Ruff Training Day

By: Timo Wikström


The Powerpuff Girls were at the training room fighting a rocky monster with red eyes. Timo and the professor were watching them from the control room. After two days of resting, Timo's wounds were now healed perfectly. He had not wanted to go to school at the morning, because he said he wasn't ready for it, not yet.

Timo: (looks at the professor) Your training room is very impressive, professor. It's like a virtual world without any equipment.

Professor: Thank you, Timo. It truly is like a virtual world. The only difference is that you can get hurt at these simulations for real.

Timo: That means you can even... die there for real?

Professor: Yes. Fortunately I've installed this cancellation button here on the control panel, so I can stop the simulation whenever I or they want to.

Timo: (looks through the window) Remind me again what level are the girls having now.

Professor: Level 7. Why?

Timo: (still looks through the window) Because I think the girls are having trouble.

The girls really were in trouble. The rock monster didn't seem to get hurt by any attack the girls did to it. Not even Blossom's ice breath seemed to work for it. Luckily the monster was too slow, so it couldn't hit the girls so easily. The girls flew high.

Buttercup: Man, this monster is very tough. None of our attacks work against it.

Bubbles: What do we do now? Not even your ice breath work against that monster, Blossom.

Blossom: It can resist ice, fire and most probably thunder too. What we need is water, so we could weaken it's body.

Bubbles: Where do we get water from here? None of us have that kind of power.

Blossom: (looks around the city) Hmm... (spots a tower) Of course! The water tower. Buttercup, go and lift that water tower and hit monster with it. If there's any water there, the monster's body will weaken.

Buttercup: You got it, Red. (flies to get the water tower)

Blossom: (looks at Bubbles) Bubbles, use your sonic scream immediately after Buttercup has smashed that tower at the monster.

Bubbles: Okay.

Buttercup lifted up the water tower careful enough not to break it and started to fly towards the rock monster. The monster managed to destroy two buildings with it's hands like they were nothing. Buttercup was closing in from behind. Before the monster could even turn, Buttercup smashed the water tower on the monster's head. The rock monster got watered all the way to it's feet. The monster roared from the pains.

Blossom: Now, Bubbles!

Bubbles used her sonic scream on the monster. The monster's rock hard skin started to crack fast from all the parts.

Blossom: Okay, that should be enough. Buttercup, let's attack! Bubbles, stop your sonic scream and attack with us!

Bubbles stopped her attack and she, Blossom and Buttercup attacked the monster together. They flew right through the middle of the monster, making it break down into many pieces. After the pieces had fallen to the ground the simulation stopped and the door opened.

Buttercup: Yeah! We beated the monster!

Bubbles: Finally. The battle was so tough that I got tired.

Blossom: Let's go, girls.

The girls left the room and they saw Timo and the professor at the control console.

Blossom: So how do you two think we did?

Timo: I at least am impressed. At first I got worried, because the monster was getting the upper hand from you. It was genius to use water against that monster.

Professor: I agree. It was genius, Blossom. It seems your leadership skills are still okay. In fact, all of you seem to be quite okay despite that you three haven't been in battle for a long time. That is, if the battle with HIM doesn't count.

Timo: You really haven't been in any battle for a long time?

Buttercup: No, we really haven't. All the crooks are in jail and Townsville has lived a peaceful time. There hasn't been any crime, not even a small robbery. (looks at Blossom) I don't even remember how long has it been since there was a crime last time.

Blossom: (looks at Buttercup) I think it's been at least six months now, if I remember correctly.

Professor: Yes, it's really been that long.



That's why you girls haven't trained much. You wanted to live as normal kids now that Townsville had obtained the peace it had missed so long. Even I thought you could finally live a normal life. I even thought I could take away your powers so that you really would live a normal life, but I was afraid that the evil would rise again someday and now it has.


(End of flashback)

Bubbles: But why did HIM have to show up now? I thought even he had given up and wouldn't bother Townsville ever again.

Timo: You heard HIM. He hadn't attacked Townsville, because he was planning new schemes to destroy you, girls.

Professor: Which might mean, that other villians have also planned new evil schemes.

Blossom: Which means, that we're going to have new battles very soon now that HIM has appeared again.

