Scare Rising Situation

By: Timo Wikström


Timo: Where is everyone?

Timo was walking on the streets of Townsville. The streets were empty and the buildings looked really old. It was as if nobody had lived in them for years. No sound was heard.

Timo: What has happened here? This can't be Townsville. Who... who did this?

???: You did.

Timo looked behind him, but didn't see anyone.

Timo: What do you mean?

There was no answer. Instead the sky went totally dark.

Timo: What's happening?

He looked forward and saw that buildings were disappearing. Whatever made them disappear, was all black and moved nearer and nearer to him. Timo started to run away, but the darkness behind him gained him.

Timo: Somebody help me!

When the darkness gained him, he jumped... and fell.


Timo woke up on his bed, gasping for air. He soon realized it had been just a dream, but it didn't calm him down. He was sweating.

Timo: (thinking) What kind of nightmare was that?

He stood up and flew to the window. Townsville was all dark, but thousands of stars shone at the sky.

Timo: (thinking) Did I really destroy Townsville? (normally) No. It's not possible. Why would I destroy Townsville? And even if I would try to destroy Townsville... ... the girls would destroy me anyway way before I do major damage. (thinking angrily) What am I saying? There's no way I'll start destroying Townsville. I'm a good guy and good guys uphold the law.

With that in mind he flew back to bed.

Timo: It's so stupid to be scared of these kind of dreams. I know they can't hurt me, but... why am I scared then? (falls asleep)


It had been over two weeks since the encounter with the Rowdyruff Boys. Ever since then, there had been only small crimes, which were stopped easily. It was now a Saturday morning and everything seemed to be fine at the city of Townsville. At the Utonium's house, everyone were relaxing. Well... almost everyone.

Buttercup: Oh, will you stay down already?

Buttercup was training at the Danger Grid again. She was fighting against a green slimy monster, which didn't seem to have eyes at all, but it did have a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and fast hands. Buttercup was having a little trouble handling it no matter how hard she punched and kicked it. Even evading was hard, because the monster tried to knock her out by it's fast hands.

Buttercup: Alright, that does it!

Buttercup started to fly round and round fastly, creating her tornado. Once she moved close enough for the monster, the monster itself started to disintegrate and when the monster was totally inside the tornado, pieces of slime started to spill all over the buildings and the street. After a moment, Buttercup stopped and looked around.

Buttercup: Ha, beat ya, slimeball!

The area turned into white grid room and the door opened.

Buttercup: Level 8 beated alone. Man, I sometimes amaze myself.

Buttercup walked out of the room.

Timo: You sure have been training hard recently.

Buttercup: (startled) Oh, Timo. How long have you been watching?

Timo: Long enough to know how to beat that thing before you did.

Buttercup: Oh really? Think you can beat my time in that level with the same monster?

Timo: Maybe. Maybe not. I don't feel like training anyway. But you truly have been training hard recently.

Buttercup: Yeah, well I have to. Now that those darn Rowdyruff Boys are back, I want to be ready when I confront them.

Timo: How do you even know they're alive?

Buttercup: Easy. If you destroyed them at the forest, there should have been their ingredients on the ground. Snips, snails and puppy dog tails.

Timo: But there wasn't.

Buttercup: No, and that means they are alive.

Timo: It's been over two weeks already since that. They should have been doing something already.

Buttercup: Not if you whooped them badly last time.

Timo didn't say anything to that.

Buttercup: I still don't get it how you survived that battle.

Timo: Does it really matter, Buttercup? I don't want to talk about it.

Buttercup: But if you have enough power to...

Just then the lab door opened and Blossom came in.

Blossom: I thought I heard something down here. Training again, Buttercup?

Buttercup: Yeah.

Blossom: And you too, Timo?

Timo: No, I just came here to observe Buttercup's battles. Now if you excuse me, I'll go out to have some fresh air. (goes out of the lab)

Blossom: What's up with him?

Buttercup: I don't know.


