Things To Live For

By: Timo Wikström

Art by: Krazy Gal


The girls had brought Timo to their home. When the professor saw Timo and heard what the girls wanted, he hesitated for a moment, but eventually he took Timo to his hands and carried him to the lab. He knew the girls wouldn't ask him to revive someone, unless they thought that someone was a special friend. The girls were now sitting on a couch in the living room, waiting for the professor to come out of the lab. They had waited for a long time now.

Buttercup: (starting to get impatient) Man, what's taking so long? He's been there at least two hours now.

Blossom: (looks at Buttercup) Calm down, Buttercup. I'm actually glad that it's taking so long.

Bubbles & Buttercup: (both look at Blossom) Why?

Blossom: Because I think Timo is alive. Otherwise the professor would have already come out.

Bubbles: I guess you're right, Blossom. But I'm still worried. (closes eyes and starts to cry) Seeing all those injuries on him...

Blossom: (comforts Bubbles) I know, Bubbles. I know. Even I'm worried, but I keep my hopes up. I hope Timo survives.

Bubbles: (still crying) I don't want him to die. I still want to thank him for saving my life.

Buttercup: (flies to Bubbles' side) You'll get a chance for that, Bubbles. I'm sure you will. I think Blossom's right. The professor would have already come out if Timo wouldn't be alive. Let's keep our hopes up, Bubbles.

Bubbles: (stops crying) ...Okay.

Right then, the professor came out of the lab and went to the girls. His face looked sad.

Bubbles: (looks at the professor) How is he, professor? Is Timo alright?

Professor: (sighs) Calm down, Bubbles. First of all, girls, I want to tell you, that you did a right thing, when you brought him here. He had very serious injuries. The good news is that his condition is stable for now. (sees the girls smiling) Don't smile just yet, girls, because there's also bad news.

Girls: What is it?

Professor: Although I have stabilized his condition for now, he's still very weak. I tried to treat him the best I could, but despite that, he has gone into coma. Girls, I don't believe Timo will see the next day.

Blossom: What? You mean he's going to die?

Professor: I'm not sure, Blossom, but that's how it seems right now. I'm sorry, girls.

Bubbles: (crying loudly) NO! Professor, there's gotta be something you can still do, can't you?

Professor: I'm afraid not, dear Bubbles. All we can do now is wait and hope, that by some miracle, Timo will be alright.

Buttercup: I can't believe this.

Professor: Believe it, Buttercup. Girls, I don't know if this is any use to you, but I've heard that people in coma can hear anyone, who speaks to them. Though I doubt, that Timo can hear you, it won't hurt to talk to him. You may go see him anytime before tomorrow.

Professor left the room. The girls were standing silently for a moment. All of them had tears in their eyes, mostly Bubbles.

Bubbles: He... he will d-die, won't he?

Blossom: You heard the professor. He only has time till tomorrow or maybe even less.

Buttercup: This isn't fair. He protected us and Townsville, when we fought HIM. He... sacrificed himself.

Blossom: The professor said we could see him. I suggest we go see him in turns.

Buttercup: Fine by me. Who will go first?

Blossom: Bubbles?

Bubbles: (continued crying)

Blossom: She can't just yet. It's better that I stay here to take care of Bubbles, so you can go see him, Buttercup.

Buttercup: Okay, Blossom.

Buttercup left to the lab to see Timo, tears still running on her face

Bubbles: (hugs Blossom) I don't.. want.. Timo to.. die.

Blossom: (hugs back)


In the lab, a heart monitor was peeping, showing a normal pulse. Timo was lying on one of the beds. He had many bandages, tubes connected and an oxygen mask on him. He seemed to be breathing slowly. The lab door opened and Buttercup came inside. She flew right next to Timo and sat on a chair.

Buttercup: ...Hi, Timo. Can you hear me? It's me, Buttercup. Professor said you might be able to hear us, so I hope you can hear me. (thinking) This is like talking to a wall. (normally) Listen, Timo, it's been only a few hours when we met you and all we know is your name, nothing else, but already you've shown us who you are. You are a Rowdyruff Boy, which means you should be evil, but you're not. We've had our own experience with the Rowdyruff Boys and they were evil. We defeated them many times and eventually destroyed them. When I saw you, I thought immediately, that you were evil. However, the things you said and did today... have proved to me, that you are someone we can trust. (thinking) Why do I keep talking to him? (normally) I... I... (holds Timo's hand and cries) I want you to come back. Please, Timo, come back.