Timo: For what I've learned, evil never rests. It always comes back someday with new plans to destroy all the good things in the world.

Buttercup: Bring 'em on. I've been itching to fight all those villains again for a long time. Although it was nice to have peaceful days while it lasted.

Bubbles: I had wished, that we wouldn't have to fight ever again. I liked to live a normal life.

Timo: (hugs Bubbles) Bubbles, you still have a chance to do that. All of you have. This just means, that you have to fight again to obtain that peace again.

Bubbles hugged back, letting a tear run down her face. Everyone were quiet for a moment. Finally Bubbles spoke up.

Bubbles: (smiles) Thank you... Timo. I feel much better now. (thinking) Thank you, brother.

Timo: (smiles)

Blossom: Well then, would you like to try out our Danger Grid, Timo?

Timo: (looks at Blossom, wide eyed) Me?

Buttercup: Yeah, go for it, Timo. It's really cool.

Timo: Well... I've never fought a monster or a villain or destroyed anything big.

Buttercup: Never? What about that battle with HIM?

Timo: ... I wouldn't call it a battle. All I did was protecting you girls from HIM's blast and took a bigger blast myself. I've never had a real battle actually.

Bubbles: Then this is exactly what you need then. A training room. Go ahead, it'll be fun.

Timo: (hesitates) Well... okay, I'll try it.

Professor: Go inside and get ready.

Timo went inside to the training room. He looked a little nervous, but he knew he would need training anyway. The door got closed and locked.

Professor: (speaking through a microphone) Since you're a beginner, I'd recommend you start from level 1. However, I'll let you decide the level.

Timo: Hmm... (thinking) I am such a good evaluator, when it comes to something else than me. (normally) Give me level... 3.

Professor: (worried now) Are you sure, Timo? That level is very hard for a beginner.

Timo: ... ... ... Do it,  professor. Give me level 3.

Professor: Very well, if you're sure.

Blossom: You've modified the Danger Grid ever since we obtained the peace. The levels are harder than before. What do you think, professor? Does he have a chance to beat that level?

Professor: (looks at Blossom) With no real experience about a battle? I don't know, Blossom. (turns the level to 3 and speaks to Timo) We're ready here, Timo. Are you?

Timo: I'm... I'm ready.

Professor: Here goes. (pushes a button)

The training room changed into city of Townsville at daytime with people walking happily at the street.. It was too quiet for Timo. He waited patiently, but he was sweating hard.

Timo: (thinking) Where's the challenge in this level?

Timo got his answer not a moment too soon. He heard a window breaking up somewhere and then people screaming behind him. Timo turned around and saw the people running towards and past him.

Timo: (thinking) What are they running about? I don't see anything.

Suddenly something hit Timo's head.

Timo: (winces, thinking) OW!! What was that? A rock? (looks around) No, it couldn't have been a rock. It felt too round.

There was another sound then. It sounded like bouncing. Timo couldn't hear where exactly it came from. It sounded everywhere.

Timo: (thinking) Where is it? It isn't big, that's for sure. (looks up) Wait a minute... what's that?

Timo saw something small up in the sky. It looked like a small dot. But looking at it closer made Timo sweat harder.

Timo: (thinking) It's a small metallic ball with two eyes and probably razor sharp teeth. And it looks like it's attacking again.

The ball really did attack with incredible speed at Timo. He managed to dodge it barely by flying high quickly. Timo looked down and saw, that the ball had left huge cracks on the street.

Timo: (thinking) It must be made of very heavy metal. (looks around again) Now where is that ball?

In the mean time at the control console the girls and the professor were concerned.

Buttercup: Man, he's having a lot of trouble handling that situation.

Bubbles: I don't blame him. That thing is fast. Probably even faster than him.

Professor: It seems so. He'll have to think something fast before that thing beats him good.

Blossom: Should we stop the simulation?

Professor: ... No, Blossom. Not yet. I have a feeling that Timo will survive this level somehow. I'm not sure, though.

Timo was dodging the ball the best he could, but the ball was getting the better of him.

Timo: (thinking) Come on, Timo, think! How can you beat a metal ball? I doubt my punches and kicks do any good. Maybe...