Timo was sitting on the edge of the roof of the Utonium's house, looking at Townsville. Townsville looked so peaceful, as if there was nothing it needed to worry about. Timo remembered his last night's dream. It made him shudder.

Timo: (thinking) There's no way it could happen. No way at all.

There were some clouds at the sky, but otherwise it shone brightly.

Timo: (thinking) There's no way Townsville could be destroyed like that.

Bubbles: What are you doing here?

Timo: (looks behind, startled) Bubbles, how did you know I was here?

Bubbles: It's easy to notice anyone on our roof from Robin's house. So what are you doing here?

Timo: Nothing. Nothing at all. Just thinking I guess.

Bubbles: Oh. Well I was about to go and train with Blossom. You wanna come?

Timo: I'll skip this one, if you don't mind.

Bubbles: Are you sure? You know you have to train.

Timo: I know. It's because of the Rowdyruff Boys, but I truly don't want to train now.

Bubbles: (worriedly) Is everything okay?

Timo: ... Yes.

Bubbles: It doesn't look so.

Timo: Everything's fine, Bubbles. Now go before you miss your training.

Bubbles looked at Timo for a moment before flying away.

Timo: (thinking) Everything's fine... I hope.


Somewhere in a dark place, sounds of metal against metal could be heard. Someone was working on a machine.

???: Is it ready, Furball?

A creature with yellow eyes turned.

Furball: Very soon, master.

???: Excellent. I think we can start the operation tonight.


The girls were all fighting against another monster at the Danger Grid. This time the monster was a big lizard with one eye. Bubbles used her sonic scream to distract the monster long enough for Blossom to use her ice breath on it. Then Buttercup flew through the lizard, making it go to pieces. The room turned into white grid room again and the girls went out.

Blossom: Excellent team work, girls.

Buttercup: Big deal. I could have survived that monster alone.

Blossom: But this way we can make our team work be even better.

Buttercup: All I care about is being ready to confront the Rowdyruff Boys.

Blossom: We all want to be that, Buttercup. Right, Bubbles?

Bubbles stayed silent.

Blossom: Bubbles?

Bubbles: Hm? Oh yes, of course.

Blossom: What is it?

Bubbles: I'm worried about Timo. I saw him sitting on the roof and he didn't want to come here to train with us.

Buttercup: He was here earlier, watching me battling.

Blossom: Just what is up with him? He knows he has to train.

Buttercup: It's probably what I was talking to him.

Bubbles: About what?

Buttercup: About his battle with the Rowdyruff Boys. He tried to avoid my questions.

Blossom: Well, he said he doesn't remember what happened and it's been over two weeks already from that event. Why haven't you talked about it earlier?

Buttercup: Because I want to know if he has some kind of power, that he hasn't told us about.

Blossom: What do you mean?

Buttercup: Haven't you wondered how he survived the battle?

Blossom: Yes, I've thought about it, but... Wait a minute. You don't mean he has some kind of power, that could easily destroy the Rowdyruff Boys?

Buttercup: How else did he survive the battle. With his current skills, there was no way he could have defeated them alone, unless he has some kind of very strong attack.

Blossom: I hope that's not the case, Buttercup, because if that's true, then Timo can also destroy us at the same time and a lot of innocent people. You saw the forest area. The size of the area destroyed was huge.

Bubbles: (angrily) Listen to you two. You talk like Timo is a major threat to everyone all of a sudden.

Buttercup: Then how do you explain how he survived the battle with only some bruises?

Bubbles: Maybe he just got lucky.

Blossom: Even I doubt that, Bubbles.

Bubbles: I don't care if he has a very powerful attack. I still trust him.

Blossom: Now hold on a second, Bubbles. Who said anything about trusting? I trust him too.

Buttercup: So do I. I'm just wondering how he survived, that's all.

Bubbles: Does it really matter, Buttercup?

Buttercup: If it means, that we can destroy the Rowdyruff Boys easily, then yes.

Blossom: Even if it might hurt or even kill innocent people... and us?

