Brothers And Ruffs

By: Timo Wikström


It was a quiet and calm night in Townsville. No one was walking on the streets and no crime was happening. But everyone wasn't sleeping. Deep underground, HIM was watching his television. On the television, the last fight was showing. It showed HIM firing the beam at the Powerpuff Girls and Timo stopping the beam from advancing. HIM was thinking out loud.

HIM: That Rowdyruff Boy... I can't BELIEVE he's sided with those Powerpuff Girls. Hmm...

The screen showed HIM shooting a bigger beam, which breaks Timo's ice staff and sends him flying.

HIM: He even DARED to challenge my power. I did sense a great power within him, but it felt the same as with the Rowdyruff Boys. (presses the remote)

The TV showed Timo sleeping.

HIM: And I thought every Rowdyruff Boy is evil. (grins) Well, it doesn't matter. If he can't be evil, then I should destroy him. All I need to do is to attack him with something devious, something strong, something that will defeat him easily. Hmm... YEEESS... That would be perfect. Enjoy while you can, Timo, 'cause you won't live for long... (laughs)


The next day was a shining one. At Pokey Oaks Kindergarten the Powerpuff Girls were drawing. Timo was also drawing happily with Robin and Mike. Ms. Keane was walking around the class watching everyone's drawings. She was looking at Bubbles' drawing now.

Ms. Keane: My, how lovely drawing, Bubbles.

The drawing was about Pokey Oaks Kindergarten yard with Ms. Keane standing in front of the school.

Bubbles: Thanks, Ms. Keane.

Ms. Keane proceeded to where Timo was and checked his drawing.

Ms. Keane: Very impressive, Timo. What's this about?

Timo: It's actually nothing. Just a scenery with a lake and mountains.

Ms. Keane: Yes, but the lake is perfectly surrounded by mountains and the water seems shiny.

Timo: But it's really not that special. I can do better than this.

Ms. Keane: Okay, if you say so.

Ms. Keane let Timo continue his drawing, while she checked others' drawings. After checking everyone's drawings, Ms. Keane looked at the clock.

Ms. Keane: Recess time!

Everyone ran outside, but before the girls and Timo went outside, the hotline rang and Blossom answered it.

Blossom: What is it, Mayor?

Professor: No, not the Mayor.

Blossom: Professor? What's wrong?

Professor: I need you girls here at home right away. It's important.

Blossom: Alright. We're on our way. (hangs up the hotline)

Buttercup: What did the professor want?

Blossom: He wants us to come home. I don't know why, but it's important. (turns to Ms. Keane) Ms. Keane, may we be excused?

Ms. Keane: Yes, you may. Just this once girls...

Before she got to finish her sentence, the girls flew through the roof.

Ms. Keane: ... don't go through the roof.

Timo looked at the three holes on the roof before going through one of the holes.

Timo: At least you don't have to worry about having a fourth hole.

Ms. Keane: I guess it's good then.

Timo started to fly and he soon reached the girls.

Buttercup: He didn't mention anything about trouble?

Blossom: No.

Timo: And yet, he wants us to come home.

Blossom: The professor did say it was important. We'll soon find out what it is.

They soon reached home and went in. They found the professor in the lab, searching for something.

Blossom: What's wrong, professor?

Professor: Oh, you're here. I need you to use your X-ray vision to find a Chemical X bottle besides those ones on the table. (points to a table)

Buttercup: What? There's a bottle of Chemical X missing?

Professor: Yes. I counted them all and one is missing.

Blossom: Alright, we'll search for it. (turns to others) Search the whole house.

Blossom checked the lab, Bubbles checked the whole first floor, Buttercup checked the backyard and Timo checked the second floor. After a while, they gathered up back at the lab.

Bubbles: I didn't find anything.

Buttercup: Me neither.

Timo: Nothing.

Blossom: So it's not here. It's been stolen.

Professor: But that's impossible. There are no signs of breaking in and my camera didn't record anything suspicious.

Blossom: There is still one, that could have done it. The only one, who could find Chemical X useful.

Buttercup: Mojo Jojo. But he should be in jail.

Bubbles: You know he escapes easily.

Timo: So do we go to the observatory now?

Blossom: You bet we are. You know Chemical X is dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. Come on, guys! To the...

Suddenly they all heard something breaking upstairs. They went out of the lab and to the kitchen. There they saw a window broken and a stone at the table. Blossom looked through the window.

Blossom: I don't see anyone.

Bubbles: What's that?

Bubbles was pointing at something stickified to the stone. Buttercup looked at it.

