Known by Unknown

Part 3


Blossom: You're a Rowdyruff Boy?

The Rowdyruff Boy had black trousers, white shoes, light brown hair, blue eyes and green shirt with a light blue diamond shaped form on his black streak. He's face looked sad.

Rowdyruff Boy: (looking at Blossom) Yes, Blossom, I am. My name is Timo. I hoped that we would meet in better circumstances, but I guess that was too much to be asked.

Blossom: How did you know my name?

Timo: (serious) Later! Right now you've got bigger problems. (points at HIM)

HIM: (smiling) Oh not just them. (points at Timo) YOU also have bigger PROBLEMS.

Timo: (sweating while looking at HIM) Me?.. Why?

HIM: Because YOU helped the Powerpuff Girls to defeat MY monster by making that fatal wound.

Girls: (shocked) WHAT!?

Timo: (looking at the girls) ...It's true, girls. I was the one who helped you in that battle.

Bubbles: You were the one who helped me when that monster grabbed me?

Timo: Yes, Bubbles. The only way to free you was to hit that hand.

Buttercup: How did you do that? Was it you, who made that white streak line in the sky?

Timo: No, Buttercup. What you girls saw was this.

Timo raised his right hand and a small light appeared at the top of his hand. From that small light came out the light blue object with two pointy heads.

Buttercup: What the..? We've seen that before. What is it?

Timo: (holding the object in his right hand) This is my ice staff, Buttercup. I'd tell you more about everything, but we have a situation here. (points at HIM again)

The girls also turned to see HIM.

Blossom: Why haven't you already attacked us?

HIM: (still smiling) Oh I wanted to hear this ruff's story, but I guess I won't hear it then. Now, where were we?..

Timo's eyes widened suddenly.

HIM: ..Oh yeah, at THIS!

HIM attacked suddenly by shooting a ray from his mouth at the girls.

Timo: NOO!

Timo flew quickly between the ray and the girls. He raised his ice staff in front of him and let the ray hit it. Timo was forced to fight with all his strenght to stop the ray from advancing. The girls were just watching, amazed at what they saw.

Timo: I won't.. let you.. hurt the.. girls, HIM!

HIM's mind was speaking.

HIM: Foolish little boy! You think you can match your power with MY OWN?

Timo: (sweating hard) I'll do.. whatever.. it takes.. to protect.. these girls.. and Townsville. (starts to breath faster)

HIM: Even if it costs your own life?

Timo: ...Yes!

The girls, now even more amazed, looked at each other.

Buttercup: Did he just make an oath?

Blossom: Yes, I think he did.

Bubbles: That means he's on our side. (looks at Timo) We have to help him.

But then HIM's eyes started to glow.

HIM: (still speaking with mind) You're even more foolish than I thought. I think I've had enough about you, LITTLE BRAT!

Right then, HIM shot a bigger blast from his mouth. It came so fast, that Timo didn't have time to react. The blast broke the ice staff into pieces and hit Timo so hard that he was thrown on the ground far behind the girls.

Girls: TIMO!!

He looked seriously wounded and wasn't moving at all. Pieces of ice staff fell onto him. HIM was smiling victoriously.

HIM: Well, that's one pest down, three more to go. (looks at the girls)

The girls looked at Timo for a moment with horror showing from their faces. They knew, that the only way to help Timo anymore, was to fight HIM. Anger was starting to show on girls' faces. They turned to see HIM with a look of fire in their eyes.

HIM: Time to die, Powerpuff Girls.

HIM shot another ray from his mouth, but the girls evaded it and started to fly around HIM.

Blossom: Buttercup, let's do this your way this time. Attack HIM with full power!

Buttercup: What else do you think I'm going to do?

They attacked HIM by punching and kicking him. Even Bubbles was in hardcore mode. She was going to attack HIM's eyes, but HIM managed to hit her by one of his claws, sending Bubbles far away next to Timo's motionless body. Bubbles was beginning to stand up again, but stopped to look at Timo. Her angry face turned into sad one.

Bubbles: (almost crying) ...Timo...

She closed her eyes and slowly the look on her face turned back into anger. She turned her head, opened her eyes and saw her sisters still fighting HIM. Looking at HIM made Bubbles anger rise again. She let out a war cry and flew so fast at HIM, that she wasn't nothing but a streak of line. Bubbles punched HIM right in the middle of his stomach, sending him crashing to volcano's wall. Blossom and Buttercup flew next to Bubbles.

Blossom: (looking at Bubbles) Woah, Bubbles. That was some punch you did.

Buttercup: (also looking at Bubbles) Yeah. I guess you're in hardcore mode again.

Bubbles: (panting angrily)

Buttercup: Uh, you can relax a little now, Bubbles.

Bubbles: (relaxing while looking at Buttercup) ...Okay

Right then, the girls got blasted to the ground. HIM had stood up again.

HIM: You won't defeat me that easily anymore.

Blossom: (to her sisters) HIM is much stronger than before. What do you say girls? Shall we ALL go to hardcore mode?

Buttercup: I think you already know the answer.

Bubbles: (little angrily to Buttercup) And you told me to relax.

Buttercup: (nervously smiling) Heh he... sorry.

Blossom: Alright, girls, let's wrap this thing up!

HIM: You won't beat me no matter how you're gonna fight.

Blossom: (silently) We'll see about that, HIM. (normally to her sisters) Ready?

Bubbles & Buttercup: Ready!

They all stood up and gave a very loud war cry before starting to attack HIM again. This time they didn't have a plan. They punched and kicked HIM much faster now. So fast, that HIM didn't have time to react or do anything. After dozens of hits by the girls, HIM looked nothing more than a big red ball with lots of bruises. The girls stood right in front of HIM.

HIM: (moaning)

Blossom: (to her sisters) Ready to finish this?

Buttercup: Are you?

HIM: Uh oh.

The girls ran together towards HIM and gave a strong kick, sending HIM flying into the sky.


Bubbles: Good riddance!

Blossom: Come on, girls! Let's check out Timo.

The girls flew back to Timo, who still hadn't moved at all. Blossom was trying to check his pulse.

Bubbles: Is he... d-dead?

Blossom: (starts to sweat) I don't know, Bubbles. I don't know.

Buttercup: What do we do?

Blossom: ...Let's take him to the professor fast. Bubbles, can you carry him?

Bubbles: I think so. Help me, Buttercup.

Buttercup: Okay.

Buttercup put Timo on Bubbles back.

Blossom: Let's hurry, girls!

They started to fly as fast as they could towards home.

Bubbles: (to Blossom) Do you think he's going to survive?

Blossom: With those kind of injuries? I don't know, Bubbles, but I sure hope he'll survive, because I think we've just got a new friend.