By: Timo Wikström

Part 1

Morning rose in the city of Townsville and people were happily starting to wake up. At a particular house, the Powerpuff Girls were still sleeping. On the other room, though, someone else was fully awake and had already changed to normal clothes. Timo was looking at Townsville.

Timo: (thinking) They're waking up... and they look so happy. They don't care if a monster attacks the city... or if a villain robs them. Only because the girls are here to protect them and they know it. They think the girls can handle everything. I wonder if that's true. They have been in tight spots before. They defeated Rowdyruff Boys many times and destroyed them two times. And yet I'm feeling that... no. They are so strong. They've learned from every battle they've fought. They can handle anything... as long as they are a team.

He sighed deeply. He heard a door opening in the house.

Professor: Time to get up, girls.

Timo looked at the clock.

Timo: (thinking) ... They have to be. (normally) Well, time to eat breakfast.

He walked out of the room and saw the professor walking towards him.

Professor: Good morning, Timo!

Timo: Morning, professor.

Professor: How are you feeling?

Timo: Well, I'm not dizzy if that's what you mean. What I asked was for everyone's sake. You know that.

Professor: Yes, I do. You still haven't told the girls about it.

Timo: They'll notice it in time. I know I'm out of the team anyway.

Professor: They haven't said anything like that.

Timo: Not yet... and they don't need to. I attacked Bubbles. It's unforgivable.

Professor: But she didn't get hurt much.

Timo: What if she would have? I never would have forgiven myself if Bubbles would have died.

Professor: You still have a good heart. You wouldn't have otherwise decided to...

Right then the door to girl's room opened and the girls came out. Timo hid himself behind the professor. Blossom and Bubbles went straight to the kitchen, but Buttercup stopped and looked at the professor.

Buttercup: (angrily) Is the traitor up?

Professor: Buttercup, that's a nasty thing to say.

Buttercup: Why? It's true.

She continued towards the kitchen. Timo peeked at her and saw her angry expression.

Timo: See what I mean?

Professor: Just because Buttercup said that, doesn't mean you really are a traitor.

Timo: She's right, though. (sighs) I'll skip breakfast and go to school now. I don't want to make them uneasy.

He walked away and went downstairs quietly. The professor looked at him worriedly. Timo took his backpack and walked out of the door quietly. The girls heard the door closing.

Bubbles: What was that?

Blossom: (looks out from a window) It's Timo. He already left to school.

Bubbles: Already? The school doesn't start for 30 minutes and he hasn't eaten his breakfast.

Buttercup: (angrily) How can you two worry about him? He shouldn't even live here anymore.

Bubbles: How can you say that?

Buttercup: Easily. He attacked you. Don't tell me you both still trust him after that?

Both Blossom and Bubbles stayed silent.

Buttercup: Well, I don't. They're all the same, after all. Every Rowdyruff Boy is evil.

Blossom: Then why has he helped us so much? Can you answer that?

Buttercup: He was only seeking a good chance to destroy us.

Bubbles: (gasps, angrily) How dare you say that?

Blossom: Bubbles, calm down. (to Buttercup) If he wanted to destroy us, he had many chances to do that already. Like, every night. But he hasn't tried to destroy us. That's why I think he isn't evil.

Buttercup: I can't believe you two. You still trust him. Don't you remember what he did?

Blossom: I remember well, Buttercup, but we can't just kick him out like that. Besides, professor let him stay here. You think he'd let a killer stay in the house?

Buttercup stayed silent.

Professor: (from another room) Girls, time for school!

Blossom: (sighs) Let's talk about this later.

They took their backpacks, left and started to fly towards school. On their way they saw Timo walking the street.

Blossom: That's odd. Why is he walking to school?

Buttercup: I don't care. He can crawl to school for all I care.

Bubbles: Maybe I should...

Blossom: No, Bubbles. Let's let him walk. He must have a reason.

Buttercup: (thinking) Yeah... reason to plan on how to destroy us.


HIM was sitting on his couch, watching TV, while scratching his claws impatiently.

HIM: Delicious... I can't wait to get my CLAWS on you, Timo. There's only one thing I must wait...

Right then a clock started to quack.

HIM: Is it time, Mr. Quackers?

HIM stood up and looked to his right at a big capsule.

HIM: (walks towards the capsule) Are my little boys healed?

After a while the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys, Brick, opened his eyes and right after him so did Boomer and Butch.

HIM: Well, it appears my wait is over. It is time to put my plan into motion.


