By: Timo Wikström


It was a Sunday afternoon and the girls were in their room doing their own things. Bubbles was drawing again on a paper, Buttercup was punching in the air and Blossom was reading a book. There hasn't been any alarm after the Princess' case, so they have had a relaxing weekend. Timo had also been relaxing. He had gotten used to everything new quickly and he liked his new life better and better every day. He was watching TV now. Back in the girl's room, Buttercup stopped her shadow boxing.

Buttercup: Man, maybe I should go to Danger Grid. I'm so bored.

Blossom: Go ahead, Buttercup. Nobody's stopping you.

Buttercup: Won't you ever get bored of reading? After all, you're still reading that same book... again.

Blossom: It's so interesting.

Buttercup: Oh? What's so interesting, that you want to read it twice?

Blossom: (shows the book to Buttercup) Junior leveled math.

Buttercup gets X-eyes as she looks at Blossom.

Buttercup: You gotta be kidding me, Blossom. Man, you're so obsessed about studying.

Blossom: That's what is needed to stay smart, Buttercup.

Buttercup: How does math help us at fighting monsters and villains?

Blossom: You'd be surprised, Buttercup. How else do you think I'm making battle plans with perfect strikes?

Buttercup: With training hard in the Danger Grid?

Blossom: Yeah, that too. It's the best place to practice my new battle plans.

Buttercup: (sighs) I give up. I'll never understand you, Blossom.

Buttercup went out of the room.

Blossom: I'm not hard to understand, (looks at Bubbles) am I, Bubbles?

Bubbles: (continues drawing) I'm sorry, what were you talking about?

Blossom: (sighs) Never mind.


Timo was watching cartoons from TV. He also looked kinda bored, even though new things interested him. Buttercup came into the living room.

Buttercup: What are you watching, Timo?

Timo: (notices Buttercup) Hm? Oh, I'm watching Sailor Moon. Man, I'll never get tired of it.

Buttercup: Oh? Is it any good?

Timo: Are you kidding? You have never watched Sailor Moon?

Buttercup: I prefer to watch wrestling and other sports where you fight.

Timo: Oh. Well, this isn't sports, but there sure is a lot of fighting and humour in it... and also drama.

Buttercup: (sighs) I'm not interested. I'm bored. Do you wanna come with me to the Danger Grid and train?

Timo: Sure, Buttercup. I could use a little training myself too.

They both left the living room and went to the Danger Grid. After they closed the lab door, though, the TV-screen changed.

Announcer: We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin. (shows Townsville Jail) Two days ago, a prisoner escaped from Townsville Jail. There is still no information on who has escaped, but the authorities say there's nothing to worry about. The prisoner is said to be captured very soon. The authorities advice Townsville's citizen to lock their doors and windows just in case, though. The prisoner is armed and dangerous.


In a dark place, a figure was watching TV.

Announcer: ... is armed and dangerous.

The figure turned off the TV.

???: Oh, I'm not armed... not yet, but I sure am dangerous... and today I shall revenge to the Powerpuff Girls and destroy them once and for all... today...


Timo and Buttercup were fighting against a green slimy monster. They finished it quickly and went out of the Danger Grid.

Timo: I'm really getting used to battle these monsters.

Buttercup: That's good, but villains are a different story than monsters.

Timo: I know, Buttercup.

Buttercup: So do you wanna go to the next level?

Timo: Hmm... sure. It's level 6 now isn't it?

Buttercup: Yup.

Before Buttercup got to turn the level to 6, professor came in and saw the two.

Professor: Ah, Timo. Good thing I found you. Could you go to the store and buy me some things?

Timo: Sure, professor. What do you need?

Professor: (gives Timo a list) Everything on this list. And here's the money you need. (gives Timo some money)

Timo: Okay, I'll go. Do you wanna come with me, Buttercup?

Buttercup: Nah, I'll stay here and train myself.

Timo: Suit yourself.

Timo left the lab and was going to the front door, when Bubbles came out of the girl's room and she saw Timo.

Bubbles: Where are you going, Timo?

Timo: (notices Bubbles) Oh, I'm going to buy some things to professor.

Bubbles: Oh? Can I come with you?

Timo: Yeah, sure. Come on, let's go.

They both went outside and started to fly at Townsville.

Timo: Why did you want to come with me, Bubbles?

