(Author’s note: I apologize for any inaccuracies this story may have. I am not familiar with certain procedures or certain names)




part 1


By: Timo Wikström


Townsville’s bank is been robbed. Four robbers came running out of a bank, carrying large bags of cash.


“Let’s vamoose.” One of the robbers said.


“Not so fast, bank robbers!”


The Powerpuff Girls were floating above a car.


“The Powerpuff Girls?!” The robbers said.


Each robber ran fast to different directions.


“They’ll never learn, do they, Blossom?” Buttercup asked.


“Nope.” Blossom said. “After the robbers, except the one, that just ran left from us.”


And so the girls began to give chase. The fourth robber was looking back and was relieved to see no one was following him. But as soon as he looked forward...


“Going somewhere?”


Timo was floating in front of the robber. The robber panicked and ran to an alley.


“They’ll never learn.” Timo said.


He created an ice staff and chased the robber to the alley and saw him turning and disappearing to a corner. Timo followed him, but right when he turned, he got hit by something hard and dusty.


”Aaahh!” Timo yelled.


The dust had hurt his eyes, making him blind. Timo rubbed his eyes with his one free hand. “My eyes!” He threw his ice staff out of his hand and rubbed his eyes more with two hands.


When the dust started to settle and Timo began to see again, he looked at the surroundings. He looked at where the robber had most probably run off to and suddenly wished he would have become blind.


“Oh my God!” He yelled.


He then heard a siren coming nearer.




The girls had caught the other robbers pretty fast and given them to the police already.


“Excuse me, but we were told there were four robbers. Where’s the fourth?” The chief of police asked from the girls.


“We don’t know.” Blossom said. “Timo is chasing him. He should have caught him already. I wonder what’s wrong.”


“Chief!” An officer yelled from his car. “We just found the fourth robber.”


“That’s great!” The chief said. “Where?”


“Nearby, but the boy that chased the robber has been arrested.”


“WHAT!?” The girls yelled.




Handcuffs were put on Timo’s hand.


The officer, who put them on, looked sad. “I’m sorry, but you’re under arrest, boy.”


Timo walked towards the police car and was about to get in when the girls appeared.


“Timo!” Blossom said. “What happened? Why are you arrested?”


“He’s arrested for the first degree murder.”


“Murder?” Buttercup asked.


Timo looked sadly at the girls before going inside the police car. Bubbles was about to burst into tears. The door closed and soon the police car began to drive away. Bubbles was about to give chase, but Blossom stopped her.


“Let me go!” Bubbles said.


“We can't help him now, Bubbles.” Blossom said.


Bubbles' mouth quivered and soon she burst into tears and hugged Blossom.


Buttercup looked into the alley, but immediately looked the other way.


“This doesn't look good at all.” Buttercup said. “His ice staff is the murder weapon.”


“We have to go and talk to the professor. Maybe he knows what to do.”




“Hmm… how interesting.”


HIM was taking a bath while watching an image from the water surface of Timo been taken away in a police car.


“I wonder how you are going to get out of this one, my dear boy. Such a brutal thing to do. So brutal I love it. I think I’ll make a surprise visit.”




Timo was locked up in a cell. He sat on the cold floor and cried.


“My oh my, aren’t you in trouble now, Timo.”


Timo stopped crying immediately when hearing that voice. He turned around and saw HIM standing right next to him.


“I never knew you had it in you.” HIM said.


Timo stood up. “Get out of my sight, HIM!”


“Or what? You’ll kill me?”


“You already know what happened.” Timo said.


“That I do. The question is: does anyone believe you?”


Timo looked at HIM for awhile. He then heard cell door opening.


“We’ll meet again, little murderer.” HIM said just before disappearing.


A guard walked to Timo’s cell.


“You have visitors, boy” Guard said as he opened the door.


The professor and the Powerpuff Girls came in. Bubbles hugged Timo the second she saw him. None of them said anything for a while. Blossom walked closer to Timo.


“What happened, Timo?” Blossom asked.


Timo broke up the hug and explained everything he knew.


“What you just said makes it sound like an accident.” The professor said.


“Even so, I took a life.” Timo said. “I’ve never done such a thing in my whole life. How much did they rob?”


“Why do you ask that?” Buttercup wondered.


“Just curious.”


“They robbed 15,000 dollars, Timo.” The professor said. “But the one you chased only had 2,500 dollars.”


“Only that much? His life was worth 2,500 dollars?” Timo said and got sadder.


“What are you talking about?” Bubbles asked?


Timo turned around, facing a wall. “I put a price on that man’s life, Bubbles. Life should be priceless.”


Nobody said anything to that.


“So what’s going to happen to me?” Timo asked.


“There will be a trial tomorrow morning, Timo.” The professor said.


