Destined Battle


By: Timo Wikström


The rainy night of Townsville was suitable for the mood which was felt in the Powerpuff Girls' home. The girls couldn't forget at all what Timo's trial had resulted. They were laying on their bed, sadly staring at the ceiling.


”Why did it have to go that way, Blossom?” Bubbles asked.


”I don't know, Bubbles.” Blossom said. ”We all knew that Timo might be found guilty no matter what we would have done.”


”You did your best, Blossom.” Buttercup said. ”At least the punishment wasn't so bad. All he has to do is to be in prison for one month and not use any kind of superpowers during that time. After that, he's free.”


”I wish I could have found him completely innocent.” Blossom said. ”But that was impossible.  Even the evidence we gathered wasn't enough.”


”They were enough to prove him innocent of murder and that's much better than the alternative.” Buttercup said.


”I guess so.” Bubbles said. ”I hope nothing so bad comes up, that Timo has to break the law and use his superpowers.”


”All the more reason for us to get stronger.” Blossom said. ”So strong he doesn't have to do it.”


A lightning stroke outside, which made Bubbles jump and go under the bed.


”Oh come out of there, Bubbles.” Buttercup said. ”It's just a lightning.”


”I hate lightnings.” Bubbles said. ”I wish Timo was here.”


Blossom sat up. ”So do we, Bubbles. So do we.”




At the prison, in his cell, Timo was also laying on his prison bed. A lightning stroke outside again.


”Such a gloomy and scary weather.” Timo said. ”Makes me have a bad feeling, like something is coming.” He sat up and looked outside through the only barred window in the cell. ”Bubbles must be scared of this weather. I know she hates lightnings. I know I do.”


Another lightning stroke outside.


”This feels like a bad omen.”




Outside Townsville, lightnings continued to strike. They enlighted the ground for less than a second. Footsteps could be heard, despite the stormy wind. Another lightning stroke, this time revealing a dark character on top of a small hill.


”You've been quite busy, Timo.” The character said. ”I hope you're ready for what's to come.”




Early in the next morning, a light blue streak of light flew out of the Powerpuff Girls' home. Blossom and Buttercup appeared at the doorway.


”She's going there again.” Buttercup said.


”She's gone there every morning, Buttercup.” Blossom said. ”She's so worried about him.”


”Why? It's not like Timo is in any danger at prison. Nobody will try to go there and try to destroy him.”


”Maybe. Maybe not. But I understand Bubbles' feelings. I just wish she wouldn't be so worried.”


”Girls!” The professor yelled. ”Breakfast is ready!”


”She even skipped breakfast this time.” Blossom said as she and Buttercup went back inside.




In prison, Timo was watching the sky through the barred window. A guard came into the hall and stopped at Timo's cell.


“You have a visitor, boy.” The guard said.


He opened the door and Bubbles came in.


“You intend to come here every morning, Bubbles?” Timo said without even turning.


“Yes.” Bubbles said. “What's wrong with that?”


“Nothing. It's just that you have school today and I don't want you to be late.”


“That's why I skipped breakfast today so I can be a little longer with you.”


Timo turned around to see Bubbles. “How do you intend to be able to study at school and fight crime when your stomach growls out of hunger?”


“It's okay. I'll survive somehow.”


Timo walked towards Bubbles. “You're making me and everyone else worry about you. You don't need to come here every morning. Besides, I won't be long here.”


“But it feels so lonely without you in the house.” Bubbles said.


“You still have your sisters. It hasn't been that long since I came here.”


“But...” Bubbles was saying.


“Or are you doubting that you can’t fight crime without me?” Timo interrupted.


Bubbles stayed silent for a moment. She suddenly looked like she was about to start crying.


“You don't understand me!” Bubbles yelled and then flew away, crying.


Timo closed his eyes and leaned on the cell door. “But I do, Bubbles. I do understand.”




Blossom and Buttercup were putting their backpacks on in their room.


“She'll be late for school if she doesn't come soon.” Buttercup said.


“No way.” Blossom said. “I'm more worried if she can make it through this day without eating breakfast.”


Right then, Bubbles came into the room through the window. She had tears running on her cheeks.


Blossom noticed Bubbles first. “Bubbles, you're just in time...” she was saying, but then noticed Bubbles' tears. “What's wrong, Bubbles?”


“I hate him, Blossom.” Bubbles said. “I hate Timo.”


“What?” Buttercup wondered. “Why?”


“I just do.” Bubbles said as she put on her backpack and then flew away to school.