Bubbles: (almost blushes) I like been with you, Timo.

Timo: Oh? Why do you like been with me?

Bubbles: (blushes) I just... do.

Timo: (smiles at Bubbles)

Bubbles: (looks at Timo and smiles back)

But what Timo and Bubbles didn't see was that someone was watching them from afar by binoculars.

???: What is this? A Rowdyruff Boy? With a Powerpuff Girl?? Hmm... ... ... ... this might be the chance I've been waiting for... ... this is my opportunity to get my revenge...


After shopping for an hour, Timo and Bubbles were returning home, both carrying a bag.

Bubbles: It's a pity that all that money got spent for food and supplies.

Timo: Yeah... we could have bought something for us too.

Bubbles: Well, next time let's ask the professor if we could also buy something for ourselves.

Timo: Yes, let's do that next time.

Bubbles: (looks around) It's so peaceful to fly when there is no emergency.

Timo: Yeah, it really is.

They flew happily at normal speed, not detecting anything unusual anywhere. Timo did heard something nearby, but he ignored it, thinking it was just somebody handling a metal object. But then he did hear something very suspicious. It heard like something was launched at great speed. Timo looked back and gasped.

Timo: Bubbles...!

Something grabbed Timo from air, silencing him. Bubbles reacted to the call and saw that a mechanical hand had grabbed Timo.

Bubbles: Timo! Hang on! I'm...

But then out of nowhere another mechanical hand hit Bubbles, while emitting a small electric shock, so hard, that Bubbles was punched far away. The hands went to the other way. At the ground, two shopping bags were lying on the ground, contents spilled everywhere on the grass.


At home, the professor was getting worried. He was sitting on the couch in the living room.

Professor: What's taking Timo so long? He should have been back by now.

Blossom and Buttercup came into the room.

Blossom: Is something troubling you, professor?

Professor: I sent Timo to the store over an hour ago, but he hasn't come back.

Buttercup: I'm sure he is okay, professor. Maybe he just noticed some emergency.

Professor: Maybe. (looks at the girls) ... Where's Bubbles?

Blossom and Buttercup looked at each other.

Blossom: Bubbles was drawing in our room while I was reading over an hour ago. She then left from the room. I haven't seen her since then.

Buttercup: Neither have I.

Professor: Hmm... Now I'm really worried. Bubbles wouldn't go out by herself without asking from me first.

They all then heard a thump noise behind the front door. The professor went to investigate it. He opened the door but didn't see anyone in front of him. He then looked down and gasped at what he saw.

Professor: Oh my god! Bubbles!

Bubbles was lying there, unconcious. She was emitting small electricities all around her body. Blossom and Buttercup came immediately to the front door and also saw Bubbles. Blossom went close to her and tried to touch her, but got a small shock to her hand.

Blossom: OW! Bubbles... what happened to you? Who did this to you?

Bubbles stayed unconcious. The professor went to find some rubber gloves. He found them quickly, went back to the front door, took Bubbles to his lap and carried her to the lab. Buttercup was shocked at what she had seen.

Buttercup: Who the heck could have done that to Bubbles? Why I... I'm gonna give my strongest punch to the one that did that to Bubbles.

Blossom: I hope she'll be alright. (looks at Townsville) I hope Timo is alright.

Buttercup: You don't think Timo's been attacked too?

Blossom: I don't know, but I hope Bubbles can give us some information. I have a bad feeling about all this.

Buttercup: Come, Blossom. Let's wait for professor to come out of the lab.

Blossom: Okay... there's nothing else we can do now anyway.

Buttercup went inside, but Blossom looked at Townsville before going inside.

Blossom: (thinking) I hope you're alright, Timo.


Timo was lying unconcious somewhere in a very dark place. A voice echoed somewhere.

???: Perfect... the trap is set... now for the bait...

A quiet laughter was heard, then some rattling of metal against metal, closing in at Timo.


At home, Blossom and Buttercup were waiting worriedly in the living room. Time passed so slowly for them and they were getting impatient.

Blossom: How much time has passed, Buttercup?

Buttercup: (looks at the clock) 15 minutes, Blossom.

Blossom: It feels like the professor has been in the lab for eternity now.

Buttercup: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to the lab now.

Blossom: You know darn well, that we can't go there while professor is there taking care of Bubbles.