“How much do you think I’ll get?”


“Considering you’ve helped Townsville a lot of times and that you’re actually a minor… a minor with superpowers, I’d say only two months in prison. A year at tops.” The professor said.


“So I’ll be punished anyway. You don’t think they’ll believe it was an accident, do you?” Timo said.


“No, I don’t.”


“But what if we testify?” Blossom asked.


“About what, Blossom?” The professor asked. “You didn’t see it happen.”


“No, but we could testify about Timo. Tell them how much he has helped us, about his personality.”


Timo turned around to see Blossom. “What good do you think that’ll do?”


“You might just only get two months in prison or, if you’re lucky, you’ll be only forced not to use your powers for a period of time.” Blossom said.


“Do you really think that’ll work?” Bubbles asked.


“Well… it would help if they only believed that it was an accident.” The professor said.


“But there’s no proof, is there?” Buttercup asked.


“The robber wore gloves so they won’t find fingerprints on that garbage can with which he hit me.” Timo said.


“So there isn’t any proof that it was an accident.” Buttercup said.


“Hmm… I wonder.” Blossom said. “I think we should check out the scene. There might be something there that the police missed.”


“You think so?” Buttercup asked.


“It is a possibility and right now, Timo needs all the help he can get.” Blossom said. “Come on, girls!”


The girls flew away, but the professor stayed with Timo.


“What do you think, professor?” Timo asked.


“I think it’s impossible for you to walk away from this without a scar.” The professor said.


“Oh well. I deserve to be punished anyway for taking a life. The situation looks so hopeless.” Timo turned around to face the wall again. “Professor? What am I in your opinion?”




“Am I guilty?”


“… Based on your story, I say you’re not guilty.”


“… Thank you.”


“Whatever happens tomorrow, know that me and the girls will always support you.” The professor said. He then turned around to leave.


The guard closed the cell door and also left. Timo closed his eyes.


“Not guilty, huh?” He whispered.




In his underground layer, HIM was watching the news.


“I’m here at Townsville Jail where the Rowdyruff Boy Timo is being held until tomorrow’s trial.” The reporter said on TV. “He was arrested for killing a bank robber with his weapon. The police found him at the scene of the crime next to the victim. Citizens of Townsville are having mixed feelings about this. Some say he should be locked up forever. Others say they should banish him from Townsville forever.”


“Oh, this is sooooo delicious.” HIM said and laughed. “The people of Townsville are all against him. Not even the Powerpuff Girls can save him now.”


HIM pushed a button on the remote control and the TV showed Timo in the cell, sitting sadly.


“Poor Timo.” HIM said. “Looks like you’ll lose whatever you do. And to make sure you DO lose, I’ll make another surprise visit. You will be destroyed then, Timo. Mwahahahaha...” HIM’s laugh echoed throughout his entire layer.




The next morning came too soon for Timo. He looked through the small bar window and remembered what the professor had said.


“Whatever happens tomorrow, know that me and the girls will always support you.”


“Even if it might break the law?” Timo whispered to himself.


The guard came and opened the cell door.


“It is time for your trial.” The guard said.


Timo flew out of the cell and followed the guard.




The courthouse of Townsville was full of reporters. When the police car, where Timo was on, stopped in front of the courthouse, a chaos broke out. The reporters ran right next to the police car, asking random questions and didn’t even let the car doors to open and the car itself was getting pushed hard.


“Holy cow!” The guard yelled. “They’ll turn the car around at this rate!”


Right then, the Powerpuff Girls appeared and made the crowd spread out. That gave the chance for Timo and the policeman to go inside the courthouse.


“You’re really big news, boy, for reporters to behave like that.” The policeman said.


As Timo followed the policeman, the girls came to him.


“Those reporters really should know better than to harass you like that, Timo.” Buttercup said.


“It's alright.” Timo said. “How did it go yesterday?”


“Not good.” Blossom said. “We found some evidence that could back you up, but everything's unsure.”


“Has the professor hired an attorney?” Timo asked.


“He doesn't need to.” Blossom said.


Timo stopped and looked at Blossom. “What do you mean?”


“I mean that I will be your defense attorney, Timo.” Blossom said.


“WHAT!? Blossom, you can't be serious.”


“I'm very serious, Timo. I talked about this with professor and he eventually agreed with me.”


“But, Blossom, do you know the law and court procedures?” Timo asked.


“I know enough for this case.”


Timo looked at Bubbles and Buttercup then. “And you two agree with this?”


“Yes.” Bubbles said. “Right now, we are the best defense you have. We'll all testify.”


“Who knows, maybe you will get a 'not guilty' verdict.” Buttercup said.


“That I'm hoping to achieve today.” Blossom said.


Timo was about say something, but the policeman interrupted.


