could have avoided, Timo.


Timo: STOP!!


The charge on Dark Timo's hand disappeared as he looked down at the street next to the park. Among the wondering people, he saw Timo standing on the road. Dark Timo smiled.


Dark Timo: So you decided to come. I thought you chickened out.


Timo: And let this area be destroyed? Not a chance.


People began to scatter away now.


Dark Timo: Hmph. Well, it would have been boring anyway, if you hadn't shown up.


Timo: *winces and holds his bandaged arm* Let's get this... over with.


Dark Timo: You seem to be in a lot of pain. Either you're very brave or very stupid to come here in that condition.


Timo: Like you'd care about that. *creates an ice staff and looks at the boys* They with you?


Dark Timo: Oh they just wanted to fight those girls I almost destroyed. I see you didn't bring them with you.


Timo: *grins* You think so?


Right then the girls flew at the Rowdyruff Boys right from above them, surprising them, and pushed them hard at the ground and then threw them at a building's wall. The boys recovered fast from the attack.


Brick: Hey, no fair.


Buttercup: What do you boys know about fair?


Butch: Who cares? Let's finish this right here, right now.


Dark Timo: Best suggestion I've heard all day.


Without any warning, Dark Timo attacked Timo by punching him right on the stomach, making Timo lose all his air. The boys attacked the girls by random attacks, which the girls managed to block. The girls then counter-attacked with their own random attacks, which the boys barely managed to dodge. Meanwhile Timo was struggling to keep up with Dark Timo's speed of attacks.


Timo: (thinking) Darn it... the punch made me lose my air... and I can't breath properly while this one keeps attacking me.


He then managed to hit Dark Timo with his ice staff, sending him to a building's wall at the other side of the park. That gave Timo some time to catch some air. He looked at the girls, fighting the best they could, attacking with all they had.


Dark Timo: You're foolish to lower your shield and not focus on your battle alone.


After realizing what he had done, Timo was suddenly punched hard to the jaw, which sent him flying on top of the building, that was next to them. Buttercup had just managed to kick Boomer on his stomach, sending him sliding the street. Right after that she looked up just in time to see Timo getting punched in the air and crashing to the building's roof.


Buttercup: Timo is in trouble.


Blossom: So are we, Buttercup, if you didn't notice.


Blossom punched Brick in the jaw, sending him flying at the same direction Boomer had flawn to. Blossom flew next to Buttercup.


Buttercup: He's getting badly beated up.


Blossom: We can't do anything for him. We promised we wouldn't interfere.


Buttercup: Yeah, well, I regret making that promise.


She turned around only to see Boomer flying fast towards her, colliding, and pushing her hard against a building's wall and giving a series of fast punches. Blossom was surprised by this. She turned around, just in time to block Brick's kick. Bubbles was having hard time with Butch. She managed to dodge all the attacks. Butch tried to give a strong kick to her face, but Bubbles blocked it. Butch smiled.


Butch: Not bad for the sissiest girl.


Bubbles: (angrily) You hurt Timo, so now I'll hurt you twice as much.


Butch: You're that worried about that weak boy? Well, I don't see him around here. Do you? I bet he's getting his butt kicked by that psycho.


Bubbles' expression turned into horror as she looked behind her, not seeing Timo anywhere. Butch saw a chance and kicked with his other leg right at Bubbles face, sending her flying and crashing to a tree in the park. She dropped to the ground and soon after that, some acorns dropped on her, covering her.


Butch: Can't believe you fell for it.


Bubbles rose up from the pile, angrier than ever. She let out a warcry and attacked Butch fast and hard. This surprised Butch and was caught off guard. Blossom and Buttercup were also managing to strike punches and kicks. Suddenly Butch crashed into Brick and Boomer and they all crashed to the building's wall. Bubbles had given a powerful kick into the stomach. The boys looked weak. Blossom and Buttercup were amazed and looked at Bubbles.


Buttercup: Woah, Bubbles! You beat him up.


Bubbles: He kicked me in the face while I was distracted.


Blossom: (looks up) They still haven't reappeared.


Bubbles: What?


Buttercup: Timo and his dark self have gone on top of the building. I wonder how Timo is...


All of a sudden they all heard a scream from above. It stroke fear into the girls.


Girls: Timo!


Blossom quickly used her ice breath and ceased the Rowdyruff Boys in a block of ice and then flew fastly to the top of the building. There they saw Timo lying on the roof in front of a caged fan, eyes closed, in a small pool of blood, coming from his bandaged arm. The bandage from his face had dropped on the roof. The girls were terrified and flew quickly to him.


Bubbles: Timo! Timo, wake up!


Timo opened his eyes slowly.


Blossom: You're still alive? Where's Dark Timo?


Buttercup: What happened?




(Scene shows Timo trying to hit Dark Timo, but misses and gets a strong kick on his chest, which makes him feel pain, and slides right in front of the caged fan)


Timo: Ugh! He was much stronger than me.


(Timo tries to rise up, but Dark Timo grabs him, lifts him up and pierces Timo's bandaged arm with his hand. Just as Timo is about to scream, Dark Timo muffles him with his other hand)


Timo: He pierced my wounded arm, but...


(Dark Timo twists his arm, that has pierced Timo's arm, making Timo feel more pain and kneel down. He's still been muffled. Dark Timo says something)


Timo: ... he didn't want to kill me. "I want you to feel and remember this pain, because you're gonna feel it lots of times. Killing you right now would be too easy."


(Dark Timo puts one of his legs on Timo's chest, pressing it)


Timo: "I'll let you live for now. Next time you better be at full strenght. You wouldn't want something bad would happen to the girls, would you?"


(Dark Timo slashes Timo's face bandage off and sees Timo's badly beated face. Timo is still in great agony)


Timo: "I will return one day. Be prepared for it"


(Dark Timo pulls his hand out from Timo's arm, making him scream, and then punches him in the face)


(End of flashback)


Timo: That's what he said...


Buttercup: That's strange. He let you live just like that?


Blossom: We'll worry about that later. Bubbles, take Timo back home. We'll go back to fight with the Rowdyruff Boys.


Bubbles: Okay. I'll join you soon.


Bubbles left and Blossom and Buttercup flew back down, but when they got back to where they had left the boys, there was no one in there. Just an empty block of ice.


Buttercup: What? Where are they?


Blossom: Back at HIM's place, I guess. They've retreated for now.


Buttercup: So the battle's over then.


Blossom: The battle is, but the war isn't. Let's head back home.


They started flying back home.


Buttercup: Do you think we'll win this war?


Blossom: We'll just have to wait and see, Buttercup. Wait and see.