Buttercup: I don't care! Timo might be injured out there too and Bubbles might know something. We don't have time to just sit here and do nothing! (flies out of the living room)

Blossom: (follows Buttercup) Wait, Buttercup!

Before Buttercup could open the door to the lab, the door opened and the professor came out.

Buttercup: How is she, professor?

Professor: (smiles) She's fine, Buttercup. She just got a small electric shock. It made her unconcious. I've managed to remove the electricity around her body. She's now concious, but she needs to rest.

Blossom: Can we see her?

Professor: Yes you may, girls. But remember, she needs to rest a while.

Blossom and Buttercup went inside the lab and saw Bubbles lying on a bed, eyes closed.

Blossom: (goes closer to Bubbles) Bubbles?

Buttercup: (also goes closer to Bubbles)

Bubbles: (opens her eyes and looks at Blossom and Buttercup) Blossom? ... Buttercup?

Buttercup: Boy, am I glad you're alright.

Bubbles: What happened?

Blossom: You don't know? We found you in front of our house.

Bubbles: Oh.

Buttercup: Don't you remember what happened, Bubbles?

Bubbles: Ugh... ... I... I... went to the store with Timo... we were coming back... ugh...

Blossom: Take it easy, Bubbles.

Bubbles: I remember... the hands...

Buttercup: Hands?

Bubbles: Yes... ... They... grabbed Timo from the air... and punched me...

Blossom: Where did this happen, Bubbles?

Bubbles: (weakly) At... the... ... park... (closes her eyes)

Blossom and Buttercup went wide eyed and looked at each other.

Buttercup: You don't think...

Blossom: I'm way ahead of you, Buttercup. Yes, I do think it's him.

Buttercup: Timo is in deep trouble, Blossom. We have to go and help him.

Blossom: No, Buttercup, not yet... we have to wait till Bubbles gets better. We need all the power we can have.

Buttercup: We don't have time.

Blossom: I know, but we have no choice. We could at least tell the professor about the situation now.

Buttercup: (looks at Bubbles) ... ... Fine, Blossom. Let's go. Bubbles needs some good rest now...

They both left the lab. After they closed the door, Bubbles' voice was heard.

Bubbles: (dreamily, worried) Brother...


In the very dark place, Timo, still lying down, opened his eyes.

Timo: I feel so weird... What happened?

Timo tried to move but he couldn't even move his legs.

Timo: Huh? Why can't I move?

He then looked at himself and saw that his hands and legs were chained up.

Timo: What the...? Where am I? (tries to move) And why can't I break these chains?

Timo tried to break the chains some more, but they holded him.

Timo: I don't feel weak. I should be able to break these chains.

???: (echoes) That's because those are not any ordinary chains, Rowdyruff Boy.

Timo: (looks around) Who's there? Come and show yourself, you coward!

???: My, my, are we impatient. You'll see me soon enough.

Timo: What do you want?

???: Revenge! I want revenge on the Powerpuff Girls!

Timo: (thinking) Who is this guy? (tries to move)

???: No use trying to break those chains. They're made from duranium. They'll hold you.

Timo: Then why did you kidnap me?

???: Don't you get it? I thought you were smarter. I saw you and that Powerpuff Bubbles flying together. I know you two know each other. I think the others already know you're here.

Timo: They're gonna kick your butt into prison.

???: I don't think so. You see, I have a little surprise for them... and you're part of it. Hmm... I better get prepaired for their arrival.

Sounds of footsteps were heard.

Timo: Wait, come back!

Evil laughter was heard.

Timo: (thinking) I don't like the sound of that. Oh please, girls... be careful.


At home, Blossom and Buttercup had explained the situation to professor.

Professor: So you really think he's back?

Blossom: Yes, professor. We have to rescue Timo.

Professor: You won't be able to do nothing yet, girls. Not as long as Bubbles is still unable to fight.

Buttercup: But we don't have any time. Who knows what Timo has been forced to suffer. We must go there now!

Blossom: Forget it, Buttercup. If only we two go, we'll be destroyed for sure. You know how dangerous he was last time. He nearly killed us all.

Professor: And I bet he is now much more dangerous than before.

Buttercup: That just gives more reason to go and save Timo right now.

Blossom: We can't, Buttercup. It's impossible for us two. Besides, I think he will use Timo as a bait to get us all, so he won't hurt him... not much anyway.