Blossom and Buttercup looked at each other, shrugged and began to fly to school too. They soon catched up with Bubbles.


“Did something happen at the prison?” Blossom asked.


“Nothing happened.” Bubbles said. “Timo is just so insensitive.”


“So he said something bad to you?” Buttercup asked.


“Not really. He just doesn’t understand how I feel.”


The girls landed in front of the school.


“I’m sure he just wasn’t in the mood for talking, that’s all.” Blossom said as she opened the door.


The girls flew inside, but upon coming in, they noticed Ms. Keane and the other students at the corner of opposite wall, shaking. The fear on their faces made the girls suspect something had happened.


“What’s wrong, everyone?” Blossom asked. “Why are you all in the corner?”


Ms. Keane pointed a finger at the roof while looking at the girls. The girls looked up at the roof and gasped. Dark Timo was floating there, smirking at the girls.


“You!” The girls said at the same time.


“Oh, you remember me?” Dark Timo asked. “I’m flattered.”


“What are you doing here?” Buttercup asked angrily.


“What a dumb question. I’m here to meet Timo of course. You wouldn’t happen to know where he’s at?”


“Like we’d tell you, scum.” Blossom said.


“Too bad. I guess I have to make him come to me and I know just how to do that.” Dark Timo’s smirk widened. “Would you girls come with me peacefully?”


“As if.” Bubbles said. “Why would we ever go with you?”


Dark Timo created a small dark ball on his hand. “Because then you wouldn’t be struck with this little ball here, making you feel some sweet pain.”


The girls got ready to fight.


“The answer is no.” Blossom said.


“I wished you’d say that.” Dark Timo said and suddenly released the dark ball towards the girls.


The dark ball came in too fast for the girls to react. It exploded right in front of the girls, making them fly outside and breaking walls at the same time while feeling agony. Dark Timo flew quickly outside and released three bigger dark balls. They hit each of the girls, but did not explode.


“All too easy.” Dark Timo said as he made each of the balls to rise up in the air, the girls inside them. “Whatever made you think you had a chance against me?”


The girls quickly stood up and began hitting the dark balls, but they couldn’t even make a small hole. They also tried to yell, but no sound came out.


“Don’t bother screaming or hitting the balls.” Dark Timo said. “They won’t break that easily.”


Bubbles used Sonic Scream attack, but the attack bounced off and hit Bubbles instead, making her go unconcious. None of the sound was heard outside the ball. Dark Timo laughed. He then looked behind him and saw Ms. Keane at the doorway.


“You! Go and tell Timo I’ll be waiting.” Dark Timo said and then flew away with the girls inside the dark balls.


“Oh my!” Ms. Keane said.




At the prison, Timo was looking outside from the only window in the cell. Suddenly a door opened outside the cell and Ms. Keane came running in. She stopped at Timo’s cell.


“Timo, the girls are in trouble!” Ms. Keane said.


Timo closed his eyes and turned around towards Ms. Keane. She saw Timo’s diamond shining in red.


“So he did come back.” Timo said. He opened his eyes again. “ Did he say anything?”


“All he said that he’ll be waiting for you.” Ms. Keane said.


“Of all times to return, he picks this one.” Timo said as he saddened. “If I escape from here, I’ll break the law. If I don’t escape, the girls will die, because I’m not there.”




“However...” Timo was about to say. “However, this is no dilemma. I made an oath a long time ago and I don’t intend to break it now.” He then raised his hand and created an ice staff. “Either way, I’ll lose.”


“I’ll go and tell the judge the whole thing.” Ms. Keane said. “He’ll understand.”


“... Thank you.”


Timo turned around and shot an ice beam at the wall, making it break down partially. The alarm went off immediately and Timo flew out of his cell.




“You'd better hope he'll come here soon.”


Dark Timo was looking at the girls, who were still inside the dark balls, looking angrily at Dark Timo. Only one light shone on them and the place was dark enough to be unable to see the surroundings.


“I have very little patience for waiting.” Dark Timo said. “Maybe I should have some fun while waiting for him.”


Right then, Buttercup punched the dark ball she was in several times. Dark Timo noticed this and grinned.


“Such a good fighting spirit you have there, little girl.” Dark Timo said as he approached Buttercup. “I wonder how difficult would it be to break that spirit of yours?” He then changed one of his hands into a sharp weapon and held it in front of Buttercup. “To pass the time, let's find that out, shall we?”


Buttercup still looked at Dark Timo defiantly. She tried to say something angrily, but nothing could be heard.