Buttercup didn't say anything.

Blossom: That's right. It's too risky. You better start thinking about consequences before doing anything or one of these days you'll do more harm than good, Buttercup. (looks at the clock) It's almost time for dinner. Let's go.

Bubbles and Blossom went out of the lab, but Buttercup stayed behind.

Buttercup: (thinking) ... All I want is to end this battle as soon as possible, that's all.


Night came along quickly. Nothing special happened after the girls' talk in the training room. They were all sleeping peacefully. Little did they know what happened at the nuclear power plant. Some creatures were lurking outside the plant. Part of them went inside, while others stayed outside. Some clinging and sounds of building could be heard. After a moment, the door opened again and the creatures came out.

Creature 1: Is it done?

Creature 2: Yes. In the morning, all our problems will be gone.

Creature 3: Master will be so pleased.

Creatures laughed before they vanished and soon after that, a small explosion could be heard inside the nuclear power plant.


Bubbles opened her eyes. It still seemed to be dark, so Bubbles closed her eyes again. After a moment, though, she opened them again.

Bubbles: (thinking) Why am I not sleepy? It's still dark.

Bubbles looked at the way the clock should be, but it didn't show time.

Bubbles: (thinking) That's strange. (sits up) The clock must be broken.

Right then she heard sounds next to her. Blossom had woken up.

Blossom: Bubbles? Why are you awake? It's still night.

Bubbles: I'm not sleepy anymore.

Blossom: Really? (sits up) Come to think of it, neither am I.

Buttercup: (angrily) Oh, will you two keep it quiet. I'm trying to sleep.

Buttercup had also woken up. Right then, the door opened and professor came in with a flashlight.

Professor: Girls, something strange is going on.

Buttercup: Oh, professor. Let me sleep. It's still middle of the night.

Professor: That's the problem, Buttercup. My clock shows it's 9am now.

Blossom: That's impossible. Why is it so dark outside... and in here?

Professor: The power is out and it seems the whole Townsville is without any electricity.

Buttercup was also now sitting up and Bubbles was shaking.

Bubbles: It's so dark.

Professor: We still have candles and flashlights and you girls have your supervision. I suggest you go and investigate the nuclear power plant.

Blossom: Alright, we'll go. Does Timo know about this already?

At that time they heard a door opening and professor saw something shining at the corridor. The light revealed Timo holding his ice staff.

Timo: I heard everything. I'm ready to go anytime when you are, girls.

Professor: Alright. I'll go and see if I can generate power to our house some other way. (goes away)

Timo: Good thing I discovered recently, that I can shine light blue light with my ice staff.

Blossom: Umm... Timo, would you mind?

Timo: (looks at the girls) Hm? ... Oh yeah, of course. You better put your supervision on now. And don't worry, I won't peek. (goes away from the door)

The girls put their supervision on and changed into their normal clothes.

Blossom: Alright! Everyone ready?

Bubbles whimpered.

Blossom: I know you are afraid of dark, Bubbles, but now we have no choice, but to go or otherwise we might not see light ever again.

Bubbles: But still...

Buttercup: Oh, grow up! This is no time to be scared, Bubbles.

Blossom: We do have a problem, girls. You know we can't hold our supervision on very long. Our eyes will be hurting.

Then, surprisingly, three shining objects were thrown to the floor next to them. The shining startled and blinded the girls for a moment before they shut their supervision.

Buttercup: What the...?

Timo: Thought you might need some help to see something out there just in case your supervision starts to hurt your eyes.

Blossom: (points to objects) What are these?

Timo: Those are a miniature version of my ice staff. They don't possess any power, but they can shine very brightly. I once tested one in a dark and it light my room up quite as good as a flashlight. They don't, however, shine long, so you should use them sparingly.

After the girls each took one of the objects, they stopped shining, so they put their supervision back on. Timo did the same. His ice staff didn't shine light either.

Blossom: Okay, I think we are now ready to go.