Timo lifted his hand and created the ice staff, that he had showed the girls before the battle with HIM. He saw the ball coming again. When it got close enough, Timo swung his ice staff at it. The ball flew right through the ice staff, making it's head break into pieces. Timo was shocked.

Timo: (thinking) Amazing! The ball seems to be made of the heaviest metal there is. Otherwise it wouldn't have broken my ice staff. It seems my ice attacks won't work either to that heavy ball. (eyes go wide) Heavy ball... heavy... of course! (looks around and notices a park with small pool) There!

Timo started to fly at the park. At the control room, the girls were more concerned now.

Blossom: He's flying away. Is he giving up?

Buttercup: No way. He must have seen something.

Professor: Quite right, Buttercup. I think I know what he's doing.

Bubbles: What, professor?

Professor: Watch and learn, Bubbles.

Timo was now hovering on the water, waiting. He saw the ball coming towards him.

Timo: (thinking) That's it. Come on and attack me, you brainless ball.

The metal ball was attacking with amazing speed. Timo didn't move at all. He just hovered still with his arms crossed.

Blossom: What is he...?

The ball struck Timo hard and they both went under the water.

Girls: TIMO!

Blossom: Professor, stop the simulation, now!

Professor: Wait, girls! Wait!

There were some bubbles popping out of the pool. For a moment nothing happened. Professor started to get really worried.  Then out of the blue, Timo surfaced and flew on the solid ground. The simulation stopped at the same time, making the room all white again. The door opened up and Timo walked out of the Danger Grid.

Timo: Well, how did I do?

Buttercup: Man, I thought you were going to get beat up by that thing.  It seemed so unstoppable.

Bubbles: Yeah, you scared us all. I thought you were going to drown with that ball.

Timo: Yeah, it seemed unstoppable, but when I realized, that it was made of heavy metal, I thought it can sink into a deep water.

Blossom: Why didn't you dodge it, when it was close to you? You could have killed yourself.

Timo: I didn't want to take a risk. The way that ball moved, I thought it could make a very tight turn if it wanted. That's why I thought it would be best if I'd let it hit me instead. That way, it was sure to go to water and sink.

Blossom: How did you get loose? That pool shouldn't be so deep, that you had time to move under the ball.

Timo: You're right, it wasn't so deep. The ball attacked so hard, that I almost went unconscious. It was a risk I was willing to take. I managed to move out of the way of the ball and then I tried to surface myself.

Professor: I must say it was smart. Although I too thought you'd dodge the ball when it was close enough, not let it hit you. It was risky, but you wanted to make sure the ball would hit the water, so you basically did the right thing.

Timo: (looks at his ice staff, that is still in his hand) Yeah, I guess so. I just don't understand how that ball could break my ice staff. These ice staffs are so hard and durable, that only a volcanic heat could melt them. That ball just broke my ice staff like it was nothing.

Professor: Are they really so hard?

Timo: Yes.

Professor: Then come here, Timo. I want you to do something.

Timo and the girls followed the professor. He lead them to another part of the laboratory, where there was a long line of something small.

Timo: What is this, professor?

Professor: This, Timo, is duranium. The hardest metal there exists. It even has enough power to harm a Powerpuff Girl... or a Rowdyruff Boy for that matter.

Bubbles: Please, don't remind us, professor.

Buttercup: Yeah, it almost destroyed us once.

Blossom: More like several times, Buttercup.

Professor: Anyway, Timo, I want you to attack this small duranium pipe with your ice staff.

Timo: Okay.

Timo's broken ice staff disappeared from his hand and then Timo raised the same hand up and created another, fine looking, ice staff. Timo struck the small duranium pipe as hard as he could. To his amaze, his ice staff broke into pieces.

Professor: That's why the ball was able to break your ice staff. It was made from duranium.

Timo: How come level 3 was harder than level 7? I had much more troubles than the girls did even though they fought as a team. They had a rocky monster and I had a duranium ball.

Professor: I modified the training room so that every level is truly a challenge. I figured, that the girls would need a quick and hard training if the evil would ever rise again, so that they would gain their strenghts again quickly.

