By: Timo Wikström



The city of Townsville was having as normal day as it could. Crime had recently increased and so the girls and Timo were alerted many times. The crimes were easily stopped, but over the crimes, the girls and Timo started to get tired and so crimefighting became harder. It was another day at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. The kids were outside and the girls and Timo were lying next to a tree.


Blossom: It's nice to have some peace and quiet for a change.


Timo: You mean only peace. I can hear every kid laughing.


Buttercup: You should try to close your hearing, Timo. That way, the sounds and voices won't be so loud.


Bubbles: I hope there won't be any emergencies today. I feel so tired.


Blossom: We all feel tired, Bubbles. It's been so busy lately.


Buttercup: Yeah. I don't remember crime ever been so high before. It's like the good old days... only worse.


Blossom: The villains probably have realized this city has been untouchable for a long time, if you don't count the last weeks, and they have determined to try doing their crimes here again.


Timo: Probably forgetting also that you three are still protecting the city.


Bubbles: With one new member on our team now.


Timo: Why haven't they gone to Citysville? They should be happy in that city.


Buttercup: Ha! Yeah, right. Like they haven't already. Crime is pretty much worthy in Citysville, since the criminals usually get away. I've heard the city's budget is so low, that the city hall has to pay three million dollars a month. The same amount as with the bridge we destroyed there. That bridge was repaired a long time ago, though. Way before the peace came.


Bubbles: Too bad they forbade the use of superpowers.


Blossom: You feeling sorry for them, Bubbles?


Bubbles: Nah. They treated us like dirt.


Timo: Anyway, it seems the criminals are just bored and are moving to other areas to try their luck.


Buttercup: Every criminal who comes here will be so sorry to have ever left Citysville.


The school bell rang and all the kids went inside.




In his observatory, Mojo was working on something.


Mojo: Perfect! It is ready. Now to think when and how to use it. Hmm... I need someone to help me, give me enough time to do it.


Slowly his expression changed into grinning one.


Mojo: Of course. She is good enough. She should be at her home now.


Mojo went to his phone, dialed and waited. After a moment someone answered.


???: Yeah, what is it?


Mojo: Hello, Princess. It is I, Mojo Jojo.


Princess: Oh. What do you want?


Mojo: I have a favor to ask from you.


Princess: Whatever it is, I'm not interested. Last time we two co-operated, we both got beat up by the girls thanks to your incompetence.


Mojo: Still remember that, huh? That was before, now it's different. I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.


Princess: ... ... I'm listening.




Later that day, the girls and Timo were returning home. So far the day had been peaceful.


Timo: (inhales) Ah... there's nothing better than breathing fresh air.


Bubbles: And it seems there are children swimming at Bonsai Gardens. We should also go swimming. We haven't done that since the school started.


Blossom: Let's wait at least until these crimes have stopped for a little while.


Bubbles: Aww, but it might be too late then.


Buttercup: Even though I like fighting criminals, I too want to relax once in a while.


Timo: Never thought of hearing that from you, Buttercup. I thought you were the toughest fighter who would never rest when crime is happening.


Buttercup: It's still true. It's always good to have a break between fights. I don't want to be a tired crimefighter when trying to stop a villain.


Bubbles: Oh, like that one time when we couldn't fight crime because we were too tired?


Blossom: Umm... something like that.


They came to their house and went inside.


Blossom: Professor?


Professor: In the kitchen, girls. How was your day?


Buttercup: It was good. (yawns)


Professor: Hmm... dinner won't be ready anytime soon, so I think you can go and take a nap, if you feel tired. I don't want you girls to sleep in class again or fight crime when tired.


Girls and Timo: Okay.


They flew upstairs and into their own rooms. What they hadn't see was that someone was watching them.


Mojo: Hmm... they're sleeping, but I think it's better to do it later.


Mojo looked behind him and grinned.


Mojo: Everything's set. All I need to do is wait for the perfect moment to do it.