Bubbles was still shaking. Timo noticed this and went to her.

Timo: Don't be scared, Bubbles. I'll be right next to you all the time.

Bubbles: Promise?

Timo: I promise.

Bubbles smiled. And so they started to fly towards Townsville.


Screaming and crashing could be heard in Townsville. Nothing could be seen, though, not even with supervision. All the girls and Timo saw were the top of the buildings.

Timo: Geez, we can't even see the streets.

Blossom: It sounds bad, though.

Buttercup: How are we supposed to find that nuclear power plant in all this darkness? (looks back) I can hardly even see my trail.

Timo: And the sounds to me the streets aren't safe either.

Buttercup: And we can't even help those people down there.

Timo: Oh yes we can, Buttercup. We can help them by finding out what's causing this whole thing.

Bubbles: How are we going to do that?

Timo: Well... you've been here since your creation. You've fought monsters and villains and you've flown over Townsville many times. You most probably know Townsville like any other. There must be something that could tell us where that nuclear power plant is.

Blossom: Hmm...  I can't see anything from here. We gotta land on a building's roof so I can determine where we are.

They landed carefully on a building's roof. Blossom looked over the edge.

Blossom: Hmm... I only see a tall building there. Must be a hotel in which case the nuclear power plant is much further away. Let's go!

They started to fly again. They started to land on a buildings' roofs and everytime they tried to see a familiar building. They could hear the streets be in worse chaos everytime they landed. After sixth time Buttercup saw something.

Buttercup: Hey, I think I know exactly where the nuclear power plant is.

Everyone else came to Buttercup immediately.

Blossom: Where?

Buttercup: (points forward) There. See those two lines?

Blossom: Yes... yes, you're right! It's in there. Come on, let's hurry!

They flew to the direction Buttercup had pointed to. It didn't take long for them to get to nuclear power plant. They landed in front of it.

Blossom: This is it. Good job. Now let's try to find out...

Bubbles: Ow! My eyes!

Everyone looked at Bubbles.

Blossom: Our supervision has been on for too long.

Timo: I guess it's time for us to use our staff lights.

The girls picked their little pieces, put their supervision off and the pieces started to shine brightly again. Timo put his supervision off too and created his ice staff and made it shine light too. The environment around them became visible to them.

Blossom: How much time do we have until these run out of power?

Timo: Depending on the use, I'd say about 10 minutes.

Blossom: Then we must hurry.

They went in the nuclear power plant. The pieces enlightened the room just like a flashlight, only it reached everywhere.

Buttercup: What are we supposed to look anyway?

Blossom: First, let's go to the control room. We might find something there.

Bubbles: It's so quiet in here.

Blossom: Yeah... too quiet.

They kept flying forward, looking anything out of the ordinary, into the control room.

Timo: Something's not right.

Bubbles: What is it?

Timo: If someone did something here, you would have thought that someone would have put guards or something here.

Blossom: You might be right, but we don't have time to think about that now. If I remember correctly, the control room is this way.

They flew towards the hallway and finally came to door that read 'Control room'. They went in. At first they didn't see anything, but then they noticed the control console. Blossom checked it.

Blossom: The backup power isn't on. Help me find the switch or button.

They searched the whole console.

Buttercup: Hey, I think I found it.

She pointed to a console wall.

Buttercup: That one reads 'Emergency power'.

Blossom: Good work, Buttercup. *pushes the button*

In a blink of an eye, the lights went on and consoles went online. It took a moment for the girls and Timo to get used to sudden light.

Timo: Ugh... So bright. We can now shut our lights off.

Timo's ice staff disappeared and the pieces the girls were holding went off too.

Blossom: Alright. Let's see if we can find the problem here before anyone sees, that power plant's lights are on.

Blossom checked the console again.

Blossom: No power is going into the city. It's like there's no power at all.

Buttercup: How is that possible?

Blossom: There must be something wrong with the wiring. Buttercup, check them. You two, check the whole building. Now that the lights are on, you can see better, if there's anything unordinary here.

