A Ruff's Story

By: Timo Wikström


In the lab, the professor was checking on Timo. After waking up from his coma, Timo was visited a few times by the professor. Hour by hour, he was getting better.

Timo: How am I, professor?

Professor: Well, it looks like you're in much better condition than yesterday, but I think you have to wait one more day  before you can get out of the bed. Your injuries need more time to heal.

Timo: Oh, professor. I'm tired of lying on this bed. I want to get up and go out.

Professor: I'm afraid you don't have any choice, unless you want, that your wounds open up again.

Timo: (sighs) This is so frustrating.

Professor: Don't worry. The day will be over before you even notice. Besides, the girls should be returning from school any minute now.

Timo: (looks at the clock on the wall) Yeah, it seems so. I still can't believe, that the girls are considering me as a friend so soon.

Professor: I guess that's nothing to wonder about. You did help them in a battle and protected them from HIM.

Timo: Yeah, and I have wounds to prove that last thing.

Professor: I better go and start making dinner for the girls. Do you want something?

Timo: Um, juice or milk will be fine.

Professor: Okay, I'll see what I can do. (leaves the lab)

Timo: (thinking) They consider me as a friend, even though they don't know anything about me. Would they even believe anything I tell about myself? (closes eyes and sighs)


The girls were coming home from school. They had wanted to see how their new friend, and possibly a new ally, was doing. They couldn't visit Timo in the morning, because he still had been sleeping. At school, the girls hadn't say anything about Timo to their friends or Ms. Keane.

Bubbles: (looks at Blossom) Do you think it was a good thing not to tell anyone about Timo?

Blossom: Yes, Bubbles. I think it's too early for anyone to know about Timo.

Bubbles: I guess you're right, but I would have wanted to tell at least Robin about Timo.

Blossom: I know what you mean, but I suggest we won't tell anyone until Timo is ready for it.

Buttercup: (looks at her sisters) Do you think he'll attend our school?

Bubbles: (looks at Buttercup) Of course he will. Why wouldn't he?

Blossom: Maybe because he's afraid of what others will think about him.

Buttercup: I wouldn't be surprised. I mean he was afraid of how we would react to him if we'd have seen him flying around in Townsville.

Bubbles: Yeah, but he's not afraid anymore.

Blossom: No, Bubbles, he isn't. (shows a serious face) Girls, what do you think about Timo?

Buttercup: I think he's ok.

Bubbles: Me too. He also looks kinda cute and decent.

Blossom: I too think he's ok, but I don't know anything about him. None of us do.

Bubbles: Shall we ask him?

Blossom: ... ... Well, if Timo can tell us about himself today, then let's ask him.

Buttercup: Then it's settled. How's about a race to home. Last one there is a rotten egg. (starts flying faster)

Blossom: Oh no you don't. (also starts flying faster)

Bubbles: Hey, wait for me! (starts flying faster too)

They weren't far from home, because in seconds, they were in front of their house at the same time. The girls went inside and saw the professor making dinner for them.

Girls: Hi, professor!

Professor: Hello, girls. How was your school today?

Blossom: It was good. We had art today.

Bubbles: Yeah, I drew a pretty drawing. (takes the bag and pulls a paper from it) Here. (shows the drawing to professor) I made this to Timo.

Professor: (looks at the drawing) Oh, that's nice, Bubbles. I'm sure he'll like it.

Buttercup: How is he, professor?

Professor: Oh, he's in much better condition now, Buttercup. He only needs to stay in bed for one day so that his wounds will heal, then he'll be alright.

Blossom: Can we go see him, professor?

Professor: Yes you can, girls. After dinner.

Bubbles: But I want to show him my drawing.

Professor: You can show it after dinner, Bubbles. Now be good girls and go wash your hands. Dinner's almost ready.

Girls: Okay, professor.

While the girls were washing their hands, the professor was thinking out loud.

Professor: Timo was right. The girls really are considering him as a friend, without even knowing anything about him.

The girls came back to the kitchen and sat on the chairs next to table. The professor gave each girls some mass potatoes with cream sauce and meat balls. Since Bubbles was a vegetarian, professor didn't put any meat balls for her. After dinner, the professor took another plate and filled it with the fifth portion of the food. The girls were waiting for him.

Professor: There. Some food for Timo. Now let's see if we have some drink for him.

The professor took a glass from a cabinet and found some milk from the fridge. He filled the glass.

