Green Trouble

By: Timo Wikström

The city of Townsville is having a sunny day. People are happily walking on the streets, working in their jobs and helping each other. Everything’s fine… except in one particular house.

“No, I won’t give him up, Buttercup!”

Bubbles’ voice could be heard from the Powerpuff Girls’ home.

“Oh come on, Bubbles. Just how long are you going to keep that octopus? Your entire life?” Buttercup said.

Bubbles and Buttercup were pulling Octi to opposite directions.

“If I want to, then yes!” Bubbles said.

Just then Blossom came to the room. “Knock it off you two right this second!”

Buttercup let go of Octi suddenly, making Bubbles fall on the floor.

“Why in the world are you making such a ruckus? I could hear you all the way to the lab with the door closed.” Blossom said.

“Buttercup wants to hurt Octi.” Bubbles said.

“No, I don’t! I just want to take it away from you.” Buttercup said.

“You’re fighting over Octi again? Why can’t you just leave Bubbles alone, Buttercup?”

“Because I don’t want Bubbles to be a laughingstock of the city. I mean she’s too old for the toys like that octopus.” Buttercup said.

“But this is the best gift I ever got from the professor.” Bubbles said.

Blossom got frustrated. “Just let Bubbles have her Octi, Buttercup. It’s her choice to have it and it’s her choice to decide when she’ll let it go. You understand? I’m tired of you always arguing about something stupid with me and Bubbles.”

That made Buttercup quiet. She looked at Blossom angrily then flew out of the room just as Timo was about to enter the room. He dodged her.

“Woah!” Timo said as he looked at the way Buttercup had flown to. He then looked at Bubbles and Blossom. “What was that all about?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Blossom said as she too left the room.

Timo just stared at Bubbles, who was still lying on the floor and looked like she was about to start crying. Timo walked right next to Bubbles and crouched.

“Whatever that was about, I think it’s not worth crying over, Bubbles.” Timo said.

“Buttercup is just so mean. She wanted to take Octi away from me.” Bubbles said.

“Your toy octopus?” Timo looked at Octi for a while and then back at Bubbles. “I don’t think Buttercup is mean.”

“What do you mean?” Bubbles asked.

“The reason why she tried to take Octi away from you is because she cares about you. It may not seem like it, but she does.”


Timo stood up and offered a hand to Bubbles.

“That’s what I think at least.” Timo said.

Bubbles grabbed Timo’s hand and let him help her stand up.

“Wipe out those tears of yours, Bubbles.” Timo said as he wiped Bubbles’ left cheek. “They don’t suit you.”

Timo left the room, leaving Bubbles to wipe her tears.



At the borders of Townsville, a group of five characters were walking towards the city.

“Ah, home sweet home. Come on, boys! It’s time to conquer this city and make it our playground.” The leader of the group said.



Bubbles was more cheerful later that day. Buttercup had left her alone and gone to the Danger Grid to train herself, Blossom had gone back to the lab and Timo was watching TV. Bubbles came to the living room.

“What’cha watching, Timo?” Bubbles asked.

Timo looked at Bubbles. “Nothing interesting. How are you, Bubbles? Feeling better?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me.”

The TV showed a picture about a church. The label read “Townsville’s church”

“A church...” Timo mumbled kinda sadly.

“Hm? Did you say something?” Bubbles asked.

“Nothing. Wanna go flying around the city?”


“Just for fun.”

“Okay. I’ll just leave a note for the others.”



At Townsville Church, a creepy shadow came closer to the doors. Green hands pushed the doors open fast, making noise in the process.

“Here we are, boys! Our new home.” The leader of the group said.

The priest, who was praying at the altar, stood up and turned around. He seemed calm and approached the group.

“Welcome to the house of God.” the priest said. “May I help...”

The leader of the group grabbed the priest by the throat suddenly.

“Wrong, pop!” the leader said. “This is the house of Gangreen Gang now!” The group’s faces could be seen now.



Bubbles and Timo were flying all around the city. They finally landed on a building’s roof. Timo saw the Townsville Church next to the building.

“Why did you want to stop here?” Bubbles asked.

Timo walked to the edge of the building and looked down. “No particular reason. It’s just that I haven’t been to a church for a very long time.”

Bubbles walked right next to Timo and looked at him. “Are you perhaps thinking about future marriage?”

That made Timo’s whole face blush. “N-no...”

Bubbles giggled. “I’m just joking. You know, I thought Ms. Keane and the professor would get married one time.”

“Oh yeah. Blossom told me about that. No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just that I haven’t visited church. I thought I’d go and pray.”

“Really? I’ve never been to a church before. The professor never took us inside.”

“Well, he is a scientist. Scientists don’t believe in God.”

“Do you believe in God?” Bubbles asked.

“… I don’t know. Shall we go inside?”

“If you want to, then yes, let's.”