“What’s that you say?” Dark Timo mockingly asked. “You want to find out too? Then I shouldn’t keep you waiting.” He got ready to strike. “Don't worry. This won't hurt... much.” Dark Timo's grin widened at the last word.


Blossom and Bubbles panicked and tried to get out by desperately pounding on the dark balls they were in. Dark Timo struck and Buttercup closed her eyes.




Nothing happened. Buttercup opened her eyes and saw a small round shield in front of Dark Timo's hand. Dark Timo, however, kept on grinning.


“How typical.” Dark Timo said.


A blue light suddenly descended fast from above, hitting the spot where Dark Timo was, hard and creating huge debris. After a few seconds the debris settled down and the girls saw Dark Timo, completely unharmed, and...


“Timo!” The girls yelled, but no one heard them.


Timo was standing battle ready right next to Dark Timo.


“Appearing at the last minute, I see.” Dark Timo said. “Such an annoying feature in a 'hero'.”


“I'll take that as a compliment.” Timo said. “You know, you're not hard to find. You have to come up something better than inside the volcano.”


The place lit up as lava rose up underneath them.


“I knew you'd find me.” Dark Timo said.


Timo looked behind him and saw the girls trapped inside the dark balls. “I didn't think you'd actually try to hurt the girls the next time you'd come here.”


“Well, they did make you come out. Now that you're here, what say you and me finish what we started?”


Timo created two ice staffs then. “It’s showtime.”




“What do you mean you have no choice?”


Meanwhile, Ms. Keane was talking to the judge.


“He broke the court order by breaking out of the jail by using his superpowers.” The judge said.


“But I already told you, he had no choice.” Ms. Keane said. “He had to break out in order to save the Powerpuff Girls.”


“Even so, he still broke the court order. I'm sorry, but my decision is final. He will have another trial and he will be punished for breaking out of the jail and breaking the court order.”


Ms. Keane was silent for a moment and she looked angrier. “I said to Timo that you'd understand the situation, but it looks like I lied to him.”


She then left the room.




Timo was attacking Dark Timo with his two ice staffs, but Dark Timo seemed to be able to easily dodge all of them.


“You're not even trying.” Dark Timo said.


Timo stopped attacking and landed on the ground. Sweat was dropping from his face and he was breathing heavily.


“I haven't even started yet.” Timo said.


“It's my turn now.” Dark Timo said. He then changed his hands into sharp sword-like weapons.


Timo looked at Dark Timo just in time to see him fire two beams from his hands. Timo reacted quickly and created an ice shield in front of him, blocking the beams, but Dark Timo moved quickly behind Timo and just after the beams stopped, Dark Timo kicked Timo on the back so hard that it made Timo crash onto the dark ball, where Blossom was held. Timo got up fast and attacked Dark Timo. Blossom was watching the whole situation.


“He won't win at this rate.” Blossom thought. “If only we all could just break out of these balls.”


Timo tried to kick Dark Timo on the head, but Dark Timo ducked and counterattacked by giving hard punch on the stomach, making Timo fly all the way to the other side of the volcano wall, creating a small hole. The girls got horrified of this. Timo slowly tried to get up.


“Ugh!” Timo winced in pain and touched his stomach. “So... this is your plan?” Timo said as he looked at Dark Timo with an angry expression. He then moved his hand and revealed his light blue diamond, half of it now red.


The hand with which Dark Timo had hit Timo was giving out black sparks. “And what plan is that?”


“To force me turn sides and join with you.” Timo said.


“If by join with me you mean merging with me, then yes.” Dark Timo said. “With you inside me, I'll be so strong that even the mightiest ones will fall before me.”


Timo's expression looked much angrier than usual.


“I like that expression.” Dark Timo said. “So much anger and hatred stored and ready to erupt just like a volcano.”


Right then, Timo flew at Dark Timo so fast, that he didn't have time to react. Timo pushed Dark Timo into the volcano wall and right through it all the way out. Timo then tossed Dark Timo into the ground. The hit on the ground created a big and deep crater. Timo created an ice staff and immediately shot a beam at Dark Timo, causing the earth to shake a little. Right after that, Timo's ice staff broke on his hands and Timo felt another pain on his stomach. When looking at his light blue diamond, he noticed that the red area had almost reached to the top.


“I nearly let it take over me.” Timo thought as he breathed heavily. The whole attack had drained his powers. He looked at the crater. “I know you're still alive. I only sent you deep underground with that beam.” He then flew back into the volcano.


