Known by Unknown

Part 2


Mysterious figure: (thinking) What can I do? Bubbles can't take it much longer. There must be something... wait a minute. Of course!

In one of the craters, Blossom opened her eyes.

Blossom: (thinking) Woah! That monster really packs a punch. (snaps out) The others! (stands up and looks up)

Right then, Blossom saw a white streak line in the sky. A second later, a roar was heard.

Blossom: (while climbing up) What was that?

Someone appeared at the hole of the crater. It was Bubbles.

Bubbles: Are you alright, Blossom?

Blossom: I think so. What about Buttercup?

Bubbles: I'll go and check her. (goes to Buttercup's crater)

Blossom managed to climb up to the surface. She saw Bubbles trying to help Buttercup out of the crater.

Blossom: You alright, Buttercup?

Buttercup: I'm okay. What was that streak of light?

Blossom: You saw it too? Where did it come from?

Bubbles: Uh, girls?

Blossom: What?

Bubbles: We still haven't beat the monster. (points to the monster)

The monster was in pain. It was clutching the arm, that had squeezed Bubbles. The monster took something out of the arm and dropped it to the ground. Blossom saw a chance.

Blossom: You're right, Bubbles. I have a plan. Bubbles, you distract the monster by trying to fire eye beams at it's eye, Buttercup, you and me are gonna attack that wound on the arm.

Buttercup: You sure that's gonna work?

Blossom: We won't know unless we try. Let's go!

They took off to attack the monster again. Bubbles fired her eye beams at the monster's head, while Blossom and Buttercup fired their eye beams at the arm that had the wound. The mysterious figure was still watching at the dark alley.

Mysterious figure: Hmm... they're trying to make the monster to have some of it's arms occupied by creating pain to that wound and to it's head. Very impressive.

The monster started to roar loudly, when Bubbles managed to hit it's eye. At the same time, Blossom and Buttercup managed to hit the wound. The monster had two arms covering it's eye and one arm holding the wounded arm.

Blossom: Okay, girls! Let's finish this!

The girls grouped again and started to fly towards the monster. They punched the monster with full force to it's chin, sending it flying high to the sky towards the sea.

Buttercup: (yelling) And don't come back! (normally) Well, that was a very challenging fight.

Blossom: Yeah, but I'm still wondering what that white streak thing was?

Bubbles: What are you talking about?

Blossom: When I opened my eyes, I saw a white streak line in the skies.

Buttercup: I saw it too. What was it? (looking down) Where did it... Hey, what's that? (points to the ground)

Blossom and Bubbles looked to the ground and saw something shiny at the ground. They landed beside it. It was a small light blue object with two very sharp heads.

Bubbles: What is it, Blossom?

Blossom: I don't know. It seems to be some kind of a weapon.

Right then, to the girls surprise, the object started to float. It float still for a moment, pointing one of it's pointy heads at the girls. The girls were scared, that it would attack them. But then it turned it's pointy head and started to float towards a building.

Blossom: Let's follow it!

They started to chase the object. The object flew to a dark alley and disappeared behind a corner. The girls followed it, but when they turned around the corner, they saw nothing but dead end.

Bubbles: Where did it go?

Blossom: It must be here somewhere. Search for clues!

While the girls were searching the clues, the mysterious figure was on top of a building. The sun was shining behind the figure, making it impossible to see the figure's form.

Mysterious figure: (thinking) That was a close one. Didn't think they would find it that easily. I underestimated their powers big time. I better be more careful. On the other hand, it is only a matter of time, when we would meet. I guess it's unavoidable. Next time there's an emergency, I'll show myself to them. I just hope they won't react the way I suspect.


After the girls had tried to search for clues at the alley, they found nothing so they gave up and returned to school with many questions in their minds. They were returning home now.

Buttercup: (looking at Blossom) Do you think there was someone there watching us?

Blossom: (looking at Buttercup) I'm sure there was. That object couldn't have just float there.

Bubbles: Well, if there was someone there, I want to thank him or her for saving my life.

Blossom: I just want to know who was it that helped us.

Buttercup: Me too. I'd really like to meet him... or her.

Blossom: I don't think this person wants to be seen. It's like he or she is afraid.

Bubbles: Of what?

Buttercup: Us, Bubbles.

Bubbles: Why? We wouldn't have hurt that person.

Blossom: That's a good question, Bubbles, and I think we're gonna get an answer to it soon enough.

They were at home. They went inside and saw, that professor Utonium was in the kitchen making dinner for them.

Professor: Welcome home, girls. How was your day?

Bubbles: Weird, professor.

Professor: How so?

Buttercup: We got an emergency call about a monster attack and we went to take care of it.

Professor: So? That's no weird thing, except the fact, that the monsters haven't attacked Townsville for a long time.

Blossom: That's not the weird part, professor. The weird thing was that we got some unknown help.

Professor: (curious now) Really? From who?

Blossom: We don't know. We're trying to figure it out. Any advice, professor?

Professor: (kinda serious) Well, girls, I think you better be careful. As long as this mysterious person remains mysterious, you can't let your guard down.

Bubbles: But that person saved my life.

Professor: That doesn't mean, that this mysterious person would be good. That person should have revealed himself or herself and not disappear from the scene.

Bubbles: You mean this mysterious person is evil?

Professor: I'm not saying anything. I'm only saying that you three should be careful.

Blossom: Okay, professor. Oh, and professor? I think it's time for us to start training again.

Professor: Agreed, Blossom. I think you're going to have another battle sooner than you expect.

No sooner had professor said that, when the hotline rang again.

Blossom: (goes to the girls room to answer the phone)

Buttercup: What can it be now?

After a few seconds, Blossom comes out.

Blossom: There's something strange happening at the park.

Buttercup: At the same place we fought that monster? You don't think it's that mysterious person, do you?

Bubbles: I hope it's not.

Blossom: We'll find that out by going back to the park.

Professor: Be very careful, girls, and try to come back by dinner time.

Blossom: We will, professor. (to her sisters) Come on, girls, let's roll!


The girls arrived to the park. They landed at the same place they fought the monster before.

Blossom: Do you see anything strange?

Buttercup: Not a thing, Blossom.

Bubbles: Me either. Maybe it was a false alert?

Blossom: I don't think the Mayor would...

Buttercup: Look!

There was something happening next to the volcano. There was some pink smoke surrounding the volcano. A voice was heard.

???: (with echoing voice) Glad you could come, Powerpuff Girls.

Girls: It's HIM!

The pink smoke disappeared and HIM appeared in a puff of smoke next to the girls.

HIM: Right on, girls. I thought I'd revenge for that poor monster you DEFEATED earlier today.

Buttercup: So it was you, who sent that monster. Where have you been all this time, HIM?

HIM: Oh, I've been thinking new plans to DEFEAT YOU GIRLS and that monster was the first one of those plans.

Blossom: Admit it, HIM. You're losing your touch. We defeated that monster quite easily.

HIM: You wouldn't have even put a scratch on that monster, if it wasn't for an unexpected thing.

Buttercup: What thing?

HIM: THAT!! (points to a dark alley and smiles) You can come out now.

The girls looked at the dark alley. From that dark alley, the mysterious figure appeared. HIM was still smiling, while the girls gasped. The mysterious figure they saw before them was...


(to be continued)