Bubbles and Timo: Okay, Blossom.

They went out of the control room.

Bubbles: So where do we start looking?

Timo: Hmm... I'm wondering how the sky got so black. They would need... ... Of course!

Bubbles: What?

Timo: The chimneys. Those two chimneys on this plant are the only big enough ones, that could have blackened the sky. So let's go and check them. Come on.

They started to fly away.


The streets were in bigger chaos than before. A shadowy figure was standing on a middle of the street, obviously enjoying the scenery.

???: Mmm... this is so delighting scenery and it will never end. We can now do whatever we want in Townsville forever.

Some footsteps could be heard behind the figure.

???: What is it, Furball? I'm trying to enjoy the moment.

Furball: Master, the nuclear power plant's lights are on.

???: What?

Furball: Some of us saw four colourful streaks in the sky heading for the plant.

???: Four colourful streaks, eh? Must be those Powerpuff Girls, but... who's the fourth then? And how in the world did they find the nuclear power plant? Doesn't matter. Gather some of the troops and wait till I come. We're going to the nuclear power plant to stop the gals from spoiling our fun.


Buttercup removed a cover from the console and looked inside.

Buttercup: Here's the problem. Someone blew up the wiring, making sure the power stays off.

Blossom: Are they all destroyed, Buttercup?

Buttercup: Seems to be. We need a red, a blue and a green wire.

Blossom: There should be extra wires here somewhere. It seems I can't do anything with this console until those wires are replaced. Let's look for some wires.

They searched the whole room and then came back to the console.

Blossom: Did you find anything?

Buttercup: None. And you?

Blossom: I found a red and a blue wire.

Buttercup: They won't do any good without the green wire. But there doesn't seem to be one here.

Blossom: There must be one in the room, where they stock extra parts for emergencies like this.

Buttercup: And where is this room?

Blossom: Most probably at downstairs. I didn't see anything when we came here. Come on, let's find that room.

They went out of the control room, flew past the hallway, until they found stairs, that went down.

Blossom: We might as well check, if the generators are okay, while searching for that room, but that wire is our primary goal.

Buttercup: Alright.

They flew down.


A door opened up and Bubbles and Timo entered.

Timo: This is it.

The room seemed to be dark.

Timo: This place should have at least some light, but I don't see anything.

Bubbles: What does it mean?

Timo: It means we're on the right track. Whatever is causing the sky to go dark must be somewhere around here.

Bubbles: How are we gonna find it?

Timo: Hmm... it's too dark to see.

Timo created his ice staff and made it shine.

Timo: Better stay near me, Bubbles.

They flew forward. Bubbles looked scared for being in such a dark place, even though she was with Timo.

Timo: Hold it!

They stopped. Right in front of them was something where the staff's light couldn't reach.

Timo: There seems to be some kind of vortex ahead of us and it seems to be going up. This is it. This is the reason the sky is black.

Bubbles: How are we gonna get past that?

Timo: Hmm... (sweats) I'm afraid we have to go through, but I would feel better if you'll stay here while I go check it.

Bubbles: No! You promised to be next to me all the time.

Timo: You still have that piece with you, so you can light it up. You should still have about 5 minutes left in it.

Bubbles: But...

Timo: There's no time. We have to do this. Bubbles, I need you to be brave now. (smiles) Don't worry, I'll be back.

With that, Timo went closer to the vortex. Bubbles took out the piece and lit it up. Timo looked at the vortex for a while, before putting his hand in it. He didn't even touch it when suddenly he felt he was been pulled into the vortex. Timo didn't manage to do anything before the vortex swallowed him.

Bubbles: TIMO!

Bubbles didn't hear any answer or even scream.

Bubbles: Timo!


Buttercup: Are you sure this is the right way?

Blossom: Will you stop asking that? We're here.

Blossom opened a door. A huge room opened in front of them, containing dozens of shelves with various parts on them.

Blossom: We should find the green wire here.