The rest of the day was peaceful, much to the relief for the girls and Timo. Night came slowly and when it did, everyone went to sleep one by one. In the middle of the night, though, someone was moving at the Powerpuff Girls' house.


Mojo: (thinking) That room has to be around here. (looks up) Here it is. Good thing I put these special gloves on.


Mojo touched the wall and started to climb up the solid wall. He went in from a window quietly.


Mojo: (thinking) Good thing I had one of these left from that time and it's a good thing too, that I made this one even better then those I used.


After a moment, Mojo went out of the window and ran off.


Mojo: (thinking) Phase one complete. Phase two begins in the morning then.




Professor: (from afar) Girls, time to wake up!


The girls woke up and sat up.


Buttercup: (yawns) Oh man... Can't you let us sleep? I still feel tired.


Blossom: No way, Buttercup. School starts in 40 minutes. So get up and get ready.


Buttercup: Get ready? I could get to school in 2 minutes if I need to.


Blossom: And you soon will have 2 minutes left, if you don't hurry.


Bubbles: (yawns) I'd sure like to sleep too.


Blossom: Oh, Bubbles, not you too. (sighs) The professor ain't gonna like this.


The door opened and Timo came inside, fully clothed.


Timo: What's taking so long?


Blossom: Bubbles and Buttercup are too tired.


Timo: Can you blame them? We've all had rough days and yesterday's homework didn't exactly let us relax. If they really are so tired, maybe we should let them sleep. One day out of school isn't the end of the world. Besides, protecting the city and going to school at the same time take a lot out of you.


Blossom: It never stopped us before.


Timo: Really? Well, are you awake enough to go to school?


Blossom: Yes. I have to be.


Professor: (appears at the doorway) Blossom, even though it is important to go to school, it is also important to stay in top shape and recent events have made you all tired. So tired, that you won't be able to listen what Ms. Keane teaches you or concentrate. This already happened to you once by the very same reasons. The only difference was that you fought crime at night.


Blossom: I remember it, professor, but I still want to go.


Professor: Alright, if you're sure. Bubbles, Buttercup, are you okay to go to school?


They couldn't say anything, because they were laying down and had their eyes closed.


Timo: I guess not.


Professor: Alright. I'll call Ms. Keane and inform her. Blossom, Timo, come down and eat your breakfast.


Blossom & Timo: Alright.


Blossom dressed up quickly and went to kitchen, where Timo was eating his morning cereal. They ate their breakfast and left to school. On the way, Blossom looked very serious.


Timo: (notices it) Is something bothering you, Blossom?


Blossom: Nothing actually. I just hate it when these kind of situations come.


Timo: What do you mean? What kind of situations?


Blossom: The kind where I'm alone. If there's a crime, it's only me there to stop it. You have any idea what it takes from me, if there's multiple crimes happening and I'm all alone?


Timo: Why are you even asking that? You're not alone. I'm with you. I'm with you all.


Blossom: I guess you're right. It's just probably my responsibilities as a leader. I always have to do my best. I have to be the perfect girl, so I can protect anyone in need of help. I just sometimes feel, that I'm not smart enough... or even strong enough. You know... I envy Bubbles and Buttercup. Bubbles is always joyful and gets good ideas of how to have fun on boring times. Buttercup doesn't worry about a thing, when fighting crime. She's so carefree. I don't want to be careless, but I wish I wouldn't be so... worried about everything. What about you, Timo? What do you think is great about you besides your powers?


Blossom didn't get any answer.


Blossom: Timo?


Blossom looked behind her, but didn't see anyone. She stopped and looked around.


Blossom: Timo? Come on, stop it. This is no time to play games. Timo?


She didn't hear anything. After a moment, she started to sweat and looked worried. She flew back to home as fast as she could.




Professor: Now how to make this formulae work? Hmm...


Professor Utonium was doing some experiment in his lab. He took a pen and was starting to make notes when the lab door suddenly opened up so fast that it slammed to the wall and startled the professor so badly that the notes flew to the air. After a moment he saw Blossom panting next to him.