Buttercup was like that for a few minutes, then she left Timo and went out of the lab.


Blossom was still comforting Bubbles, but couldn't find any words. They both heard the lab door opening and waited. Buttercup came to the living room.

Buttercup: Who will go next?

Blossom: Bubbles still can't go, so I think I'll go. Buttercup, take care of Bubbles for a moment.

Buttercup: Sure thing.

Blossom left the room and Buttercup went to comfort Bubbles.

Buttercup: (looks at Bubbles) After Blossom comes out, you can go see Timo, Bubbles.

Bubbles: I can't go see him.

Buttercup: What? Why?

Bubbles: I just don't want to.

Buttercup: Bubbles, this might be your only chance to thank him for saving your life.

Bubbles: What good is it, if he can't hear us?

Buttercup:  I talked to him, even though I was thinking, that I was talking to a wall, I somehow felt like he heard me.

Bubbles: (looks at Buttercup)


Blossom was in the lab, sitting on the chair next to Timo.

Blossom: Timo? Timo, can you hear me? It's me, Blossom. I don't know what Buttercup has talked to you about, but I don't care. I... just want to thank you for helping us in those two battles. You know, I actually understand, why you didn't want to be seen. You were scared. Scared that we would attack you, scared that you would be misunderstood. I don't blame you. What you did in the battle with HIM was astounding, considering how strong he is. But what was much more astounding was what you said. You made an oath. An oath to protect Townsville even if it costs you your own life. (thinking sadly) And it will now. (normally) If you'd want to be on our team, I wouldn't mind having you battling on our side. I'm sure my sisters wouldn't mind too. (sighs) It's so strange to talk to you and not to get any answers and now it's possible, that I will never get any answer. I'd like to ask one thing from you, Timo. (holds Timo's hand) I want you to fight again. Fight for your life. I don't know how old you are, but I'm sure you are too young to die. Do it for yourself, for us, for Townsville, for anything. You can do that, can't you?

After a few seconds, Blossom left Timo.

Blossom: (thinking) It's amazing how we already feel towards him. We've never thought anyone as a friend so fast, especially a Rowdyruff Boy.


Buttercup: Blossom comes out any second now. You ready, Bubbles?

Bubbles: (calmed down now) I don't know, but I'll go. Do you think he'll really hear me?

Buttercup: Like I said, Bubbles, believe that he can hear you. If you believe, then he will hear you.

They heard the lab door opening and closing. Blossom came to the living room.

Blossom: Alright, Bubbles. It's your turn.

Bubbles was leaving the room, but she turned to see Blossom and Buttercup.

Buttercup: Remember what I said, Bubbles.

Bubbles smiled and left to see Timo.

Blossom: She seems to have calmed down.

Buttercup: Yeah. I only hope she can take it.


Bubbles entered the lab and saw Timo. She started to hesitate, but she remembered what Buttercup had said. She went and sat on the chair next to Timo. At first she only looked at Timo, like she was expecting him to wake up, then she turned her head and closed her eyes.

Bubbles: Hi, Timo. Bubbles here. I don't really know what to say to you. I've been sad ever since you took that hit from HIM. Now I'm even sadder, because I... think you're going to die. I never got the chance to thank you for saving my life. At first I didn't want to see you, because I thought it wouldn't matter, but then Buttercup encouraged me. (opens her eyes and looks at Timo) I... want to thank you, Timo, for saving my life. I just wish, that you wouldn't be in this condition right now. (thinking) Please, tell me you heard that.

Tears began to well up in her eyes.

Bubbles: (holds Timo's hand) I don't know, if my sisters think like this about you, but I think of you... as a hero, my hero. I want to believe, that you'll survive, but looking you right now makes me lose that hope. Please, Timo, give me a sign, any sign, so I know I'm not hoping in vain.

Bubbles lowered her head on Timo's hand and stayed there for a moment. What she didn't see, was that a tear had appeared on Timo's face. Bubbles raised her head. She had her eyes closed again. She started to leave from the lab, but at the stairs, Bubbles heard a high-pitched sound. Bubbles opened her eyes, turned quickly and gasped.



