By: Timo Wikström


Part 2


Professor Utonium kept giving shots to Timo with the defibrillator, but the heart monitor didn't change.


Professor: Come on, Timo! You can't die this easily. You're a Rowdyruff Boy… with no powers.


He suddenly stopped and looked at a table that had a flask with Chemical X inside it.


Professor: It's worth a shot.


He went, took a needle and put some Chemical X in it. What he didn't see was that a small red smoke floated on Timo's head and before Utonium turned around, the smoke went inside Timo. To professor's amazement, the monitor showed pulse changing.


Professor: What the..? This is impossible.




Brick: Why the heck did you do that?


HIM: You thought I'd just let our new buddy here fight only the Powerpuff Girls? Well, NO! I think he wants to destroy his imprisoner, don't you think so?


Butch: And we get to fight those sissy girls.




Boomer: Then what are we waiting for?


HIM: Patience, my dear boys. (looks at the dark figure) Patience.


Looking close at the dark figure's red eyes revealed a reflection of Timo, slowly opening his eyes.




The Powerpuff Girls were sitting on their bed, waiting worriedly for Professor to come out. They hadn't even bothered to clean the debris. Blossom was trying to comfort Bubbles and even Buttercup looked sad.


Buttercup: Why in the world he didn't tell us?


Blossom: Would you have let him stay here, if he had?


Buttercup: … Most probably not.


Blossom: Then why are you so sad? Thought you'd be happy to hear that Timo took away his powers.


Buttercup: Yeah, but… I've never seen anyone so badly wounded. Come to think of it, none of us has ever bled any blood.


Blossom: You know our skin is tough.


Buttercup flew to one of the windows and looked outside.


Buttercup: I don't get it. Why take such a big risk? He must have known that if an enemy appears, he won't be able to defend himself. Man, how foolish you can get.


Blossom: Buttercup…


Buttercup: … I'm sorry. I just like to get my hands on the one who beat Timo that hard.


Blossom: That's another thing that bothers me. Who could have known that Timo took away his powers? No villain could have known it.


Buttercup: Maybe a villain surprisingly attacked him and figured that out during the fight.


Blossom: That doesn't make sense. Why would the villain return Timo here, if the villain knew Timo could be destroyed?


Buttercup: Maybe because the villain thought it was too easy.


Bubbles: (sobbing) All I care about right now is that Timo will be alright.


Blossom: You're right, Bubbles. Let's just wait now and hope for the best.


Just then the professor came in. The girls gave their full attention to him.


Professor: I've taken care of his wounds and it seems he'll be okay just barely.


Blossom: Any idea what could have made all those wounds?


Professor: That's absolutely impossible to tell, Blossom, since Timo had no powers at all. It could have been anything. Just to be safe, though, I gave him back his powers in hope he'll get better sooner.


Bubbles: Can we go see him?


Professor: I don't see any problem in that, so yes.


The girls flew to the lab and saw Timo lying on the bed unconciously. Half of his face was bandaged up, including one of his eyes, and so was a whole arm and part of his chest. The girls flew next to him.


Blossom: So he was this severely injured. Gotta admit one thing. He sure can take punches and kicks and survive even without his powers.


Buttercup: I wish he'd wake up, so he could tell us what happened.


Bubbles: You're that worried, Buttercup?


Buttercup didn't say anything.


Blossom: I still wonder why he was returned to us? There has to be a reason.


They all looked at Timo silently, waiting him to wake up.




HIM: Aww, those girls are worried about their comrade.


Brick: Ugh, I think I'm going to puke


Boomer: That's so sissy.


Butch: And look at that blonde one. She sure cries a lot.


HIM and the Rowdyruff Boys were still waiting a proper moment to put their plan into motion. The dark figure's eyes suddenly started to glow and the glass started to break up. HIM noticed this.


HIM: (grins widely) Boys... I think it's time.


The boys turned just in time to see the whole container explode. From the debris and smoke, the dark figure flew right in front of the boys, looking at them with almost faceless expression. The figure smiled wickedly at the boys and then looked at HIM.


HIM: Welcome... Had a nice nap?


???: I don't take naps. So who are you all and why should I care about that?


HIM: Let's just say we can give you what you want.


???: And what would that be?


HIM looked at the TV screen, that showed Timo lying on the bed. The dark figure looked at it also and then smiled.


???: And how do you plan to give me him?


HIM: I think my boys here can help you in that. They know what to do, dark Rowdyruff Boy.


???: Just call me Dark Timo. After all... I am the counterpart of him.




Time passed and the girls didn't leave the lab. They wanted to stay there as long as they had to. They were so determined, that the Professor had no choice but to make dinner and bring it to the lab for the girls. But even when the professor brought the food, the girls weren't really eating much. The professor was worried.