Professor: Blossom? Why aren't you at school? And why do you look so exchausted?


Blossom: Timo... ... he's... missing.


Professor: What did you say? Timo's missing?


Blossom nodded.


Professor: When?


Blossom: Just a... moment ago... when we... were... flying to... the school.


Professor: Very odd. Go and wake your sisters. I'll call Ms. Keane again and tell her. You three go and search Timo in Townsville.


Without saying another word, Blossom went to the girls' room.


Blossom: Wake up! We have an emergency!


Buttercup: (still has eyes closed, angrily) Aww, Blossom, keep it down. What kind of emergency?


Blossom: Timo's missing!


Bubbles: (opens eyes and sits up fast) What?


Buttercup: (also opens her eyes and sits up) How? You were flying together to school.


Blossom: I don't know. We were just talking and when I didn't get any answer I...


Bubbles: Where did this happen?


Blossom: I don't know that either. I talked so long that I managed to fly long away before I turned around. Timo disappeared during when I spoke to him.


Buttercup: So what are we waiting for then? (gets up and fastly changes to her regular clothes) Let's go and find him.


Bubbles: (gets up and changes to her regular clothes too) But where do we start?


Blossom: Let's fly the usual route we take to school. We might find a clue.


They started flying towards Townsville.




They searched everywhere, even the forest. They asked people, if they had seen Timo. In the end, they gathered up at the City Hall.


Blossom: Did you find anything?


Bubbles: Nothing.


Buttercup: It's like he's disappeared.


Bubbles: So what do we do now?


Blossom: What can we do besides keep searching? Nothing.


Buttercup: You mean we're giving up?


Blossom: We haven't found any clue, nobody knows anything and we've searched everywhere. What more we can do?


Buttercup: I… guess you're right.


Blossom: Let's go…


Blossom was interrupted by loud scream coming from afar.


Bubbles: That was Timo.


Buttercup: It sounded like it came from…


Blossom: (looks at the volcano) … From the park. Come on, girls. Let's roll!


They flew quickly to the park with worried expressions. Upon arrival, they landed on the ground.


Bubbles: (looks at the observatory) You don't think Mojo kidnapped him again?


Buttercup: He could not be that stupid.


Blossom: Oh yes he can. Remember the Anubis dog head?


Bubbles: Oh yeah… I forgot about that case.


Buttercup: Well, I don't see anything here.


Blossom: Then it must be Mojo. Let's go!


But before they managed to fly, a beam striked to the ground, startling the girls. They looked up and saw Princess floating in the air.


Blossom: Princess? What are you doing here?


Princess: I'm here to make sure you don't disturb that monkey. He's kinda busy right now.


Buttercup: (very angry) You let us pass right this instant.


Princess: Make me.


Blossom: Alright, you asked for it. Girls, attack plan…


But before Blossom could say anything more, Princess shot another beam that created a small dome around the girls.


Buttercup: What the…


Princess: Allow me to explain. This here is something Mojo installed to my suit. This pretty little dome here isolates everything and everyone both inside and outside. Well, everything except sound.


Buttercup punched the dome, but it had no effect on it. Blossom and Bubbles tried to get out too, but to no avail.


Blossom: She's right. This truly isolates everything…


Bubbles: (kinda weakly) Is it me… or do you girls feel sleepy?


Blossom: As a matter of fact, yes. What's going on?


Princess: What part of "everything" you didn't understand? This dome doesn't isolate sound, but it does isolate everything else, including air.


Buttercup: (eyes are closing) You… gotta be kidding… (punches the dome again with no result)


Blossom: (coughs) Save your air. Don't breathe or speak unless you have to…


Princess: That ape thought you might do that. That's why I can do this.


She pointed her gloves at the dome and squeezed her hands. To the girls' shock, the dome got smaller. They backed off. The dome got smaller and smaller, that the girls were back to back of each other. Their faces showed pain.