Buttercup: It's going to take too long to find it here.

Blossom: Not as long as you think. Look!

In one of the shelves, a green wire could be seen clearly. Blossom took it.

Blossom: This is it! Now we can activate the console again and restore power to the city. Come on, let's hurry!

They hurried back to the control room. Buttercup started to put the new wires in place. After some time, she had fixed it and the console was online again.

Blossom: Good work! The console is working again. Now let's try to restore the power.

???: Let's not.

They both turned around, but then everything went black.


Somewhere in the darkness, crying could be heard.

Bubbles: This isn't happening. He... he's...

A door opened up, enlightening the room a little. Bubbles looked behind.

???: There you are, little gal.

The creature came to the light.

Bubbles: Boogie Man! So it was you who turned the sky black.

Boogie Man: Yeah. An ingenious thing, if you ask me. The sun will never stop us again and we can party on the surface all day and night forever without worrying about anything.

Bubbles' angry was rising.

Boogie Man: I wouldn't try to attack us. You might make us hurt our little carriages.

To Bubbles' shock, Boogie Man showed Blossom and Buttercup unconcious inside some kind of dark spheres, that floated in front of another creature.

Bubbles: You let them go this instant.

Boogie Man: Hmm... My troops said they saw four streaks of light in the sky. So where's the fourth one?

Bubbles looked sadly behind her.

Boogie Man: Don't tell me she went into there? Anyone who tries to go through that will get instantly swallowed by the vortex.

Bubbles' anger rose more.

Bubbles: For your information it was a boy who went inside. And it's all your fault he's...

She couldn't finish the sentence. She was too sad to admit it.

Boogie Man: The lad was foolish to even try to get through. Oh well, one less obstacle to us. Time to get rid of the last obstacle then.

Bubbles stood up, ready to fight. Boogie Man just stood on his place.

Boogie Man: Furball!

The creature, that was holding the spheres stepped forward, took out a weapon and pulled the trigger. The gun shot the same kind of spheres at Bubbles. Bubbles wasn't prepared for this, so she ducked and screamed. There was silence for a moment. Bubbles didn't feel any different, so she looked forward and, to her amaze, there was some kind of shield in front of her. Right after that, she heard a roar from behind. Without any warning, she started to feel strong wind. She managed to looked behind and saw how the vortex had started to get wider and faster.

Boogie Man: What's happening?

Another roar was heard and soon after that, the vortex started to slowly disappear. Something fell to the floor and behind it...

Bubbles: Timo!

Indeed, it was Timo. He looked okay, but he looked angry and he had two ice staffs, one on each hand. The shield disappeared.

Boogie Man: Who are you?

Timo: I'm that fourth streak in the sky. I'm Timo and you must be the Boogie Man.

Boogie Man: What did ya do to my beautiful machine?

Timo: What does it look like? I disabled it for good.

Boogie Man: You brat!

Timo: I strongly suggest you let the girls go.

Boogie Man: Fat chance. You don't dare to do anything, while I have them.

Timo: (grins) Wanna bet?

With that, he pointed his ice staffs at Boogie Man.

Timo: If you destroy them, I'll destroy you and your army and I bet your army doesn't want to die.

He looked very seriously at Boogie Man, who had started to sweat. The creature, that was holding Blossom and Buttercup, Furball, sweat very hard.

Furball: Master? I think he means it.

Boogie Man: Be quiet. I am not gonna let some stupid lad to ruin our fun.

Timo: So what'cha gonna do about it? As far as I see, you only have one option.

Boogie Man: Oh, now you're mistaken. I do have one other choice. Furball? Shoot them.

With that, Furball shot another set of spheres. Timo acted quickly and hurried next to Bubbles and activated his ice shield. The spheres hit it, but didn't go through.

Timo: Bubbles, you alright?

Bubbles: I'm okay. I'm glad you're okay.

Timo: No time for this now. Listen to me. When I drop this shield, you go and rescue Blossom and Buttercup. Understood?

