(Author’s note: I apologize for any inaccuracies this story may have. I am not familiar with certain procedures or certain names)




part 2


By: Timo Wikström


HIM was smiling in his underground layer while watching TV. The TV showed the courtroom where Timo's trial was being held.


“Oooohh, that prosecutor's good.” HIM said. “He just tore the defence's defence into pieces. How I wish I had some pop corn to enjoy with this delicious show.”




The prosecutor had just sat down.


The judge looked at Buttercup. “You may step down...”


“Hold it, your honour!” Blossom interrupted. She had stood up. “I have new questions for the witness.”


The crowd began to whisper, making the judge hit with his gavel.


“Order! Order!” The judge yelled. “Ms. Blossom, I thought you didn't have any more questions for the witness.”


“I thought so too, your honour.” Blossom said. “But in the prosecutor's last line of questioning, the whole truth was not revealed. Therefore, more testimony is needed from the witness.”


“Hmm, it would be bad if the whole truth wouldn't be revealed.” The judge said. “Very well, Ms. Blossom. You may further question the witness.”


Blossom began to fly around the courtroom. “You said that you wanted to throw my client out of your house after he attacked Bubbles, right, Buttercup?”


“Yes.” Buttercup said.


“Then what changed your mind? I mean, my client still lives in your house, right?”


“Yes, he does. The reason for that is what happened a few days later after Timo attacked Bubbles.”


“What happened then?”




Timo crashes through a window and crashes down to a table and chairs, causing them to break.


“He one day suddenly crashed through our window. He was very badly wounded. That's when you, Blossom, told us that Timo had taken away his powers. Even you found that out just seconds earlier from the professor.”


Timo is on the bed, all bandaged up.


“Before he managed to tell us what had happened, we got an emergency.”


The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys are fighting at the harbour. Dark Timo is floating in the air.


“HIM and the Rowdyruff Boys were causing trouble at the harbour. There was also a new guy with them.”


Dark Timo unleashes his Dark Ball – attack and the impact causes black light to rise to the sky.


“In the middle of the fight, that new guy, Dark Timo, used some very powerful attack on us, making us go unconscious.”


*End of flashback*


“Where did this Dark Timo appear?” Blossom asked.


“According to Timo, he came from inside his diamond. Apparently HIM had kidnapped Timo when he had no powers and unleashed Dark Timo from the diamond.”


That made the crowd whisper louder than usual.


Blossom flies to her desk and takes out a file. “This is the file of the case we just talked about. It clearly supports Buttercup's testimony. This whole thing happened before the fight against Mojo Jojo and the duel with the samurai.” She looked at the prosecutor then. “I'm sure the prosecutor now has a question in his mind. That question is 'Then why has Timo behaved violently on two other occasions, if the dark side of him was released?'. That question will be answered later on.” She then looked at Buttercup. “Thank you, Buttercup. No further questions, your honour.”


She flew back to her seat. The crowd continued to whisper, making the the judge hit a few times on the table with his gavel.


“Order!” The judge yelled. As the crowd quieted down, the judge looked at Blossom. “I must say I'm impressed, Ms. Blossom. “


“Thank you, your honour.” Blossom said.


The judge looked at the prosecutor. “I presume, that the prosecutor has no further questions?”


“No further questions, your honour.” The prosecutor said.


The judge then looked at Buttercup. “Now you may step down, Ms. Buttercup.”


As Buttercup flew back next to the professor, the Judge looked at Blossom. “Now then, Ms. Blossom, if you could please call your next witness.”


Blossom stood up. “The defence calls Bubbles Utonium to the stand.”


“Objection!” The prosecutor yelled. “Haven't we already clarified the defendants personality?”


“There are still some things that need to be clarified for the court. I don't have many questions anyway.”


“In that case, I'll allow it.” The judge said.


Bubbles stood up and flew to the witness stand. The bailiff then walked  and held a book in front of Bubbles.


“Please put your left hand on the book and raise your right hand.” The bailiff said.


Bubbles did so.


“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” The bailiff asked.


“I do.” Bubbles said.


The bailiff stepped away and Blossom began fly around again.


“How would you describe my client, Bubbles?” Blossom asked.


“Kind and caring.” Bubbles said. “He's like a brother to me.”


“What about the time when my client shot at you?”


“At first I was confused, but later at the same day, I was sure it wasn't really Timo who had attacked me.”


“What makes you so sure?” Blossom asked.


“His eyes at the time. I saw deep anger in those red eyes, but also fear.”




“Yes. It was like there were two different people looking at me at that time.”