Professor: Girls, I know you all are worried about Timo, but this isn't good for your health. Please, eat your dinner so you all stay strong. Besides, I don't think you need to worry about him. I said he's gonna be fine.


Blossom: We know, professor, but there is a mystery that needs to be solved. Like, why? Why was Timo returned to us instead of being destroyed?


Bubbles: I just want to be here when he wakes up.


Buttercup: (just keeps eating)


Professor: Aren't you worried, Buttercup?


Buttercup: About Timo? No. I'm only here to find out who hurt him so much. To me, he's still a traitor.


Bubbles: You really hate him, don't you?


Buttercup: (sighs) Yes and no, Bubbles.


Blossom: What's that supposed to mean?


Buttercup: It means I hate him enough to punch him and throw him out of our house, but not that much that I could destroy him. (looks at Timo) You were right, Blossom. He has helped us so much that it's impossible to hate him... much anyway.


Blossom: He's still a member of the family in case you forgot. Why do you think he took his powers away?


Buttercup stayed silent and kept looking at Timo. While looking at him, she noticed Timo's hand moving.


Buttercup: He's waking up!


Blossom and Bubbles turned to see Timo also and saw it too. The professor went to Timo to check him up.


Professor: Incredible. His pulse is normal.


Slowly, Timo opened his eye and saw the professor.


Timo: Am I dead?


Bubbles had tears of joy dropping down her cheek. She got up and flew to Timo.


Bubbles: Timo! I'm so glad you're okay.


Timo: (looks at Bubbles) Am I that badly wounded this time?


Blossom: Really want to know?


Timo: Not really...


He looked at the other way and saw his shirt.


Timo: (thinking) It's whole again. That's strange.


Buttercup: Okay, let's hear it then.


Timo: ... ... I now know the truth. My battle with the Rowdyruff Boys... me attacking Bubbles... me destroying a whole observatory and almost killing Princess... oh god... I truly hoped it wouldn't be true.


Blossom: What are you talking about? What truth?


Timo: ... You were right... you were right, Buttercup.


Buttercup: Huh?


Timo: I shouldn't have come here... I just managed to make things worse... again.


Bubbles: What do you mean?


Timo: ... During the fight with the Rowdyruff Boys, HIM sensed a power inside me... ... He then wanted Mojo to scan me and so on the day I suddenly disappeared, Mojo scanned me during when I was asleep. Despite the explosion that occurred there, it didn't destroy the scan results. HIM saw the results and finally knew how to unleash the power I had used two times to that day... (looks at the girls and then the professor) You told them?


Professor: I only told Blossom. She told the others after you crashed here.


Buttercup: Yeah, we all know that you took away your powers on the day you attacked Bubbles.


Timo: I did it for you three. I really didn't want to be a threat to you.


Blossom: What good did you think it would have accomplished? You did know that if an enemy attacks you, you wouldn't be able to defend yourself?


Timo: Of course I knew that. But it truly didn't do any good... it only made matters worse. Apparently HIM had somehow found out that I had taken away my powers and today... when I walked from school to here, HIM surprised me... with the Rowdyruff Boys.


Buttercup went wide eyed.


Buttercup: The Rowdyruff Boys attacked you? Man I never could have believed this from them. Attacking a powerless boy... Cowards. All of them are cowards.


Blossom: That does explain the wounds you got.


Timo: No, Blossom... these wounds I got later on. The boys forced me to go with HIM. He then told me the truth behind those two times... against my will.


Professor: What is the truth then?


Before Timo could answer, he and the girls heard the hotline ringing. Blossom went to answer it.


Timo: ... You gave me my powers back, professor.


Professor: Yes, I did. You were dying, so I thought that if I would give you a shot of Chemical X, you'd heal.


Timo: Thanks, I guess.


Blossom came back.


Blossom: Trouble, girls! HIM and the Rowdyruff Boys are destroying Townsville at the harbor. Come on!


The girls flew away.


Timo: Wait! I'm coming with you. (tries to sit up but winces) AGH!


Professor: You stay right there, Timo. Your wounds are not healed.


Timo: But professor...


Professor: No buts. Look I know you're worried, but trust me when I say the girls can handle them.


Timo: ... (lies down) I hope they can, professor. I hope they can. (thinking) And I truly hope IT won't appear.




The girls flew to harbor fast. Buttercup was now angrier than usual as was Bubbles as well.


Buttercup: Time to make those four pay.


Blossom: I want it as much as you all do, but we still need a plan.


Buttercup: What's there to plan? They almost destroyed Timo and now they're destroying Townsville.


Bubbles: Maybe because now they think they can defeat us?