Bubbles: I can't breathe… (coughs)


Blossom: I… guess… this is… it… girls… (coughs badly)


Buttercup: (tries weakly to pound the dome) Ugh… I… feel so… sleepy… (closes eyes and collapses)


Blossom: (very weakly) Buttercup…


Bubbles: (also closes eyes and collapses)


Blossom: Bubbles… stay awake… ugh… (collapses and closes eyes) …Ti… brother…


Princess was smiling victoriously.


Princess: Ha! I knew you three wouldn't be match for…


Right then, a loud roar was heard from the observatory and an explosion happened inside, breaking every window. Princess turned around quickly enough to see a blue streak of light come out like a lightning bolt, doing a loop, heading for ground, nearly crashing on her and exploding upon impact to the ground. Princess couldn't see through the smoke and debris, but she was very surprised.


Princess: What in the world was that?


A light blue beam was shot from the debris, hitting both Princess' hands and causing enough pain for her to break contact with the dome. The dome disappeared as quickly as it was created.


Princess: OW!! Who dares to hurt Princess?


The smoke and debris cleared and Princess was shocked to see Timo standing on the ground, holding an ice staff. Right next to him was Mojo Jojo very badly beaten, but what actually caught Princess' attention were Timo's eyes. They were totally red. Timo turned his head towards Princess. He looked very angry and that alone made Princess sweat.


Princess: Stay away from me!


She shot one of her beams at him. Timo evaded it easily and flew right behind Princess and kicked her on her back, making her crash to the ground. The Powerpuff Girls started to wake up and the first thing they noticed was Timo landing on the ground right next to Princess.


Buttercup: Are we… still alive?


Blossom: I don't know… but there's Timo.


Bubbles: Timo? (looks at him and stands up quickly) Timo! (happily runs to him)


Blossom: Bubbles, wait!


Timo turned his face towards Bubbles. Upon seeing his angry red eyes, Bubbles stopped and the smile on her face disappeared. To her and other girls' shock, Timo fired his ice beam upon Bubbles, causing an explosion and making Bubbles fly back to her sisters, unconsciously.


Blossom & Buttercup: Bubbles!!


Blossom looked at Timo. He picked Princess up, lifted her and pointed his ice staff towards her.


Timo: (with different voice) I warned you, Princess. Now I'll destroy you…


Princess was almost unconscious, but she heard him. Unexpectedly, tears started to run her face.


Princess: …Mercy…

Blossom was absolutely horrified for seeing and hearing everything.


Blossom: (stands up) Timo! What do you think you're doing? Stop this madness immediately!


Timo turned her face towards Blossom and growled at her.


Timo: (still with different voice) You stay out of this. I have a score to settle with this brat here.


Blossom: I won't let you kill her.


Timo: Why not? She almost destroyed you.


Blossom: Are you out of your mind!? Look what you did to Bubbles!


Timo looked at Bubbles. He saw Buttercup looking at him and Bubbles sleeping unconsciously and injured from his attack. Timo's face suddenly showed horror.


Blossom: After all you've done and said to us, you don't feel sorry for hurting Bubbles?


The horror grew inside him. Eventually he threw Princess to volcano wall with enough force to make cracks on it and right after that he roared again and this time a bright light filled the area. The light shone a moment and then stopped. After adjusting themselves again, Blossom and Buttercup saw Timo standing with his eyes closed. His ice staff was gone.


Blossom: Timo?


Timo kneeled and started to cry.


Timo: (normal voice now) Oh my god, what have I done?


Blossom walked right next to him.


Blossom: It's okay now. It's over.


Buttercup: Sorry to interrupt, but we need to take Bubbles home and take those two to jail.


Timo: I'll… I'll take Bubbles home.


Blossom: … Okay, Timo.


Buttercup: (angrily) What are you crazy? He just attacked Bubbles!


Blossom: (looks at Buttercup) What? You don't trust him?


Buttercup: After this? No. Not anymore!


Blossom: (looks at Timo)


Timo: It's okay. I understand… She can take Bubbles home and you can take those two to jail. I want to be alone anyway, if you don't mind.


Blossom: …I'm sorry, Timo.