Timo: I understand. (looks at the duranium pipe) Is there anything that can break this?

Professor: I'm afraid not. Not even strong punches or kicks work against it. It's so hard.

Timo: Okay, I'll keep that in mind. (looks at the professor) What do you think I should do then?

Professor: Well, do you think you're strong enough to handle a battle and that you can control your powers?

Timo: ... No. I don't even know if I can control my ice attacks.

Girls: Your ice attacks?

Timo: Yes. I didn't have time to train myself. I do know, that I have at least two special ice attacks and those are ice beam and ice shield. There might be more, but I'm not sure. I'm not even sure that I can control them.

Blossom: Those ice attacks of yours. They can be made from your ice staffs?

Timo: Yes. Those attacks can only be done by my ice staffs. I do have those basic powers too, so it's not always necessary for me to use those ice attacks.

Buttercup: You're powers sound so cool. I wouldn't mind having those powers.

Professor: If you think, that you don't know all your powers, let alone control them, then I suggest you train hard so you at least learn to control them.

Timo: (looks at the professor) You're right of course. Then can I go to the training room one more time?

Professor: Right now? You barely passed level 3. Why do you want to go there now?

Timo: I want to test my powers in action. It's the only way to learn to control then, isn't it?

Bubbles: Don't, Timo. I don't want you to fight again. You're too tired.

Timo: (looks at Bubbles) You're only afraid that I might die in training. You should know by now, that you don't have to worry about that, because professor can abort the simulation if it's necessary. Besides. I want to learn to control my powers as soon as possible, so that I can fight with you girls without any problems.

Professor: That's true. You can't go on any mission until you can control your current powers. It would be too risky.

Blossom: And the only way to do that is to train at the Danger Grid.

Timo: That's why I want to go there again one more time.

Professor: Very well, if you're sure?

Buttercup: You're really going back there? After all that fighting?

Timo: Yes and the level needs to be high enough, that there will be need for those powers.

Professor: I think level 5 is what you need then.

Timo: Then let's go.

Timo was about to leave, but Bubbles stopped him.

Bubbles: Please don't go there now. You'll get hurt badly.

Timo: (smiles) You have every right to be worried, Bubbles, but it's not like I'm going to an impossible fight. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing and I need to do this anyway. I don't want to risk everyone's lifes, especially your lifes.  (touches Bubbles' face) What would you say, if I'd tell you, that I'll go to school with you girls tomorrow?

Bubbles: ... (hugs Timo) Just promise me you will be alright. Promise me.

Timo: (hugs back) ... I promise. (thinking) I hope I can hold this promise.

Professor: Shall we go then?

They all went back to the training room. Timo went straight to the Danger Grid and waited calmly. Professor made the necessary adjustments and set the level to 5. He and the girls looked very worriedly at Timo.

Professor: We're ready here, Timo, but I still strongly suggest that you won't do this now.

Timo: It's okay, professor. You have that cancellation button, don't you? Push it, if I tell you so. I'm ready

Professor: (sighs) Okay, here goes (pushes a button)

Bubbles: (worriedly, thinking) Good luck... brother.

The scenery changed into a burning Townsville. There were flames everywhere.

Timo: (thinking) Woah! What a scene! What could have possibly done this?

Timo heard a loud noise coming from the skies. When he looked up, he saw something big and shiny in the skies.

Timo: (wide eyed, thinking) Now you gotta be kidding me. Is that what I think it is? A monster covered in flames?

The thing came closer, closer enough for Timo to recognize it fully now.

Timo: (thinking) It is. It's seems like a phoenix bird, but it's covered in flames. Oh no, my ice attacks might be useless against it.

Despite that realization, Timo lifted both of his arms and created two ice staffs, one in each hand. The bird saw Timo and attacked him by shooting fire from it's mouth. Timo dodged it barely and flew on a burning building's roof. The bird must have realized it, because it was turning around for another attack.

Timo: (thinking) It's fire breath is definitively strong, probably strong enough to melt my ice staff.

At the control room, the girls were very worried about the whole situation.

Blossom: That bird will fry him. Why won't he use his ice powers?

Professor: I think he's trying to think up a strategy. He's ice attacks won't do much harm to that thing.