Blossom then looked at jury. “And we all now know that this is true. At that time, Timo had Dark Timo imprisoned inside his diamond. Any evil person would be angry and want revenge for that.” She then looked back at Bubbles. “Bubbles, there was also a second time when your life was threatened by my client, right?”


Bubbles looked at Blossom with a small fear in her eyes. “... Yes. It was when me, Buttercup and Timo were fighting against Mojo Jojo in order to save you, Blossom.”




Timo throws the antidote to Buttercup. She then starts flying away, but Bubbles stays. Timo points his ice staff at her.


“After Timo destroyed Mojo's robot, he threw the antidote to Buttercup. Timo's evil side had taken over him again at that time. We didn't have much time before you were going to die, Blossom, so Buttercup began to fly home. I stayed with Timo.”


Bubbles walks at Timo, who is not letting go of his ice staff.


“Timo was about to hurt Mojo badly and I couldn't allow that. I tried to talk to him, reason with him. He pointed his ice staff at me, warning me not to come any closer and ordering me to leave.”


Bubbles is right next to the ice staff's head and she's crying. Timo's hand starts to shake and after a few seconds, he lets go of the ice staff.


“I didn't run away. I don't know why, but I had a feeling he wouldn't hurt me again. And I was right. He eventually let go of his ice staff and changed back to his good self.”


*End of flashback*


“He apologized to me many times for the event.” Bubbles said.


“And have you forgiven him?” Blossom asked.


“Yes, I have. It was a scary situation, but he managed to control himself and nobody got hurt.”


“Thank you, Bubbles. No further questions.”


As Blossom went back to her seat, the prosecutor stood up and walked towards Bubbles.


“Witness, why do you call that murderer your brother?” The prosecutor asked.


“Objection!” Blossom yelled.


“Sustained.” The judge said.


“Alright then. I only have one question: Can the defendant control his evil side or not?” The prosecutor asked.


Bubbles looked at the prosecutor for a moment before answering. “... I don't know. I think Timo can answer that question better than I can.”


“Thank you, witness. No further questions.”


“You may step down now, Ms. Bubbles.” The judge said.


As Bubbles flew from the witness stand to her seat, Blossom stood up. “Your honour, the defence requests a small recess before proceeding.”


“Hmm... request granted.” The judge said. “Court will now take a 15 minute break.” He then hit one time on the table with his gavel.



At the hallway near the courtroom the Powerpuff Girls were talking to Timo. Ms. Keane  and the professor were also present.


“That was a close one.” Blossom said. “That prosecutor's good.”


“At least mine and Bubbles' testimony stands.” Buttercup said.


“Yeah. I'm sure Timo won't even get a restriction after those testimonies.” Bubbles said.


Timo looked angry. “You're all too naïve.”


“What?” The girls said.


“What do you mean, Timo?” Buttercup asked.


“I think he means that the real battle will now begin.” Ms. Keane said. “All of the testimonies up to now were about Timo's personality and his battles in the past.”


“This is true.” The professor said. “We have not discussed about the murder case at all. It is the reason why this trial is being held, after all.”


The girls saddened when hearing that.


“So are you saying all those testimonies didn't help us at all?” Blossom asked.


“Not necessarily.” The professor said. “I'm sure they had some impact on the jury's decision.”


“It will all come to this.” Timo said. “My testimony and the evidence.”


“Yeah.” Blossom said. “I'm pretty sure the prosecutor will use the murder weapon as the critical evidence.”


“By the way, Blossom, what evidence did you find at the crime scene?” Timo asked.


“None that could set you free in an instant.” Blossom said.


“Alright, the recess is over.” The bailiff said from the courtroom doorway.


The girls, the professor, Ms. Keane and Timo all looked at the courtroom doorway.


“... The real battle starts now.” Blossom said.




“The trial will now reconvene for the trial of Rowdyruff Timo.” The judge said. “Ms. Blossom, you may call your next witness.”


Blossom stood up and looked nervous. “The defence... the defence calls Timo to the stand.”


“The defendant?”


“Yes, your honour. He was the only one who saw the victim. He will be my last witness.”


“Very well then.” The judge said. “Would the defendant please take the stand?”


Timo flew to the witness stand and when the bailiff came to Timo with the book, he put his left hand on the book and raised his right hand.


“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” The bailiff asked.


“I do.” Timo said.


As the bailiff stepped away, Blossom flew to Timo.


“My guess is that some are wondering what happened.” Blossom said. “So, Timo, can you tell me and to this court what happened yesterday?”


“We got an emergency call about a bank robbery in progress.” Timo said. “We flew there and planned to take them all on at the entrance. I was supposed to wait a little farther away in case a robber would run towards me. One robber did so. That was the victim.”