“Hey, what are you standing there? Come on, the trial starts very soon.” The policeman said.


Timo looked at Blossom for a while, before leaving with the policeman.


“Do you really think he can get a 'not guilty' verdict, Buttercup?” Bubbles asked.


“One can only hope so, Bubbles.” Buttercup said. “I only wanted to give him hope.”


“Well, I better go and prepare my case. This is going to be a very long day.” Blossom said, and then left.




The courtroom was full of people. Most of the Townsville citizens had come to watch the trial. Among them was Ms. Keane, professor Utonium, Robin, Mike and other classmates as well as Bubbles and Buttercup. The jury was whispering all kinds of things of which Timo couldn't hear clearly. Blossom and Timo were sitting on the defence side. The prosecutor was a grown up man with nearly bald head and a grey suit. Timo got nervous.


“Blossom, are you sure you're up to this?” Timo asked. “I mean this is your first time in a trial as a defence attorney.”


“Relax, Timo.” Blossom said. “It's true this is my first time and I don't have any training, but I've read law and I've seen court procedures a few times, so I have a general idea.”


“... What do you honestly think, Blossom? Do I have a chance to get a minimum punishment of this?”


“If by punishment you mean jail time, then no, Timo, because I believe you have a chance to walk free from this with only a restriction.”


The bailiff came out of a room. “All arise for the honorable judge.”


Everyone stood up as the judge came out of the same room as the bailiff had. The judge looked old and he had a grey beard and bald head. He sat down on his chair behind the table. As he sat down, so did the crowd. The judge hit with his gavel three times to silence the crowd.


“The court is now in session for the trial of Rowdyruff Timo.” The judge said, and then looked at Timo. “Rowdyruff Timo, you stand here today accused of murder of a bank robber. How do you plea?”


Timo first looked down at the table and then at the professor, who was sitting behind him. He then stood up and sighed.


“Not guilty, your honour.” Timo said.


The crowd began to whisper and make noises right away. Some were angry, some were astonished. The judge hit several times with his gavel.


“Order! Order!” The judge screamed.


As the crowd slowly settled down, the judge continued. “Very well, you may sit down.”


Timo sat down and looked at Blossom who was smiling a little.


“Before proceeding, I have a few questions to ask from the attorney.” The judge said. “I believe the attorney is none other than the leader of the Powerpuff Girls, Blossom. Am I right?”


Blossom stood up and looked confident. “Yes, your honour.”


“Are you sure you should be defending the accused? He is one of your team members, isn't he?”


“Yes, he is, your honour. I know this is quite irregular, but I believe I can do the job. As for him being a member of the team, that won't stop or make me hesitate to do my job.”


Timo looked at Blossom with a little worried look on his face.


“Very well.” The judge said.  “I'll allow this. Now then, your opening statement, prosecutor.”


The prosecutor stood up and began to walk around the courtroom. “Your honour, jury, I believe there is no mistake that the accused has committed a crime. A crime that should not go unpunished. The accused attacked and killed the bank robber in rage. That's all the proof we need to have a guilty verdict.” He then went back to his seat.


“Alright. Blossom Utonium, your opening statement, please.” The judge said.


Blossom stood up and began flying around the courtroom. “I've noticed, that everyone in this courtroom has different opinions about this so called “crime”. I say that no crime has happened. That's right, what happened wasn't a crime. It was an accident and I will proof it here today on this court to you all so that the truth will be revealed.” She floated a while in place, looking very confident, before flying back to her seat.


“The defence may now call its first witness.” The judge said.


“The defence calls Buttercup Utonium to the stand.” Blossom said.


The crowd began whisper loudly, forcing the judge to hit the table with his gavel.


“Objection!” The prosecutor yelled. “The witness in question didn’t witness anything of the crime.”


“The point is to determine the personality of the defendant and if he is capable of murdering someone, your honour.” Blossom said.


“Then why not call the defendant himself to the stand?” The prosecutor said.


“Because the court needs to hear what others think about him.” Blossom said.


“But the witness is another Powerpuff Girl, a member of your team. I doubt that the witness’ testimony would be very credible.” The judge said.


“Isn’t that why all the witnesses swear the oath, your honour?” Blossom asked. “We all know the penalty for lying under oath.”


“That’s true.” The judge said. “Very well, I’ll allow this. Would Buttercup Utonium please take the stand?”


Buttercup flew the stand next to the judge and stood on the chair. The bailiff came to Buttercup and held a book in front of Buttercup.


“Please put your left hand on the book and raise your right hand.” The bailiff said.


Buttercup did so.


“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” The bailiff asked.


“I do.” Buttercup said.


The bailiff stepped away from Buttercup and Blossom began to fly around the courtroom near the jury and Buttercup.