When Timo emerged from the hole, the girls were happy that Timo had survived. Timo tried to create an ice staff, but all he managed to create was a small dagger-like weapon. He then aimed at the girls and fired a small, but powerful blast. The dark balls began to dissolve and when they could, the girls immediately flew to Timo and hugged him.


“You did it!”Blossom said. “You defeated Dark Timo.”


“Easy there, girls.” Timo said kinda weakly. “I didn’t destroy him.”


The girls’ happiness turned into worried ones and they broke up the hug. Bubbles immediately noticed Timo’s diamond on his shirt.


“Timo, your diamond...” Bubbles was about to say.


“I know, Bubbles.” Timo said. “I’ll be fine soon.”


“It’s over then, for now.” Buttercup said.


Timo got sad at that. “Not yet, Buttercup. You still have one job to do.”


“What’s that?” Blossom asked.


“Me.” Timo said. “You have to take me back to jail.” He then spread his arm and made his small ice staff disappear.


“But if we do that, you’ll face another trial.” Bubbles said.


“I knew that and yet I still came here, knowing I’d brake court order and law generally.” Timo said. “It’s a small price to pay for your lifes, girls.”


After a while, the girls grabbed Timo’s hands.


“We’re sorry, Timo.” Blossom said.


“Don’t be.” Timo said.


The girls flew away, Timo in their hands.




At a courtroom, a trial was held. The Powerpuff Girls, the professor and Ms. Keane were present and in the middle of the room was Timo, looking at the floor sadly. The judge was looking at Timo.


“Breaking out of the jail, breaking the court order and breaking the law.” The judge was saying. “These are the accusations for your recent behavior, Timo. Now I have heard from your teacher why you had to break out of the jail and I have also heard from the Powerpuff Girls that they were indeed in danger and would still be if you hadn’t shown up. Unfortunately we don’t have any proof of any of this.”


Timo looked at the judge. “No, your Honor. We do have evidence.” He then put his hand on the light blue diamond on his shirt and ripped it off, leaving the rest of the black stripe visible. The diamond was still a bit red from the bottom. Timo put it on the table in front of the judge.


“What is this?” The judge asked.


“That is my diamond, your Honor.” Timo said. “Even the girls don’t know this, but that diamond can sense and warn me whenever Dark Timo is nearby. It can also warn me about any sudden dangers I don’t know is coming, as it did on the day of my trial.”


The girls were looking at Timo, but they did not look surprised.


“What is this red stain here?” The judge asked.


“That, your Honor, is residue of dark energy Dark Timo left inside me during our fight.” Timo said.




Timo tries to kick Dark Timo on the head, but Dark Timo ducks and counterattacks by giving hard punch on the stomach.


*End of flashback*


“It proves that a fight did happen inside the volcano.” Timo said.


“That it does, indeed.” The judge said. “However, even if your intentions were good, you still broke the law.”


At this, Blossom stood up. “Please, your Honor, don’t punish Timo anymore. Can’t you have mercy on him? He did have a good reason to break the law. Plus... I think we are partially responsible for this.”


“And how is that, Blossom?” The judge asked.


“If we just had been stronger, we wouldn’t have been captured by Dark Timo and Timo wouldn’t have needed to break the law. So it’s our fault that Timo had to do what he had to do.”


The judge was thinking for a while.


“Considering the circumstances and the fact that the defendant came back to the jail without any resistance and the evidence, I think we can overlook the accusations.” The judge said.


The girls got happy when hearing that.


“However...” The judge continued. “the defendant is still being punished for involuntary manslaughter and must sit the time in jail.”


This restored the girls' attention.


“Also, the defendant must rebuild the damaged wall in the cell and since the defendant did break the court order, I will only issue a heavy warning because of the reason why he did it.” The judge said. “Court is adjourned.” And then he hit his gavel on the table and left.


A policeman came to take Timo away. Bubbles was about to go and hug Timo, but Blossom and Buttercup stopped her. When walking out of the courtroom, Timo stopped right next to the girls, looked at them and smiled.


“Don’t worry, girls.” Timo said. “I’ll be fine. I’ll see you all soon again.” He then closed his eye and continued walking out of the courtroom, smiling all the time.


Bubbles flew sadly up enough to see Timo walking out of the door. “Timo… I don’t hate you. I love you.” She thought.




Deep underground, under a very thick ice, Dark Timo was lying down and frinning evilly.


“Everything is going according to plan.” Dark Timo said. “He doesn’t have any idea what kind of power he has inside him. Next time we meet, Timo, should be very interesting.” His eyes began to glow at the last sentence.