The robber is running towards an alley. Timo chases him after a while.


“He ran into an alley. I thought they'd have already learned that it's no use running away before giving chase to the robber.”


The robber turns and disappears behind a corner. Timo chases him, but suddenly gets blinded by the robber using a dusty garbage can's lid.


“Before I got a clear shot, he disappeared behind a corner. So I gave further chase, but right after turning to that corner, the robber hit me most probably with a garbage can's lid, blinding me for a minute.”


Timo throws his ice staff towards the robber.


“I threw my ice staff, because I needed both hands to clear my eyes.”


*End of flashback*


“After my vision returned, I saw the robber on ground, my ice staff on his back.” Timo said.


“Let me see, if I got this straight.” Blossom said. “You chased the robber, got blinded for a minute, threw the ice staff without knowing where to and after you could see again, you saw the robber dead, killed by your ice staff?”


“Yes, that's right.” Timo said.


Blossom walked to a table, where there were various items, like Timo's ice staff, covered in blood, the garbage can lid and a picture of the victim. Blossom took the garbage can lid and showed it to the court.


“This wouldn't happen to be the one the robber hit you with?” Blossom asked.


“Maybe.” Timo said. “It looks dusty. I didn't have a chance to look at the lid after I saw the robber.”


“In any case, this lid was found at the crime scene. It was on the ground exactly where the robber had the chance to hit and blind Timo. This evidence supports Timo's testimony and proves, that the robber was running away right after hitting Timo.”


“Objection!” The prosecutor yelled. “What prove is there that this lid is the one the robber used?”


“There is actually none.” Blossom said. “The robber wore gloves so there are no fingerprints on it.”


“Then that lid can be any garbage can's lid.” The prosecutor said. “That evidence doesn't prove anything.”


“Ms. Blossom.” The judge said. “Do you have any proof, that the garbage can lid is the one from the crime scene the robber used to hit the defendant?”


Blossom thought about it for a moment. Then her face turned into a smile. “Actually yes, I do have evidence.” She flew back to the defence's table and took a picture from a file. “I have here a picture of the crime scene, taken soon after the robber was taken away.”


Blossom gave the picture to the judge. The picture showed an alley with two garbage cans from which one's lid was on the ground. There was also some blood on bottom of the picture.


“Hmm...” The judge wondered while looking at the picture. “... this picture is indeed from the crime scene. The garbage can lid is on the ground. The blood on the bottom of this picture proves this is the crime scene. The court accepts this as evidence.”


“It has now been proven, that Timo was indeed blinded.” Blossom said. “He could not have seen where he threw his ice staff.” She then looked at the judge. “I may have further questions later, your honour. The defence rests now.”


She flew back to her seat and the prosecutor stood up.


“So you got blinded.” The prosecutor said. “I bet you got so angry, that your other side surfaced at that moment.”


“Objection!” Blossom yelled. “The prosecutor is making assumptions, not facts.”


“Objection sustained.” The judge said.


The prosecutor continued to walk around the courtroom. “I already asked this question from another witness and now I'll ask it from you: can you or can you not control your other side?”


“Yes, I can, but only a little.” Timo said.


“Only a little? Can you explain in more detailed way?”


“Whenever my other side surfaces, I can hardly do anything to stop what I'm doing. I do, however, see and feel what I'm doing, but I can't stop myself.”


“What about the time when you shot one of the Powerpuff Girls?” The prosecutor asked.


“I... I couldn't stop myself.” Timo said. “It was the first time I had been able to see and feel what I did. That image will forever haunt me.”


“What image?”


“The image of Bubbles being shot by me. It horrifies me.”


“I'm pretty sure the defence will ask this, if I don't, so I'll ask: Have you done anything to prevent this from happening?”


“Yes, I have done one thing. I've made the Powerpuff Girls promise me they will destroy me if I ever lose control and turn evil.”


“What makes you so sure the Powerpuff Girls can defeat you?” The prosecutor asked.


“I've seen them battle.” Timo said. “Their teamwork is so good and powerful I'd say there's nothing better in the world.”


“I'm not talking about their battle skills. I'm talking about their emotions towards you. Let me reform that last question: What makes you so sure the Powerpuff Girls can defeat you, when they seem to like you so much that you are even a member of their team?”


Timo looked at the girls for a while and then smiled. “I trust them. I believe in them. I believe they won't break their promise. Besides, they have their duty to protect Townsville. Everyone here knows that.”


“Alright then, I'll drop the issue.” The prosecutor said. He then walked the evidence table and took the ice staff. “This is your ice staff, isn't it?”


“Yes, it is.” Timo said.