“Buttercup.” Blossom said. “Could you tell us what was your first impression of Timo?”


“That he was evil.” Buttercup said.


“Why was that?”


“Because first of all, it was HIM that called Timo out and the fact that he is a Rowdyruff Boy.”


“For clarification, HIM is the demon who lives in an underground layer beneath Townsville. What changed your opinion about my client then?” Blossom asked.




HIM shoots a ray from his mouth at the girls, but Timo flies between the ray and the girls, raises his ice staff and lets the ray hit the staff.


“HIM attacked us. It was our first battle after a long time and as much as I hate to say it, we weren’t ready to battle HIM. However, Timo defended us from HIM’s attack.”


HIM’s eyes glow and he shoots a bigger blast from his mouth, making Timo’s ice staff break into pieces and throwing Timo on the ground far behind the girls.


“He swore a sort of an oath, before HIM shot a bigger beam at Timo, which made his ice staff break and he got seriously wounded.”


*End of flashback*


“Anyway, it was that oath, that made me change my opinion about Timo.” Buttercup said.


“And what was this oath?” Blossom asked.


“He swore that he would protect the Powerpuff Girls and Townsville in any way possible.”


“You’ve known my client for a long time now.” Blossom said. “Can he commit a murder?”


“Based on the time we’ve spent together and the battles we’ve fought, I’d say no. Not intentionally anyway.” Buttercup said.


“Thank you, Buttercup. No further questions.” Blossom said as she flew back to her seat.


The prosecution then stood up and walked back and forth next to Buttercup.


“Witness!” The prosecution said. “You said, that your first impression of the defendant was that he was evil simply because he is a Rowdyruff Boy, correct?”


“Yes.” Buttercup said.


“Why did you assume, that he was evil just by that fact?”


“We had fought Rowdyruff Boys before. The ones that Mojo Jojo had originally created and were then later recreated by HIM.”


“I see. Is it not possible then, that the defendant is evil?”


“What do you mean?” Buttercup asked.


The prosecutor took a file from his desk.


“I have here a file of a certain case.” The prosecutor said. “It’s about the defendant suddenly disappearing during a flight to school.”


Timo suddenly felt fear.


“Objection!” Blossom yelled. “That has nothing to do with this case.”


“It will help determine if the defendant is capable of murdering someone.”


“Objection overruled.” The judge said.


“This file tells how the defendant was kidnapped by a certain criminal.” The prosecutor said. “The Powerpuff Girls searched for him, but were trapped in the process by another criminal. They were saved by the defendant in the nick of time, but the defendant wasn't the same one the girls knew.”




The girls wake up and notice Timo. Bubbles runs happily to him, but then sees Timo's eyes and stops. Timo fires his ice staff at Bubbles.


“Somehow he had changed into a merciless boy, who didn't care about anyone. The Powerpuff Girls witnessed this and noticed his change too late as the defendant attacked one of the girls.”


*End of flashback*


“Witness.” The prosecutor said. “You witnessed this event. Tell me, what did you think about the defendant right at the moment when he attacked your sister?”


Buttercup's mouth was open, but she couldn't say anything. Both Blossom and Timo were also worried about the question.


“Well, witness?” The prosecutor said.


Buttercup looked at Blossom and Timo as if looking for advice. Timo noticed this and after a few seconds, he nodded. Buttercup sighed.


“I... I hated him.” Buttercup said. “I wanted him to leave our house.”


“So you didn't trust him?” The prosecutor asked.


“... No.”


“Were you afraid he would hurt someone else, like your other sister, Blossom Utonium?”


“Not afraid. More like worried. So yes, I was worried that he would hurt someone else I cared about.”


“I see. Earlier you said, that the defendant wouldn't murder anyone. Not intentionally anyway. What did you mean by that?”


“Timo has another side in him.” Buttercup said.


“Another side?”


“I don't know much about it. All I know is, that Timo is completely different when that side surfaces.”


“Have you witnessed the defendant's 'other side'?” The prosecutor asked.


“Yes, three times. The first time was when he attacked Bubbles.”


“That would be the case where the defendant disappeared, right?”


“Right. The second time was when me, Bubbles and Timo were fighting against Mojo Jojo in order to save Blossom and the third time when he duelled against a samurai.”


“And how did the defendant behave during these times?” The prosecutor asked.


“... Pretty violently. He was more powerful and cold-hearted. He did have some sense in him, however.”


“Thank you. No further questions.”


The prosecutor walked back to his seat, smiling.


Timo looked at the prosecutor and thought: “He just turned things around, cornered and trapped us just like that.” He then looked at Buttercup, who looked regretful. “The truth was told, though.” He then looked at Blossom, who looked serious and was sweating. “Even Blossom thinks this is bad. Somehow I think things will get worse.


- To Be Continued -