Professor: Blossom's right, Buttercup. He won't hurt Timo much.

Buttercup: But still... (looks down) ... No, forget it.

Professor: We're all just as worried as you are, Buttercup.

Buttercup: He better not hurt Timo or I'll make him wish he would have never been born.

Blossom: Calm down, Buttercup. Save your anger. You know just as well as i do, that we can't do nothing yet...

Bubbles: (little angrily) Oh yes we can.

Everyone looked at the door to the lab and saw Bubbles there.

Bubbles: We can go there and save Timo now.

Professor: (worried) Are you sure you can fight, sweetie?

Bubbles: As sure as anyone can be.

Professor: You're not yet fully recovered...

Bubbles: I don't care! Timo is in danger and I want to save him right now!

Buttercup: Blossom?

Blossom: ... Well, if Bubbles is sure she can fight, that's good enough for me. Come on, girls, let's roll!

The girls flew fastly out of the house.

Professor: (very worried) Be careful, girls...


The girls were flying at high speed.

Buttercup: Any good plans, Blossom?

Blossom: He knows we're coming, so he has definitively set a trap for us. It's quite impossible to make any plan before we see what he has in store for us. Let's just focus on rescuing Timo. After that, let's get out of there.

Bubbles: I hope he's alright.


At the dark place, Timo felt he was lying on something hard. The voice echoed again.

???: They should be here any minute now.

Right then, something cracked up above and the girls crashed in from it.

Girls: Not so fast... Huh?

Bubbles: Why is it so dark?

Blossom: I don't know...

Timo: (sees the girls) Girls, get out of here, it's a trap!!

Girls also now saw Timo.

Buttercup: We know... where is he?

She got her answer soon enough. The lights went on, everything slid into focus and the girls saw, that Timo was chained up on a small concrete piece, holded by a line connected to magnet, on top of a big glass with water in it.

???: I'm right here, Powerpuff Girls!

The girls looked at the other way and saw a familiar face up in a control room, surrounded by glass.

Girls: Mojo Jojo!!

Mojo: Right, Powerpuffs. Now I'll have my revenge.

Blossom: Is that what you've been doing all this time, Mojo? Plotting the revenge on us in prison?

Mojo: Indeed I have. I've thought numerous ways to get my revenge on you girls, but then I got even much better than what I had planned: kidnapping your precious friend, the Rowdyruff Boy. It's strange to see a Rowdyruff Boy, that is so kind instead of evil, evil enough to try and destroy you girls.

Timo: So what if it is strange, Mojo? I've heard, that you've had your own Rowdyruff Boys once. The girls destroyed them by a kiss.

Mojo: (angrily) Shut up!!! It would have been a perfect plan, if there wouldn't have been that flaw in them.

Timo: Oh really? I also heard, that HIM brought the same Rowdyruff Boys back, fixed from the flaw. The girls still destroyed them. And you call your plan a perfect one? Don't make me laugh.

Mojo: I said SHUT UP or else I'll drop you to that water and you know what will happen if I do.

Buttercup: You let Timo go right this instant.

Mojo: I wouldn't even move, if I were you.

Right then, four gunlike weapons appeared from each corner of the roof.

Blossom: Those are...

Mojo: Right. Those are the same guns filled with duranium bullets that I invented before you put me in jail.

The girls' eyes went wide.

Buttercup: Why you...

Blossom: Buttercup, don't! ... (looks at Mojo) What do you want?

Mojo: Don't tell me you don't get it, Powerpuff Blossom. All I want is revenge on you girls.

Blossom: Then why haven't you killed us already?

Mojo: Because I want you three to see your friend here drowning in that aquarium I designed. And before you girls even think about it, I really wouldn't move, unless you want to get killed sooner than you have to. I want you to suffer much worse than what I have.

With that, Mojo pushed a button and the line was released from the magnet. The girls turned around to see Timo fall with the concrete piece to the aquarium. The girls gasped.

Girls: TIMO!!

Timo tried to struggle hard, but the chains holded him tightly.

Mojo: Yeeesss... look at your friend as long as you can. Not even a Powerpuff Girl or a Rowdyruff Boy can survive under water for long. You should actually thank me for letting you see your friend one last time.

The girls saw how Timo tried to struggle against the duranium chains, but his face was already showing agony. The situation and Timo's agony made Bubbles cry.

