Known by Unknown

By: Timo Wikström

Part 1


The night of the city of Townsville was so peaceful. Everyone, including our favorite heroines, the Powerpuff Girls, were asleep. But something was happening at the edge of a forest near Townsville. A light started to shine on the ground and a dark figure appeared from it. The figure lied on the ground only for a moment before standing up.

Mysterious figure: Where... am I? (appears to be looking around) Is... this... a dream? This must be a dream. (seems to be looking at Townsville) That city over there seems somehow familiar. Hmm... I still feel so sleepy. I... think I'll rest here.

But after putting the head on the hands, the figure snapped out.

Mysterious figure: (stands up and raises hands) What the... my hands. (appears to be looking down) My legs. My body. (appears to be touching self) What has happened to me? I am like a... like a... no, that's impossible. But if it's true, then is that city Townsville?

The dark figure stood still for a moment, looking at Townsville. The figure started walking towards the city.


Morning came to Townsville and people started to wake up for a brand new day. Even the Powerpuff Girls were wide awake to begin their schoolday by eating breakfast at the table.

Professor: All right, girls. Eat your morning cereal and prepare for school.

Girls: Okay!

Bubbles took a pack of Lucky Captain Rabbit King - cereals from a cupboard.

Bubbles: (pouring cereal to her plate) What day is it today, Blossom? (gives the pack to Blossom)

Blossom: (pouring cereal to her plate) It's Tuesday, Bubbles. The day we have math. (gives the pack to Buttercup)

Buttercup: (rolling her eyes, while pouring cereal to her plate) Oh, great. That's something I'm waiting for. (puts the pack on the table)

Blossom: (looks at Buttercup) I don't understand why you hate math, Buttercup. I myself like it a lot.

Buttercup: (frowning) That's because you're so good at it. You always have the spotlight on you, 'cause you answer every question right.

Blossom: And that's because I study, unlike you. Well, if you don't like math, what do you like?

Buttercup: (still frowning) I like sports. It's so cool to play against someone... and win the game.

Bubbles: (looks at her sisters) I like art classes.

Buttercup: (sarcastically) Really? I didn't know.

Blossom: Let's eat now. It's almost time for school.

After eating breakfast the girls prepare for school by putting their backpacks on

Professor: Have a nice schoolday, girls.

Blossom: Thanks, professor. Bye!

The girls started to fly at Pokey Oaks kindergarten.

Buttercup: This stinks! There hasn't been any criminal activity around Townsville for a long time.

Blossom: (smiling) You say that every morning, Buttercup. I think it's good, that there's no criminal activity. It means, that we've done a very good job for this city.

Bubbles: Yeah. Every major villain is in jail, thanks to us. No monster has attacked Townsville and even HIM hasn't been active lately.

Blossom: I guess they're all fed up to us for spoiling their plans and beating them up every time.

Buttercup: Right now, I'd even beat the Amoeba Boys, if they'd ask for it.

Blossom & Bubbles: You would do that?

Buttercup: (grins) No, of course not.

All three of them laughed. They were almost at school, but what they didn't see, was someone in the shadows next to a building. It was the mysterious figure looking up to the sky.

Mysterious figure: (thinking) I can't believe it. This really is Townsville and those three are the Powerpuff Girls. This doesn't feel like a dream anymore. This is too real to be a dream and yet it feels so unreal. Well, since I've wished this, I think I'll live it as long as I can.


The girls were on a recess. Blossom was reading a book, Bubbles was playing with Robin and Mike and Buttercup was throwing a basketball with Mitch. Everything seemed to be alright and for a moment, it was, until the hotline rang. The Powerpuff Girls flew quickly to answer it.

Blossom: (answering the phone) Yes, Mayor? What is it?

Mayor: (in panic) Blossom, come quickly! There's a monster attacking the city.

Blossom: We're on it, Mayor. (hungs up and turns to her sisters) Well, Buttercup, it seems you finally get to fight. There's a monster attacking the city.

Buttercup: So what are we waiting for? Let's roll! (flies through the roof)

Blossom: Hey, that's my line! Wait for us! (starts flying) Come on, Bubbles!

Bubbles: (follows Blossom)

Blossom and Bubbles cought up Buttercup.

Buttercup: Finally some action.

Blossom: Easy, Buttercup. We haven't trained much lately and this one might be strong.

Bubbles: I'm scared a bit.

Buttercup: That's because you haven't fought for a long time. Relax, you two. We can fight that monster.

Blossom: (thinking) I hope you're right, Buttercup. I hope you're right.

The mysterious figure had also heard about the monster and was now following the girls from a safe distance.

Mysterious figure: (thinking) These superpowers feel a little weird but also great. So there's a monster in Townsville? This I gotta see, but I better not let them see me or hear me. There's no telling how they would react if they'd see me. I better land somewhere far so they can't see me.

While the figure was following the girls, the girls saw the monster rampaging at Townsville Park. The monster had six hands, one eye and caveman styled clothing.

Blossom: All right, this monster looks really strong... and ugly. Let's try to confuse it.

The girls started to fly around the monster, trying to avoid it's hands at the same time. Nearby in one of the dark alleys, the mysterious figure was watching the whole scene.

Mysterious figure: (thinking) They're trying to confuse it. Very good strategy, but I'm worried about those hands. They seem to be moving amazingly fast. The girls are faster, but I'm still worried.

The girls were still trying to confuse the monster, but the monster didn't seem to be bothered at all. The girls gathered up.

Bubbles: It's not working, Blossom. What do we do now?

Buttercup: (looking at Blossom) I'll say we punch and kick this thing with our full power.

Blossom: I think the monster wouldn't even care if we'd do that. We have to...

Bubbles: Look out!

The monster was swaying two hands at them. Bubbles manages to dodge, but Blossom and Buttercup get hit by hands and they crash to the ground creating two craters.

Bubbles: Blossom! Buttercup!

Monster's third arm grabbed Bubbles from the air. Bubbles felt she was been squeezed by the hand. She couldn't get loose or fight back.

Mysterious figure: (thinking) Oh no! Bubbles is in trouble and the other two seem to be unconscious. I have to help Bubbles fast, without letting them see me. But how? She's going to die, if I don't do something.

( to be continued)