Timo showed up at school 10 minutes late. He explained to have walked too slowly. Blossom had looked at him as if there was something Timo didn't tell them. She didn't believe Buttercup, but she hunched that something wasn't right. The school went on normally, with no alarms going off. At recesses, Blossom saw Timo just sitting next to a tree, not wanting to play with anyone. She didn't say anything to anyone. Time went on and finally the school ended. The girls walked outside.

Blossom: Well, girls, another success schoolday.

Buttercup: Big deal. I want to go home and get something to eat. I'm starving.

Right then, Timo walked outside.

Bubbles: (notices him) Hey, Timo, let's race home together, only not very fast.

Timo: (kinda sadly) No thanks. You girls go ahead.

He walked pass them and continued to walk at home.

Blossom: Just what is wrong with him? He acts strangely, but not like you suspect, Buttercup.

Buttercup: Whatever, Red. I don't care a heck about him, as long as he just stays away from us.

Blossom: Well, that's a little hard, since he lives with us.

Bubbles: I'm worried about him.

Blossom: (sighs) So am I, Bubbles. Let's go home.

They started to fly home. Timo looked up to see the three streaks flying over him.

Timo: (thinking) Blossom does suspect something, but she really doesn't have a clue. (sighs) It doesn't really matter. Blossom and Bubbles might get shocked at the information, but I know Buttercup will be kinda happy. If I ever do something evil again...

His trail of thoughts were interrupted by a sound coming from a dark alley. Timo looked at the direction of it, but didn't see anything.

Timo: Probably a rat.

He continued on walking, but soon he got cold shivers. The people that were walking on the street too made him suspicious.

Timo: (thinking) Something's not right. I can feel it. I always feel like this when... ... when I think someone's following me.

He kept walking normally, but then he hid himself to another alley.

Timo: Am I been paranoid? I could swear...

???: (interrupts) Swear that you're been followed?

Timo got scared of that voice.

Timo: (thinking) Oh no! Not now! (normally) HIM?

A puff of pink smoke appeared in the middle of the street and HIM appeared. People saw this and ran away, screaming in fear.

Timo: (walks out of the alley) What do you want this time?

HIM: My, are we impatient. Why do you think I want anything now?

Timo: Last time you sent the Rowdyruff Boys to recruit me to your army.

HIM: I know... and I'm still amazed at how you DEFEATED them so easily.

Timo: (sweats) You... you saw the whole thing?

HIM: Of course I did... so did you or did you forget? And I also felt an amazing power coming from YOU.

Timo was shocked to hear that.

Timo: No...

HIM: Yes, Timo. Do you know what that power of yours is?

Timo stayed silent.

HIM: I can tell you what it is.

Timo: No, I don't wanna hear it. (runs away)

Right then, the Rowdyruff Boys landed right in front of him

Timo: (stops) No way!

They punched Timo at the same time, sending Timo flying right next to HIM's feet. He slowly got up and realized his mouth was bleeding.

Brick: Yes way. Surprised to see us? HIM healed us up from the wounds you gave us.

Timo: I... I managed to do that?

HIM: It's no surprise you don't remember. After all, you weren't...

Timo: (turns to HIM) I don't wanna hear it!

HIM: I'm afraid you don't have any choices. You can't escape or can you without your powers?

Timo: (gasps) How do you know that?

HIM: It's my job to know. You're so foolish. What good did you think that would do?

Timo was sweating hard. He started to run pass HIM, but the boys flew and grabbed hold of him and made him kneel.

HIM: Pathetic.

Timo: (in pain) Agh! ... Girls...

Butch punched him in the face

Brick: Don't force us to hurt you more than we need to

They lifted him up and carried him right in front of HIM's face.

HIM: Look into my eyes to see the truth.

Timo: (closes eyes) NO!

Boomer: (punches Timo)


Slowly, Timo opened his eyes and looked deep into HIM's eyes and soon after that, they all disappeared.


The Powerpuff Girls had just finished doing their homework, but Bubbles looked worried. She kept looking out of the window and into the street. Blossom noticed this.

Blossom: What's wrong, Bubbles?

Bubbles: Timo hasn't come back yet and it's been too long now.

Blossom: Hmm... yeah, but he might be walking slowly again. It takes time to walk here.

Bubbles: It's still too long.

Buttercup: Maybe he got smart and left Townsville.

Bubbles looked at Buttercup angrily, but didn't say anything.

Buttercup: What? You should feel relieved.

Bubbles: I can't believe how heartless you are. It was just one attack on me. Besides, he wasn't himself.

Buttercup: What's that supposed to mean?

Bubbles: Didn't you see his eyes? They were different.

Buttercup: Whatever! He still attacked you and that's a good enough reason for me never to trust him again... or any other Rowdyruff Boy.