Professor: There. I'm ready, girls. Let's all visit Timo.

Girls: Yay!


In the lab, Timo was in deep thought.

Timo: (thinking) I don't want to lie to them. I don't want to lie to anyone anymore. Well, except to villians. My life has been tough anyway. Nothing's gonna change that, but...

The lab door opened and the girls and the professor came in.

Blossom: Hi, Timo. How are you?

Timo: Hi, girls. I feel much better.

Buttercup: Good to hear that.

Bubbles: (gives the drawing to Timo) Look, Timo. I made you a drawing.

Timo: (takes the drawing and looks at it)

The drawing showed the girls standing next to Timo, who seemed to be lying on a bed.

Timo: It looks good. Thank you, Bubbles.

Bubbles: (gives a big smile)

Professor: Here's something for you to eat and your milk also.

Professor took a small table from behind Timo and put the food on it. Timo sat up and moved to edge of the bed, so he could eat properly. The professor took a chair from a corner and sat on it and the girls sat on the bed.

Timo: Thanks, professor. Is it mass potatoes?

Professor: Yes, with cream sauce and meat balls.

Timo started to eat. The girls looked at each other and nodded.

Blossom: Umm, Timo? We would like to ask you something.

Timo: (swallows and looks at Blossom) What is it?

Blossom: We've known you for a day now and all we know is your name. So... could you tell us about yourself?

Timo: (stops eating) You mean you want to hear my story?

Blossom: Yes.

Timo: Well, since you're all here, maybe it is time for me to tell you my story. (looks down) I doubt though, that you'd believe anything I say.

Bubbles: Why?

Timo: Because, Bubbles, my story is unbelievable and it sounds very crazy. Even I can't believe it.

Everyone just stared at him

Timo: Okay, I'll start by telling about myself: My name is Timo and I'm... (sighs) 19 years old.

Professor and the girls: WHAT?

Timo: I know, but please, let me finish first. So I'm 19 years old and I come from Finland. Believe it or not, but I've been completely normal human all my life.



I lived almost like everyone else. I had a father, mother and a big brother. I attended school, tried to do my best by doing my homework, be as kind as possible. I had , however, one weakness. Computer games. I was and still am nuts about every cool game I saw and played. I did realize now and then, how it affected to me and my life, but I didn't care. Not at first, at least. Every single day, I played computer games almost all the time and that worried my mom so much, that she had a talk with me almost every time she saw me playing. I wanted to please my mother and study hard, but I soon realized, that I was addicted. I couldn't stop playing, not completely anyway. Not only that, but I didn't even eat much and that got my whole family worried about me. I grew up, but my weight didn't go up. I was underweight and skinny. It is still incredible to me, that I have survived about 19 years like that. I even had good grades from most of the school subjects despite the fact, that I didn't read alot.

The same thing continued all the way to the high school and even then I was underweight, skinny and still addicted to computer games. Each time a test was coming, my mother was angry at me, because I read very little to every test. Which is why so amazing, that I passed every test with an average grade. My mom wasn't happy about the grades, so she tried to make me study harder and forget my computer games. I knew my mom was right, so I promised myself to quit playing so much, but unfortunately it didn't stop me from playing. Then on the third year of high school, the final tests were coming and I hadn't changed much. I did read harder than usual, but then happened something I really never wanted to happen. One day, I was playing again. One of the final tests was only two days away and I should have been reading. My mom came into my room and saw me playing. That's when she really got mad and started to yell at me. She tried one more time to convince me once and for all about how important these tests were. I knew right away, that I had disappointed everyone. Later I realized, that I had disappointed everyone from the very beginning my school started. I felt, that I didn't deserve any happiness in my life.

Time passed and then I heard, that I had passed every final tests with an average grade. My parents were happy, that I had become an undergraduate. However, I wasn't happy at all. Things, that I had done, said and promised, were troubling my mind. I knew I hadn't done my best at all. Then I remembered the time I had heard about you girls, your battles, your life, everything. I had wished several times, that I would live your kind of life, even if I would be a Rowdyruff Boy. It was my dream. My mom thought it was childish of me in my age to even think something like that. I didn't care, what she said. One day, I designed my puffed self by drawing it. I even wrote the powers it would have. I regretted deeply for not obeying my parents and not doing my best at school., so I was desperate and wished, that I would have a new chance to live my life again, even if it would be different. Deep in my mind I thought it was so childish and foolish, but I really wanted to have a new life. It was already late, so I went to sleep.