“We can see here, that this ice staff has blood on it's pointy head. How sharp is your ice staff?”


“... They're very sharp.”


“How sharp exactly?” The prosecutor asked.


Timo wondered a moment and then turned to see the judge. “Your honour, can I refuse to answer that question? Answering that question may put certain lives in great danger.”


The judge then looked at the prosecutor. “Is it really necessary to know how sharp the defendants weapon is?”


“Your honour, may I please approach the bench?” Blossom asked.


“Yes, you may.” The judge said.


Blossom approached the judge and whispered something. After about a minute, Blossom flew back to her seat.


“The prosecutor's last question will be erased from the record.” The judge said. “You may continue.”


“Thank you, your honour.” The prosecutor said and then looked at Timo. “One more question: is it possible your other side surfaced right at the moment you were blinded?”


“... I don't think so. I was blind and in small pain. There was no reason for the other side to surface.” Timo said.


“I see. No further questions, your honour.” The prosecutor said as he walked back to his seat.”


The judge then looked at Blossom. “What about the defence?”


“No further questions.” Blossom said.


“Alright then.” The judge said as he looked at Timo. “You may step down now.” As Timo flew back to his seat, the judge continued. “Since there's no more witnesses, the prosecution and defence may now say their closing statements. The prosecution may start.”


The prosecutor stood up yet again and walked towards the jury. “Some say that criminals deserve no mercy. Others say, that criminals deserve to have a fair trial and pay for their crimes. I'm sure both of them would say that the defendant, Timo, crossed the line when he killed a bank robber. And for what? For only a few thousand dollars. Even if it was just an accident, a life was still taken away. When you decide on the verdict, do not think of the defendant as the one that has helped the Powerpuff Girls to save the city. Think of him as someone who has broken law and must pay for it. Thank you.”


As the prosecutor went back to his seat, the judge looked at Blossom. “Your closing statement, Ms. Blossom?”


Blossom began to fly around the courtroom, near the jury. “Honourable judge and jury, outside this courtroom, my client is a member of my team and a family member. Inside this courtroom, however, he is my client and I'm his defence attorney. It's hard to say anything without sounding like I'm confident that my client didn't do it. My client did help us stop those robbers, but he got blinded in the process and during that time, he threw his ice staff, not knowing where to. The truth, ladies and gentlemen, is that my client did not intentionally take a life. Today in this courtroom, I realized something. My client is a responsible boy, who knows what's wrong and what's right. That is why he didn't even run away after realizing what he had done. In other words, it was all just an accident, not a murder. I hope your decision will be the right one. Thank you.”


As Blossom flew back to her seat, the judge looked at the jury. “The jury will now reside to a private room to decide on the verdict. Until an unanimous decision has been made, the court is adjourned.” He then hit the table with his gavel.




Timo was sadly sitting on a bench, while the Powerpuff Girls were silently waiting for the verdict. The professor walked to them.


”Why are you all so silent?” The professor asked.


”I somehow feel like I failed, professor.” Blossom said.


”You did your best, Blossom.” The professor said.


Timo looked at Blossom. ”Indeed. You were perfect in there. You did what the lawyer should do: pursue and reveal the truth.”


”Do you think Timo will get a 'not guilty' verdict?” Bubbles asked.


”We'll find out soon enough.” The professor said.


”I'm actually confused.” Buttercup said. ”Why didn't the prosecutor put much of a resistance in there?”


”I'm pretty sure it was because of the evidence Blossom showed.” Timo said.


”Then have we won?” Buttercup asked.


Just as Timo was about to answer, the bailiff came out of the courtroom. ”The jury has made a decision. Court will now reconvene.”


”Already?” The professor wondered. ”They only needed 20 minutes to make a decision?”


”Is that good, professor?” Bubbles asked.


”Let's go.” Timo said.




As the girls, Timo, the professor and the others came back to the courtroom along with the crowd, the judge and the jury also came into the courtroom. The crowd was surprisingly quiet.


”Court is back in session.” The judge said. ”Will the defendant please step forward?”


Timo stood up and walked to the center of the courtroom. The judge then looked at the jury.


”Has the jury made a decision?”


One of the jury members, a woman, stood up. ”We have, your honour.”


”What is your verdict?” The judge asked.


”On the charge of first degree murder, we find the defendant... ... not guilty.”


Crowd began to whisper and Blossom was relieved. However, Timo was not relieved at all.


”On the charge of involuntary manslaughter...” The woman was saying.


Blossom's relieved expression turned into very worried one.


”... we find the defendant...” The woman continued. ”... guilty.”


Timo closed his eyes and sadly lowered his head. Blossom looked disappointed and Bubbles looked like she was about to cry.