They flew down in front of the church. Timo opened the door and they went inside. They immediately saw the altar and a big picture of people, bowing down to their God. Bubbles giggled again, held onto Timo's hand and blushed.

“You know, perhaps one day I'll walk this hall to the altar... in a wedding dress.” Bubbles said.

Timo's whole face blushed again. “Yes... perhaps one day you will, Bubbles.”

They walked towards the altar, Bubbles holding Timo's hand all the time. They stopped right next to the altar.

“Getting married must be a wonderful thing.” Bubbles said.

“It is, Bubbles. Especially when the pair really loves each other.” Timo said. He then looked around. “That's strange. Isn't there supposed to be a priest here?”

“Of course, silly. Why do you ask?”

“Because I don't see him anywhere.”

“Maybe he's having a break at the back of the church?”

“Yeah... maybe. This'll take a minute anyway.”

Timo kneeled and made the cross sign and then put his hands together and closed his eyes. Bubbles stood quietly in place. After about a minute, Timo opened his eyes and stood up.

He turned to look at Bubbles. “I'm done. Would you like to go somewhere, Bubbles?”

“How about we go to the park and play?” Bubbles said.

“Fine by me. Let's...”

Timo was interrupted by a sudden sound.

“What was that sound?” Bubbles asked.

“An item broke somewhere?” Timo said, and looked at a doorway, that was at the left side from the altar. “It came from there. Come on. Let's go and see.”

They flew through the doorway. Soon they heard voices.

“Man, why did'ya go and break that? We could have sold it for a big price at a pawn shop.”

Bubbles went wide eyed when hearing that voice. “It can't be...”

“What is it, Bubbles?” Timo asked.

“I know that voice, but they shouldn't be in Townsville anymore.”

“They?” Timo asked.

They came to another doorway. They peeked from the corner and saw the priest, tied up and gagged, surrounded by a certain green gang.

“The Gangreen Gang.” Bubbles whispered. “They should be in Citiesville.”

“It looks like they are robbing the church.” Timo whispered.

“I don't think so. I think they are moving here. Their cabin was destroyed right after they moved away.” Bubbles then noticed something. “Wait a minute. Ace, Lil' Arturo, Big Billy, Grubber... there's suppose to be 5 of them. Where's the fifth?”

“Right heres, little girl”

They looked behind them and saw Snake. Snake was about to land a blow on both of them, but Timo reacted quickly and grabbed the arm and threw Snake at the opposite side of the room. This alerted the other gang members.

“The Powerpuff Girlsss are heres.” Snake said.

Bubbles and Timo flew to the room.

“I'm not a Powerpuff Girl. I'm a Rowdyruff Boy.” Timo said.

“And you shouldn't be here in Townsville at all, Gangreen Gang.” Bubbles said. “I thought you moved out to Citiesville.”

“Well, well, well... long time no see, little Powerpuff Girl. You alone?” Ace said.

Before Bubbles answered, Timo covered her mouth.

“Let the priest go right this instant. Or have you forgotten how hard the punches feel in your body?”

“Heh heh heh. Obviously you're new here, little boy.” Ace said. “We are the Gangreen Gang, the most wanted criminals in Citiesville.”

“Most wanted?” Timo said.

“So why come back here, if you were doing fine in Citiesville?” Bubbles asked.

“Things got dull.” Ace said. “Now...”

Suddenly Ace grabbed the priest, held him from the throat, took out a gun and pointed it at the priest. Bubbles and Timo got ready to attack.

“... I suggest you two fly away unless you want this man to go to heaven. Or maybe to the other place perhaps.” Ace said.

“Foolish move, Ace.” Timo said. “Unless you want that arm of yours to be cut in half, I suggest you let the priest go. Kill him and I'll kill you and your gang. In any case, you'll lose.”

“Nice bluff, boy, but I know you don't want to see this pops here die.”

“Who says I'm bluffing?” Timo asked.

“I am. Get’em, boys!”

“Sure thing, boss” The rest of the gang said.

Bubbles and Timo looked behind and saw Big Billy jumping on them, surprising them. Earth shook at the impact and Bubbles and Timo got trapped under Big Billy. The other three gang members sat on Big Billy.

“OW!” Bubbles and Timo yelled in pain.

“So how does it feel to be squashed like a pancake, hmm?” Ace asked.

Bubbles and Timo just looked at Ace with anger in their eyes.

“This is perfect! Not only we get a new place to stay in Townsville, but we also get to destroy two Powerpuff Girls in the same day.” Ace said.

“I'm not a Powerpuff Girl.” Timo said. “I'm a Rowdyruff Boy!”

Suddenly Big Billy jumped into the air. “OOOWWWW!!”