Everyone heard the scream and rushed to the lab. Blossom, Buttercup and the professor saw Bubbles just standing on the floor, but then they too heard the high-pitched sound. They all looked at Timo and saw that the heart monitor showed nothing but straight line. The professor hurried to check on Timo, but he already knew what had happened.

Professor: (while checking on Timo) This is happening too soon. He shouldn't be dying now.

Buttercup: Can't you do anything to revive him?

Professor: No, Buttercup. There's absolutely nothing I can do. (sadly) I'm so sorry, girls.

Bubbles: NO! No, he isn't dead. (goes to Timo and holds his hand) He's still alive.

Blossom: Bubbles...

Bubbles: (crying) He... isn't... dead. (lowers her head on Timo's chest) Please, Timo, don't die now.

A tear ran down Bubbles' cheek. Everyone had their heads down. They all knew this would happen eventually and still this struck them too hard. Suddenly a light started to shine out of nowhere. Blossom, Buttercup and the professor covered their faces. The light shone only for a few seconds, then it ended and everything was quiet, except for heart monitor and Bubbles' crying.

Blossom: (still has her eyes closed) He's... gone, isn't he.

Professor: (also has his eyes closed) I'm afraid he is, Blossom.

Buttercup: (also has her eyes closed) It's all over now.

Bubbles hadn't moved at all, when the light started to shine. She just continued crying and keeping he's head down. A hand appeared on Bubbles' head. then a voice was heard.

Timo: (very weakly) Why are you crying, Bubbles?

Everyone opened their eyes, Bubbles raised her head and they all still saw Timo lying on the bed. At the same time, the heart monitor started peeping, meaning the pulse was stabilizing. Timo opened his eyes and took the oxygen mask off his face. Everyone were so amazed, that they didn't even blink their eyes.

Timo: (still weak) Why are you crying, Bubbles, and why do you look like you've seen a ghost?

Bubbles: Because... because I thought you were... dead.

Timo: (normally now) I was for a moment. Before it happened, though, I heard some voices, some familiar voices. I presume I heard you.

Buttercup: (blushes) You... really heard us? Maybe I...

Timo: You don't have to say anything, Buttercup. I understand how you felt.

Buttercup: I guess that's good then.

Blossom: If you heard us, then I guess you know what I said.

Timo: Yes, Blossom, I know. Did you really mean that, Blossom? About having me on your team?

Everyone were watching Blossom now.

Blossom: (blushes) Well, yeah, but first I wanted to ask my sisters and the professor about it.

Timo: Okay, I suggest we leave it that way for now.

Blossom: Agreed.

Everyone looked at Timo again. Bubbles stayed silent.

Timo: You don't have to be sad anymore, Bubbles, and I'm glad I could help you.

Bubbles: I'm not sad. I'm just so...

Timo: Amazed? There's nothing to be amazed. All three of you believed so hard, especially you, Bubbles, that I would survive. It was your feelings, that rescued me. (looks at the professor) Professor, aren't you gonna check me out?

Happiness was now showing from everyone's faces. The girls even had tears of happiness running down their cheeks.

Professor: Of course, Timo. I guess you won't need that oxygen mask anymore. (takes the mask from Timo's left hand) You girls should go and wait for me. I'll come up in a moment and make you something to eat. You haven't had your dinner yet.

Girls: Okay, professor.

The girls were leaving, but Bubbles stopped at the stairs and looked at the professor and Timo.

Bubbles: Will he be okay?

Professor: I think he's gonna just fine, Bubbles. He only needs to stay in bed for two days, so that his wounds will heal, then he will be alright.

Timo smiled at Bubbles and she smiled back. Bubbles went out of the lab, relieved now, that Timo would be alright. She went to the living room, where her sisters were sitting on the couch.

Blossom: Boy, am I glad he will be just fine.

Buttercup: Me too

Bubbles: (sitting on the couch) Me three. (looks at Blossom) Do you really want him to be on our team, Blossom?

Buttercup: (also looks at Blossom)

Blossom: Well, I really wouldn't mind having him fighting on our side. What do you two think?

Bubbles: I think it's okay to me.

Buttercup: I don't mind it either.

Blossom: Then it's settled. If Timo wants to be on our team, then we accept him.

Buttercup: Do you honestly think he wants to be on our team?

Blossom: I don't know, Buttercup. It all depends on Timo.

Bubbles: I'm just glad he's alive.

Buttercup: So am I, dear sister.

Blossom: Me too.