”Thank you for your co-operation.” The judge said. He then looked at Timo. ”Normally the punishment for an involuntary manslaughter is two years in prison. However, we have to consider, that the defendant has helped and saved the city of Townsville many times. Also, he did not run from the scene of the crime or resist arrest. Therefore I'll lower the sentence into one month in prison and ban the use of any superpowers during that time. After that, we'll hold another trial to determine the terms of the defendant's freedom.”


As the judge was about to adjourn the court, Timo's diamond suddenly shone red. Timo went wide eyed and looked to the left towards a window. He gasped as he saw a claw closing in fast.


”Get down!!” Timo yelled.


A large part of the window broke down as the claw Timo had seen broke through it and grabbed Timo. This surprised the girls and shielded their eyes.




During this, the crowd had panicked and run away from the courtroom. Only the girls, the professor and the judge stayed. The claw pulled Timo out of the window. The girls followed immediately and saw HIM, holding Timo in his claw.


”Let him go, HIM!” Blossom yelled.


”Oh, you wish me to let this murderer go?” HIM said. ”FAT CHANCE! I'm going to destroy this little murderer as all of them should be.”


Right then HIM squeezed Timo harder, making him feel pain.


”If you do that, we will break your legs and claws permamently.” Buttercup said. ”Besides, who made you the executioner?”


”I did AND I DEMAND SATISFACTION!” HIM said. ”He can't even use his powers anymore without breaking the restriction on him.”


”Aaahh!!” Timo screamed in pain.


The girls were about attack, but then...


”Don't, girls!” Timo yelled. ”Do not help me!”


”What? Why?” Bubbles asked.


”You'll... see.”


HIM's grip was so thight, Timo was choking. Timo looked at HIM.


”You made three... mistakes, HIM.” Timo said in a low voice. ”You attacked the courthouse, you... interrupted my trial brutfully before court was adjourned and... you attacked me.”


”SO WHAT?” HIM asked.


”So... you're now been held in contempt and... I can still use my powers for two reasons.”


Timo closed his eyes and seemed to concentrate. An ice staff appeared in the middle of the air next to the girls. The ice staff aligned itself and aimed at HIM's claw, that held Timo.


”Agh!” Timo winced. ”Court wasn't... adjourned... so my sentence was not carried out yet.”


During this, another ice staff appeared above HIM.


”Second reason... is that I'm now... only defending myself.”


The two ice staffs began to move towards HIM and both hit the claw, that held Timo, at the same time, making HIM wince from pain and releasing Timo. Timo began to fall to the ground.


”Bubbles, grab Timo!” Blossom said. ”Buttercup, let's attack HIM! Let's roll!”


Bubbles flew fastly downwards, while Blossom and Buttercup attacked HIM, punching and kicking into his stomach, chest and face. Bubbles managed to grab Timo in the air. He was unconcious. Meanwhile, Blossom and Buttercup gave HIM their last big punch on the jaw, causing HIM to fly far away.


”And stay out of Townsville!” Buttercup yelled.


Bubbles had flown back inside the courthouse. Blossom and Buttercup flew inside afterwards. They all looked at Timo worriedly. The professor examined Timo. The judge, who had been hiding behind the bench, stood up and was relieved to be alive. He also looked at Timo.


”Ahem!” The judge said. ”Is the defendant alright?”


”He's fine, your honour.” The professor said. ”He was almost squeezed to death, but he's fine.”


”That's a relief.” The judge said.


Timo's eyes began to open a little, slowly.


”Did I... did I do anything wrong?” Timo asked.


The girls looked at the judge.


”Not in my opinion. The defendant only defended himself.” The judge said. ”However, he still has to pay for his crimes and be one month in prison and not use any superpowers during that time.”


”But your honour...” Blossom was saying.


”It's fine.” Timo interrupted. ”It's fine. I understand.”


”Timo...” Bubbles said.


”I have to take responsibilty from my crime.” Timo said. ”I'll live through my punishment.”


”But what if we'll need you?” Bubbles asked.


”You never did before. You will be fine for a month.”


”He's right, Bubbles.” Buttercup said. ”We've been fine before. I think we'll be fine for a month. But why didn't you let us attack, Timo?”


”I wanted to give my own justice to HIM, before going to prison.” Timo said.


Bubbles was about to start crying.


”And I'm glad you think so, Buttercup.” Timo said just before going unconcious.


”As sad as this is, the sentence will be carried out immediately, since he's okay.” The judge said. ”Court is adjourned.” The judge then hit one last time on the table with his gavel.


Bubbles began to cry as she hugged Timo.