Blossom: I saw him attack Bubbles too, but I still trust him. I believe he had a good reason to do it. He's helped us so much ever since he came here. ... He's been like a brother we've never had.

Buttercup: Yeah? Well, I too thought, that not every Rowdyruff Boy is evil, but now I'm sure they're all evil, no matter who they are.

Blossom: (sighs)

Blossom went out of the girls' room and flew to laboratory, where professor Utonium was building up something.

Blossom: Professor?

Professor: (notices her) Oh, Blossom. What is it?

Blossom: Timo's been acting strangely recently. Do you know what's wrong with him?

Professor: (thinking) He still hasn't told them (normally) Actually I do, but I've promised Timo not to tell it to you. He wants to tell it to you himself.

Blossom: Please tell me. I'm so worried about him and so is Bubbles.

Professor: (sighs) Fine. But don't tell this to others. You remember the day when Timo attacked Bubbles, don't you?

Blossom: Of course. What about it?

Professor: After he explained what happened, he asked me to do everyone a favor.

Blossom: Yeah, I remember that too.

Professor: ... He asked me to take away his powers to ensure he could never hurt you again.

Blossom: WHAT?

Professor: He didn't want you three to know since he wanted to see how you three would react to him.

Blossom: But, but... ... that's ridiculous. What good did he think that would do? He isn't able to fight anyone right now.

Professor: He thought he was off the team now that he turned out to be a threat to you girls. Yes, he did understand the consequences of his powers been taken away, but he still wanted it. It was his choice.

Blossom: ... Now I know why he's been walking to school and back... and why I haven't seen him using any powers recently.

Professor: Is he home yet? I need to make dinner for you all.

Blossom: No, and it's been too long now, even though he's walking.

Professor: That's odd. Listen, could you...

Blossom: (interrupts) Of course, professor.

But just as Blossom was going start flying, she heard loud noises, that were like furniture falling to the floor. The professor heard it too and soon they both heard a loud scream.

Professor: That was Bubbles.

Blossom flew quickly to their room and saw Bubbles and Buttercup in the corner. Bubbles was totally horrified. Blossom looked at the other way and to her shock, she saw Timo laying on the floor under broken table and chair parts. He was bruised and he also bled badly from various parts and his diamond shaped part had cracks on it. The professor came in and saw Timo.

Professor: Oh my goodness!

He went and removed the debris, took Timo and carried him away from the girls' room. Blossom went to consolate Bubbles.

Blossom: It's alright now. It's alright.

Bubbles: He... he just... came through our window and crashed to the table and chairs.

Blossom looked out of the window.

Blossom: I don't see anyone.

Buttercup looked so stunned, though she wasn't in shock.

Buttercup: My god... I've never seen a Rowdyruff Boy bleed so badly. What could have hurt him so much like that?

Blossom: ... (thinking) Things have changed. (normally) Buttercup... it's because Timo has no powers.

Buttercup: (now shocked) What do you mean he has no powers?

Blossom: The day he attacked Bubbles, he asked professor to take away his powers so he wouldn't be a threat to us.

Buttercup: ... Why? Why didn't he tell us?

Blossom: He wanted to see how we would react to him and he was sure he was now off the team... It's what you wanted wasn't it, Buttercup?

Buttercup kneeled down. She couldn't say a thing for what she had just heard. Bubbles started to cry and she hugged Blossom. None of them said anything.


At his layer, HIM was smiling. Satisfied by the success of his plan.

HIM: YEEESS! This is magnificent. And it was so easy too.

The Rowdyruff Boys were standing next to HIM.

Butch: Big deal. I wanted to destroy him. Why in the world did you release him and let him go back?

HIM: You don't get it? I did that because I wanted to give a message to the girls and all those punches and kicks you did to him definitively gives a message... He'll soon tell them.

Brick: Why can't we just surprise those sissies with this? The battle would be over in seconds.

HIM: Oh it doesn't matter my dear boy... even if the girls are warned, they can't win this one. The battle will be over in seconds anyway.

He looked at a capsule, where a black shape was floating. The shape revealed red eyes looking angry.

HIM: You can count on that, boys.


The professor was treating Timo as fast and best as he could. He looked at the heart monitor and saw a critical state.

Professor: Amazing... he's still alive, but barely.

He went to take a needle to give Timo a shot, but before he even reached to his needle, the heart monitor's line changed to flat.

Professor: Oh my god, he's going to cardiac arrest.

He ran to get defibrillator and started to give shots to Timo's heart, but the line stayed flat

Professor: Come on, Timo. Don't die on me now.

- To be continued -