Buttercup: Are you saying he's weak against that bird?

Professor: Fire can easily melt ice and even though Timo's ice staffs can stand heat, I think that bird's fire is as hot as a volcano.

Bubbles: (thinking) Come on, Timo. You can do it. You promised me.

Timo had been dodging the bird's attacks, but he knew the bird would get him eventually if he didn't do anything.

Timo: (thinking) I'm not sure if my ice attacks work against that bird. I have to try and get close to that bird.

The bird attacked again with fire breath. This time Timo didn't move. Instead he crossed the two ice staffs before the fire managed to reach him and covered him in flames.

Girls: (gasps)

But when the flames cleared out, Timo hovered there and he seemed okay. He still had his staffs crossed and he was surrounded by some blue light. At the control room, the professor smiled.

Professor: I presume that is Timo's ice shield. It seems to protect him from fire attacks.

Timo was also smiling.

Timo: It worked. Yes! (thinking) I think it's time to use the other attack then.

Timo flew closer to the bird and stopped. He's ice shield disappeared and as fast as he could, he pointed both staffs towards the fire bird and shot two beams towards it. For a moment it seemed to work. The bird started to wince from pain, but then the bird shot a huge fireball from it's mouth. Since Timo was very close, he didn't have time to react. The fireball hit him and forced him to crash to the ground. A small explosion occurred then. When the smoke cleared, Timo was lying there eyes closed, but he's hands seemed to be moving weakly. He's ice staffs had disappeared.

Buttercup: He's hurt badly.

Blossom: Professor?.

Professor: I'll shutdown the simulation now.

But before the professor managed to push the cancellation button, Bubbles stopped him.

Bubbles: Don't professor. Not yet.

Professor: Bubbles, he's hurt and cannot fight anymore. I must stop the simulation.

Bubbles: No, professor.

Professor: Why won't you let me?

Bubbles: Because... because I believe he can still fight (looks at the window and at Timo) Please, get up, Timo.

Timo didn't move much. The fire bird was flying above him. After a moment, the bird shot another fireball at Timo.

Bubbles: (thinking) GET UP!!

Timo's light blue part in his shirt started to shine and suddenly he opened his eyes and saw the fireball coming. He stood up and quickly created two ice staffs and spread his arms so that the staffs were in horizontal position. Then as fast as he could, he moved his arms so that his staffs collided with each other in front of him. The collision created a small light and some small sharp pieces were coming out of it. Those pieces penetrated and made the fireball disappear.

Blossom: What's that attack?

Professor: I don't know, but I think it's a new power he just discovered.

Some more pieces were coming out of the light and they headed towards the fire bird, who was still hovering at it's place. The small pieces hit the bird to both of it's wings. The bird screeched from the pain caused to it and it fell down to the street and didn't stand up. The scenery changed back into the bright white room. Timo was sweating and breathing hard.

Girls: (joyous now) HE DID IT!

Professor: Indeed he did. (speaks to microphone) Congratulations, Timo. You defeated the monster. Now come out of there.

The training room's door opened up and Timo flew through it. The girls hugged him immediately, knocking him to the ground.

Timo: Ugh... easy, girls. I'm alright. Really I am.

Bubbles: I'm so glad. I knew you could do it, Timo. I knew you could.

Professor: And it seems you can control your powers, Timo. Not only that, but you discovered a new ice attack already.

Buttercup: That was an amazing battle.

Blossom: In my opinion, you're ready to go on a mission with us anytime.

Professor: I agree.

Timo: Thank you, everyone. And thank you, Bubbles, for believing in me.

Bubbles just smiled at Timo. They all left the training room and went out of the laboratory.

Professor: I guess you're all ready for new battles.

Buttercup: You bet we are. No matter what those villains throw to us, we can take care of it, won't we?

Blossom: As long as we fight as a team, we will.

Timo: Together we're gonna obtain that peace again.

Bubbles: With you Timo fighting beside us, there's nothing we can't handle.


At Townsville Jail, in one of the cells, a figure in darkness was mumbling.

???: Soon, Powerpuff Girls, you're gonna meet your old friend from long time ago. Soon, you will be destroyed.