Timo: … (opens eyes) Don't be. Now go…


Blossom turned around and saw Buttercup nodding to her. Reluctantly she picked up Mojo and Princess and started flying to jail, while Buttercup picked up Bubbles and started to fly home. Timo just stayed where he was, looking at Blossom and Buttercup flying away. He didn't move anywhere until evening. He stood up and started to walk away.




At home, Blossom, Buttercup and professor were waiting in front of the door.  The door opened and Timo came in. He saw the three and lowered his head.


Timo: … How is she?


Professor: … (calmly) She's fine. She only got minor injuries, so she'll be okay by the time the girls have to go sleep.


Timo: … Good to hear that.


Professor: Now… care to tell us what happened?


Timo: I presume they already told you.


Professor: Yes, they told me everything.


Timo: I won't deny what they saw. I remember it also.


Blossom: What happened this morning?


Timo: … I'm not sure. I was flying next to you to school and suddenly I found myself inside a container. I didn't get to see or say anything, because someone released sleeping gas. I don't know anything between the time I was asleep, but when I started to wake up, I felt different. The whole world looked different. I heard voices… voices that were in pain, dying. Then I saw Mojo. I don't know what he was doing, but I didn't care. I broke the restraints that were holding me and attacked him. I remember an explosion. It broke all the windows and destroyed most of the equipment. I fastly took Mojo out and smashed him on the ground. I don't know why I did that. Then I saw Princess. Again I didn't care what she was doing. I just attacked her. I guess after I smashed her to the ground also, you girls woke up. You know the rest.


Buttercup: (kinda angrily) No, we don't know the rest. Why were you gonna destroy Princess? I know you threatened her, but I knew you didn't mean it. And more importantly, why the heck did you attack Bubbles?


Timo: … … I don't know. I honestly don't know, Buttercup.


Buttercup: You expect me to believe that?


Blossom: Buttercup…


Buttercup: What? You saw him. He behaved violently and didn't care what he was doing.


Professor: Okay, that's enough. Timo, you do know what you've done, don't you?


Timo: Yes, professor, and I need you to do me… no, to everyone a favor.


Professor: What is it?


Timo whispered it to professor.


Professor: Okay, if that's what you want, I can let you stay here then. Follow me.


He took Timo to the lab.


Blossom: What do you think he wanted?


Buttercup: Don't know and I don't care. If it were up to me, I'd throw him out right this instant.


Blossom: Even after what he's done to us, you'd throw him out like he was nothing to us?


Buttercup: He attacked Bubbles. That's a good enough reason for me to throw him out.


Blossom didn't say anything. What both of them didn't see was that Bubbles was watching them from the second floor. Her face looked sad. She was in her nightgown and didn't have any bandages on her. She went back to her room without saying anything.




Back at the observatory, the lab was a mess and fire was still burning there. A pink puff of smoke appeared out of nowhere and HIM came out of it. He looked around.


HIM: Well… this is truly remarkable. It happened again and this time with delicious results. My oh my, he even attacked Bubbles. (looks at a machine that's still okay) I hope Mojo managed to do what he was meant to do.


HIM walked towards the machine and presses some buttons. The machine's screen lit up and a figure was forming from it. The screen showed data about the object and for a moment nothing happened, but then a particular info showed up on the screen and a part of the figure was glowing.


HIM: Well, ain't this interesting. It really does seem you're more than you think, Timo. My suspicions were correct and now I know how to unleash that power of yours.


He laughed like he had never laughed before and the laughter reached far.




In a dark place, Timo was standing all alone. He didn't do anything. He just looked forward. He heard laughter and right after that a painful scream, and then another, high pitched, painful scream, and right behind it, a third painful scream, that ended shortly. It was very quiet after that. Timo looked at his hands and saw that they were red. He saw his legs were red and then, somehow, he saw himself, totally covered in red. Somewhere, laughter could be heard, echoing everywhere.


Timo woke up in his bed, gasping heavily for air.


Timo: (sweating and breathing hardly) Oh my god…