Snake, Lil' Arturo and Grubber flew to different corners of the room. Timo had created a small, but pointy ice staff, and stabbed Big Billy. He and Bubbles dodged Big Billy, who made the earth shake again when falling back down. Timo aimed his ice staff at Ace, who in turn hid behind the priest and tightened his grip.

“Don't even think about attacking me.” Ace said.

“Do you have the guts?” Timo asked. “Because if you do, you'll lose your life. Does your head understand that or do I have cut it off?”

Bubbles looked at Timo and got scared of his threats.

“Y-your bluffing, kid. I can see it from you eyes.” Ace said.

“Am I?” Timo asked.

“Don't mess with me! I am Ace, Gangreen Gang's boss. Ain't no way I'm going to give up without making pops’ blood be on your hands.”

Right then, the roof of the room collapsed and Blossom and Buttercup came in and beat Ace unconscious. It was all over in a few seconds. Bubbles untied the priest and Timo made his ice staff disappear.

“Thank you, Powerpuff Girls.” the priest said. “God bless you.”

“It was nothing.” Blossom said and then turned her head at Bubbles and Timo. “It's a good thing we saw that note you two left for us or else we couldn't have found you.”

“Why didn't you call us when you saw the Gangreen Gang?” Buttercup asked.

“We were ambushed.” Bubbles said.

The priest looked at Timo then.

“Girls?” the priest said. “I would be very glad, if you could take that boy there out of this church.”

The girls looked at the priest. “What? Why?”

“He violated the house of God and has to leave immediately.”

“Violated?” Bubbles asked. “How?”

“By creating a weapon and using it here.” Timo said. “Churches are the houses of God, sanctuaries, that are meant to be a safe place for the people. Weapons are not allowed, no matter what the circumstances.” He then looked at the priest. “I understand. I will leave immediately, but can I first do one thing before leaving?”



The girls carried the Gangreen Gang outside and tossed them on the pavement. Bubbles had already explained what had happened.

“You should have called us right after you knew it was the Gangreen Gang.” Blossom said. “We have no idea how the villains have developed after all this time. You should know better than that.”

“I'm sorry, Blossom, but they ambushed us.” Bubbles said.

“Well... maybe I shouldn't be so hard on you.”

“You should have kicked their butts right after you saw them.” Buttercup said. “You could have surprised them.”

“But...” Bubbles said.

“No buts.” Buttercup said and looked at Bubbles. “Because you were only spying on them, they managed to ambush you and that's why the priest was almost shot. I'm surprised even Timo didn't think of that.”

That made Bubbles sad.

“Buttercup...” Blossom said.

Buttercup looked at Blossom and then back at Bubbles. “Look, I just don't want anything bad to happen to you. You're our sister and that's why I care about you. I just want that you'd grow out to be strong.”

“But I'm already strong.” Bubbles said. “I'll always be strong when I'm with you or with Timo.”

“You're missing my point.”

“She's right, though.” Blossom said. “Even if she would be strong enough to fight crime alone, she'd always be stronger with us.”

“Timo was right.” Bubbles thought. “Buttercup was only trying to take Octi away from me, because she cares about me.”

Blossom looked at the church. “What's taking Timo so long?”

“I'll go get him.” Bubbles said and went inside the church.

“I told you bossss, that it wasss a bad ideas to come back to Townssville” Snake said.

“Oh, shut up, Snake.” Ace said.

Bubbles saw Timo standing next to the altar, looking at the picture of the people kneeling before God. Bubbles flew right next to Timo.

“Timo, we're about to take the Gangreen Gang to jail.” Bubbles said. “You coming?”

Timo looked at Bubbles. “Bubbles, does this picture make you feel like God is looking at your soul?”

Bubbles looked at the picture for a while. “I don't think so. Why?”

“Because I can't feel anything, but guilt right now.”

“You haven't committed any crime, Timo. There's nothing for you to feel guilty about.” Bubbles said.

“And yet I felt it was necessary to beg forgiveness.” Timo said. “If Blossom and Buttercup hadn't crashed through the roof in time, the priest could have died.” He then looked at the picture again.

“You did scare me back there.” Bubbles said. “I thought you were serious when you said all those threats.”

“That’s because I was serious.” Timo said. “I didn't bluff, Bubbles. I would have fired. The priest did the right thing when punishing me. I don't mind not being able to come here for a while, but I still feel bad for violating this place.”

Bubbles grabbed Timo's hand and leaned on his shoulder. “It's all in the past now, Timo. There's no reason to think about it anymore.”

Timo closed his eyes.

“Come on, Timo.” Bubbles said. “Let's take the Gangreen Gang to jail.”

They then began to fly out of the church.

“Do you still want to go to park afterwards?” Timo asked.

“I'd love to...” Bubbles said and then looked at Timo deviously. “... or do you want to come back here and get married with me?”

Timo's face blushed bright red. “N-not funny, Bubbles.”

Bubbles giggled as they exited the church.