Blossom: ... The Rowdyruff Boys alone are very hard to fight. If HIM joins the battle, we're in for a lot of trouble. It's three against four. (sighs)


Bubbles: Something wrong, Blossom?


Blossom: This is exactly what I used to be afraid of. To this day we haven't encountered HIM with the Rowdyruff Boys and now...


Buttercup: Stop worrying, leader girl. We can handle them.


Blossom: Can we, Buttercup? Right now, I'd wish we'd have Timo with us.


Buttercup: We don't need him! It used to take only the three of us to stop crime and fight villains. You really think we now need an extra member?


Blossom couldn't answer that. Bubbles' expression turned into sadness. They were nearing harbor and could now see HIM and the Rowdyruff Boys just floating still. The girls stopped right in front of them.


Brick: Well looky what our little destruction brought in.


Butch: It's those sissy girls.

Boomer: Long time no hurt from us to you girls.


Blossom: You boys should have stayed dead.


Brick: And miss all this fun? Not on your life, sissy.


Butch: Besides, our last fight was inconclusive.


Buttercup: What do you mean inconclusive? We destroyed you.


Boomer: You? YOU?? Don't make me laugh, hot head. You didn't destroy us. It was your daddy-o who destroyed us. Without him, we would have destroyed you.


Brick: Hey, blondie! Where's your boyfriend? Thought he'd be joining our little battle here.


Bubbles: You shut your trap!! You know darn well why he can't come and fight! And he's not my boyfriend!


Boomer: You sure? You cry a lot when he's on the bed, wounded and almost dying. I bet he's now crying like a little baby... just like you always do, blondie.


Bubbles got very mad at that.


Blossom: (looks at HIM) You joining this battle?


HIM: Me? Oh no, I won't. I'll let the boys have their fun. I'm sure they and their new member can do their job.


Girls: New member?


Just then, the dark Rowdyruff Boy appeared behind HIM. His eyes looked so angry. The girls' expressions suddenly changed to horror.




Timo was sleeping on his bed when suddenly he woke up and saw his shirt. There was some red light shining on it.


Timo: Oh God, no... Girls...


He sat up and felt the pain again, but this time he ignored it. He created a dull headed ice staff and stood up, using the ice staff as a support. He winced from the pain, but walked to his clothes slowly.


Timo: Hang on, girls... I'm coming.




Buttercup just smashed into a building's wall, but she fastly recovered and attacked Brick by giving fast punches and kicks, but Brick seemed to be able to dodge all of them. Bubbles and Blossom gave together a punch directly to Boomer's jaw, sending him flying and crashing to the street, but right after that, Butch attacked Bubbles from behind, making her crash face first to a brick wall. Blossom managed to kick Butch's face, making him fall through a building's roof. Having a chance to look at the situation, Blossom looked at how her sisters were doing and shaked her head, then she looked up at the air and saw Dark Timo just floating there, grinning.


Blossom: (thinking) Why isn't he attacking? It's like he's waiting something.


Blossom's trail of thoughts were brutally interrupted by Boomer, who grabbed Blossom by the arm and threw her right through a window. At the same time Bubbles and Buttercup were fighting against Brick and Butch together. They all used eye lasers at the same time and when they collided in the midway, neither's laser couldn't move on. The center where the lasers collided, got bigger and bigger and eventually exploded, pushing all four of them back. At that moment, Blossom crashed on the street right next to Bubbles and Buttercup. Boomer landed next to his brothers.


Buttercup: They're so much tougher than I thought.


Bubbles: (helps Blossom up) What do we do?


Blossom: Ugh... It's been so long time since we last fought the Rowdyruff Boys. (looks up) Why isn't that one attacking?


Buttercup: I don't know, but I'm glad he's staying out of this battle. We have our hands full with these stupid ones.


Brick: Who ya calling stupid, loser?


Butch: (looks up) Hmph! Some help that one turned out to be.


Boomer: (also looks up) Yeah, why isn't that... hey, what now?


Everyone looked up and saw that Dark Timo was pointing his hand at them, still grinning.


Dark Timo: Bravo. You girls are much tougher then I thought. You and the boys are quite equal, but now...


He hit his hands together and shot a a big black beam at the girls. It got both the girls and the boys by surprise and the beam hit directly at the girls, causing a huge explosion. So huge, that even the boys were thrown back. Screaming could be heard despite the noise the explosion was making. It took a moment for the debris to clear out. The girls were lying unconcious, severely injured, in a large crater.


Dark Timo: ... I want to make your friend suffer. Since he isn't here...


He created a black energy ball and raised it above his head.


Dark Timo: ... I think I'll destroy you instead.


He unleashed the energy ball at the girls. From far away, one could see an explosion reaching up to the skies and hear an evil echoing laugh at the same time.


- To be continued -