I really don't know what happened, but somehow my wish had been granted. When I woke up, it was the middle of the night and I was somewhere out. At first I didn't notice it, but then I felt, that something was different. I had changed. I wasn't 19 year old anymore. I looked more like a five year old child. I had somehow become a Rowdyruff Boy. I didn't believe it at all. I thought I was having a dream. I saw Townsville and decided to visit the town. I believed, that I would wake up soon, but I decided to hide myself, because I knew I was something everyone would scare, so I hid myself into those dark alleys. Through the night I tried to get to know my new self so I tested my powers. I was exactly like I had designed myself. Then morning came, I didn't know what day it was, but I guessed, that you girls would be going to school and I guessed right. When I saw you girls, I started thinking, that this couldn't be a dream...


(End of flashback)

Timo: ...I followed you so, that you wouldn't see me. I didn't want you girls to know, that there was a Rowdyruff Boy in town. I think you already know the rest. So my life had been very tough and I wished myself a new chance to live my life. My wish was granted, I ended up here and I met you girls. End of story.

Professor and the girls had their mouths open.

Buttercup: Wow... what an amazing story.

Blossom: I'll say.

Professor: So you're a five year old child with a 19 year old mind?

Timo: You could say that. Yes.

Professor: And you don't have any clue about how you got here or how you transformed into a Rowdyruff Boy?

Timo: No, nothing.

Timo looked at his plate. It was empty now.

Professor: So what are you going to do?

Timo: Since I've been given a new chance to live my life, I plan to live it as good as possible.

Bubbles: How are you gonna do that?

Timo: (smiles) ...Girls? Can I... (blushes) join your team and fight against crime?

The girls looked at each other, then at the professor.

Blossom: Well, we have already talked about this yesterday. What do you think, girls? Do we still accept him?

Buttercup: I haven't forgotten what he did yesterday. I say yes.

Bubbles: I am still grateful, that he saved me. I too say yes.

Blossom: Professor?

Professor: I only have one more question. Was that story of yours true, Timo?

Timo: As true as I can remember.

Professor: Then I accept you.

Blossom: You look like five years old, but you're actually 19. Tell me, Timo. Would you like to attend our school?

Timo: You mean Pokey Oaks Kindergarten? Well, like the professor pointed out, I am 19 years old only in my mind, but I'm actually five years old now and that's what counts, so of course I'll attend your school, if it's okay to everyone.

Professor: I don't see any problem with that.

Blossom: In that case, I say yes. (smiles) Welcome to our team, Rowdyruff Timo.

All three girls hugged Timo, their new ally and new schoolmate. Timo winced.

Timo: Ow! Easy, girls. I still have my wounds.

Professor: He's right, girls. We should let him rest now. (looks at the clock) And it looks like it's almost your bedtime, girls.

Timo: Already? Wow. The day really did went fast.

Professor: Yes, it really did. Girls, time to prepare yourselves to bed.

Blossom & Buttercup: Okay, professor. (both leave the lab)

Bubbles: Um, I'd want to stay here with Timo for a moment.

Professor: Okay, Bubbles, but only for a moment. Timo also has to get some sleep. (leaves the lab)

Timo: What is it, Bubbles?

Bubbles: (smiles) Nothing. I just wonder if...

Timo: If what, Bubbles?

Surprisingly, Bubbles gave a small kiss on Timo's cheek. Timo was completely surprised.

Bubbles: If I could give you a good night kiss?

Timo: (looks at Bubbles while rubbing his cheek) Oh. Thanks, Bubbles. How did you guess I wouldn't explode?

Bubbles: You don't look that kind of type, Timo.

Timo: I guess so. Was there anything else?

Bubbles: No. (starts flying out of the lab) I just wanted to wish you good night.

Timo: (smiles) Good night, Bubbles. (goes to sleep)

Bubbles went to her room. She saw her sisters been dressed to their nightgowns already.

Blossom: There you are, Bubbles. What was it you wanted to talk with Timo?

Bubbles: Nothing, Blossom.

Buttercup: Nothing?

Bubbles: Yes, nothing. Now let's get some sleep, shall we. (goes to the wardrobe)

Blossom and Buttercup looked at each other and shrugged. Bubbles put her nightgown on.

Bubbles: (thinking) ...Brother...