Bubbles: Okay, but what will you do?

Timo: Don't worry. I'll be fine. You ready?

Boogie Man: Come on, men! Let's get out of here and take these two gals as hostages.

Timo: NOW!

Timo lowered his shield and right away, Bubbles flew away and Timo started to run towards Boogie Man, blocking the spheres as they came.

Boogie Man: Run! (points at Furball) And you, drop them over the edge.

Furball did so and started to run at the exit.

Timo: You ain't going anywhere.

Timo pointed his ice staffs and froze the entrance. Several of the creatures panicked immediately. Boogie Man, though, was still calm.

Boogie Man: You're too late. You won't be able to save the gals anymore.

Timo: You're right, I can't... but she can.

Boogie Man looked and was shocked to see Bubbles holding Blossom and Buttercup in her hands. She landed next to Timo and she used eye lasers on the spheres. They broke and Blossom and Buttercup were freed. They opened their eyes and soon realized what was going on.

Blossom: Bubbles? Timo? What has happened?

Bubbles: Timo and I went here to destroy the thing, that was making the sky black and then Timo tried to go through a vortex, but he got swallowed by it and then I cried and then the Boogie Man came in and...

Buttercup: Alright, alright, we get the picture.

Timo: May I suggest something, Blossom?

Blossom: Sure.

Timo whispered something to the girls. They all smiled and turned to see the Boogie Man and his army still trying to retreat.

Blossom: Ready? Let's knock them out!

They all started to fly fast at Boogie Man, who was now terrified. The girls and Timo rammed them so hard, that frozen exit broke and the Boogie Man was slammed to the wall with his army. The girls continued to the control room, Timo right behind them. In the control room, Blossom pulled the switch immediately. The console's screens started to change.

Blossom: The city's power is on. Great job, everybody!

Timo: Ahem, we still have one problem. (points up)

Blossom: Oh yeah, the sky.

Buttercup: Well, that won't be a problem at all. Can you create a tornado, Timo?

Timo: ... Oh, you aren't suggesting...

Buttercup: I sure am.

Blossom: Come on! We have a lot of work to do.

They left.


Cleaning up the sky wasn't hard for the girls, but Timo had some problems on creating a tornado. After the sky was clear and the sun was shining again, they helped people however they could and rebuilt everything they could. They weren't finished until the evening. At that time, the Mayor invited them all to an occasion at City Hall. A crowd had gathered in front of it. The girls and Timo were  next to the podium, where the Mayor was speaking.

Mayor: This town was once again saved by the Powerpuff Girls... (looks at his right) ... and their new companion... umm... (looks at his left, whispers) Ms. Bellum? Who is that kid?

Ms. Bellum: That's Timo, sir. He's been helping the city for the past three weeks.

Mayor: Oh yeah, now I remember. Ahem... as I was saying, this town was once again saved by the Powerpuff Girls and their new companion, Timo. For this, they each deserve a medal. Ms. Bellum, if you may?

Ms. Bellum took a medal from a table and Blossom flew next to her. Ms. Bellum put the medal on her skirt. The same thing was made with Bubbles, Buttercup and Timo. The crowd applauded at them. Far away from them, though, someone was watching them.

Mojo: Hmph! What a day. First the sky goes black and then power doesn't work and now Powerpuff Girls are rewarded again. It's the first time for that boy, though. Bah! Time to return on building deadly weapons.

???: Oh Mojo!

Mojo: Who is it? (turns around) Oh. It's you, HIM.

HIM: Yes. I have a small favor to ask from you.

Mojo: What favor?

HIM: This. (hands a paper to Mojo)

Mojo: (looks at it) You can't be serious. Why do you need this?

HIM: Cause I want information and I want it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Understood?

With that, HIM disappeared. Mojo returned to his telescope and looked through it.

Mojo: Hmm... why is HIM interested in you?

Mojo was looking at Timo, who was smiling.

Mojo: What's so special about you, Rowdyruff Timo?