Bubbles: STOP IT!!!! Let Timo go and kill me instead!!

Mojo: Don't worry, wittle Bubbles. You'll soon join with your friend after I'm finished with him.

Timo couldn't hold his breath anymore.

Bubbles: (getting very angry) He's not just our friend... HE IS OUR BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!

Bubbles' shouting caused a very large and powerful sonic scream. So powerful, that Blossom and Buttercup had to cover their hearing by hands. The scream destroyed the weapons on the roof, broke the aquarium, freeing Timo from the concrete in the process and even broke the glasses surrounding Mojo's control room. Mojo escaped from the room. Bubbles' sonic screamed stopped. Blossom and Buttercup were still holding their hands on their heads.

Buttercup: Woah, Bubbles... That was some sonic scream you did...

Blossom: No time for that. Let's check on Timo.

The girls flew to Timo and freed him from the duranium chains.

Blossom: You okay, Timo?

Timo: *cough* I think so... *cough* I'm alright...

Buttercup: I'll go and...

Blossom: Go ahead, Buttercup.

Buttercup flew to the control room and through the door. Blossom helped Timo to get up.

Blossom: Can you stand up, Timo?

Timo: Yes, I can. I can even fight. Let's...

Right then they heard a scream and a second later, Mojo flew out of the control room's door and crashed into the wall right above Blossom, Bubbles and Timo. Buttercup came to the room.

Buttercup: I told you I'd give my strongest punch to the one that hurt Bubbles. Would you like to say something to Mojo, Timo?

Timo: I'd be glad to, but why don't we all just give Mojo our best laser treatment?

Girls: Good idea!

Mojo: (very weakly) Uh oh...

The girls and Timo shot their eye lasers at Mojo. Mojo couldn't even scream, because of the punch Buttercup gave him. After a while, the girls and Timo stopped and Mojo fell to the floor, right on the broken glasses from the broken aquarium.

Timo: I think this is enough for now.

Blossom: Come on, everyone! Let's take him to jail.

But then Bubbles' eyes started to get closed. She fell to the floor.

Timo: (notices) Bubbles? (goes to her) Bubbles, are you alright?

Buttercup: (also goes near Bubbles) She got a small shock from the mechanical hand that punched her.

Blossom: She's still not fully recovered.

Timo: What? (looks at Bubbles) She shouldn't have come here, if she wasn't fully recovered.

Buttercup: She didn't care about her condition. All she wanted to save you.

Timo: She did? Well, she shouldn't have come here anyway. (takes Bubbles to his lap) I'll carry her.

Blossom: I'll take Mojo. Let's go.

Blossom took a hold of Mojo by his suit's neck part and they all left from the volcano top observatory. They delivered Mojo to Townsville Jail.

Mojo: I'll be back!! I will have my revenge on all of you!!

Timo: Oh shut up, Mo-joke.

They started to fly home.

Blossom: (looks at Bubbles) I can't believe what she said back there.

Buttercup: Neither can I.

Timo: I too heard it. She... called me as a brother.

Blossom: As our brother.

Timo: (looks at Bubbles and smiles) Now I know why you like to be with me.


At home, the professor put Bubbles back to bed.

Professor: She needs a lot of rest now. She used so much of her powers, that she got really tired.

Timo: But she will be alright, won't she?

Professor: She will be okay, Timo. There's nothing to worry about. Let's just let her rest.

Blossom & Buttercup: Okay. (both leave the lab)

Timo: Umm... Can I stay here with her for a moment?

Professor: Sure, Timo, but let her rest. (leaves the lab)

Timo went close to Bubbles.

Timo: Well, Bubbles... I didn't know, and apparently neither did anyone else, that you see me as your brother. I've never had a sister myself... and you and your sisters never had a brother. (caresses Bubbles' hair) I don't know if your sisters approve this, but... if you really want to have me as your brother, it's okay to me. I at least... approve you as my sister... I don't have a family anymore, even though I'll remember them always. You, your sisters and professor... are my new family now.

Timo smiled at Bubbles for a moment before giving a kiss to her cheek and leaving from the lab. Unnoticed to him, Bubbles' expression changed into a smiling one.

Bubbles: (dreamily, weakly) Thank you... brother...

Timo turned to see her. He smiled to her as he flew out of the lab and closed the door.