Buttercup: It's a note... addressed to you, Timo.

Timo: To me? Who would write a note to me like this? (takes the note and reads it)

Congratulations Timo on surviving my attack. I see you're doing fine. I have a little surprise for you. Come to the edge of the forest where Fuzzy lives right now without the girls and I don't take 'no' for an answer.

Blossom: Sounds like a trap.

Timo: Sounds like something that should not be ignored. There's no name of the sender here.

Buttercup: It has to be a trap.

Timo: We have met this one before. It says I survived the attack.

Bubbles: You've been attacked many times already. It could be anyone.

Timo: Hmm... You girls go to the observatory and check it. After that, go back to school and tell Ms. Keane that I will be gone for a while.

Buttercup: Are you crazy? You don't know what you're up against.

Timo: That's why I have to go there. There's no telling what will happen, if I don't go there.

Bubbles: I'll come with you.

Timo: The note says I can't take any of you girls with me. But don't worry. If it's a trap, I'll call you.

Blossom: Hmm... I have a bad feeling about this whole thing, but I guess we don't have any other choice. Okay, Timo, but remember to call us if it's a trap.

Timo: I will, Blossom. I better go now. You girls go to the observatory.

With that said, the girls started to fly to the observatory, while Timo started to fly to the edge of Fuzzy's forest.

Professor: (sighs) Now how am I gonna repair this window?


Timo landed on the edge of the forest and looked around. He didn't see anything suspicious. He had heard, that Fuzzy Lumpkins has lived in his property without making anything illegal or having any angry moments during the peace.

Timo: (thinking) It did say right away, but I don't see anyone here.

There was an absolute silence.

Timo: (thinking) Something's not right. It's too quiet. I don't even hear birds.

???: Well, well, looky what we have here.

Timo got scared of the voice. Not the voice itself, but where it came from. He looked behind him and up at the sky.

???: So it's you, who we were supposed to encounter.

Timo: You're.... You're the Rowdyruff Boys!

The Rowdyruff Boys were indeed floating at the sky. They looked just like before, when HIM had brought them back the other time. The one who talked was Brick.

Brick: Surprised to see us?

Timo: But... you're supposed to be dead. The girls destroyed you.

Butch: Those sissies... They only got lucky.

Boomer: Yeah, man.

Brick: We would have destroyed those sissy girls, if their prof wouldn't have interfered with our battle.

Timo: ... What do you want?

Brick: Oh, we don't want nothing. HIM sent us here to wait for you.

Timo: So it was HIM, who recreated you. (thinking) Now I know where that one bottle of Chemical X went. (normally) But I thought HIM doesn't 'give any repeat performances'.

Brick: Apparently he found us useful again.

Timo: So what does HIM want?

Brick: He wants to make an offer to you.

Timo: To me?

Butch: Who else, dummy?

Brick: HIM offers you great powers and anything you want in exchange that you switch sizes and hang with us.

Timo: I already have great powers and everything I could ever want. There's no reason for me to agree to the offer.

Brick: But don't you feel embarrased been with a bunch of sissies?

Timo: Those "sissies" are my family and I'm not embarrased been with them, so you can forget about me joining your team. I'll never betray the girls!

Brick: Well... (looks at his brothers) I guess we have to do it then.

Timo: (sweats) Do what?

Without any warning the Rowdyruff Boys started to lunge at Timo.

Timo: (gasps)


The Powerpuff Girls were back at school. The search at the observatory turned out to be a waste of time. Bubbles had wanted to go and check on Timo, but Blossom didn't let her. They were now doing a math assignment. Bubbles, however, was looking out the window.

Blossom: (looks at Bubbles) ... You can't go there, Bubbles. None of us can.

Bubbles: (turns to look at the table) I'm just worried. He should have been back by now.

Buttercup: She's right, Blossom. Timo should have been back by now. Man, I told him it was a bad idea to go there alone.

Blossom: He did have a point, however. You never know what might happen, if the terms are broken.

Buttercup: Isn't it strange to you, that the note told us not to come with Timo? We don't even know who sent it. For all we know, Timo might have gone to a trap.

Bubbles: He did say he would call us, if it would have been a trap.

Buttercup: Yeah... if he could.

Bubbles: What do you mean?

Buttercup: Isn't it possible, that something might have happened to him? Something, that makes him not been able to call us?

Blossom and Bubbles looked at each other, Bubbles now especially worried.


The Rowdyruff Boys were flying around the forest. They were looking around and grinning.

Butch: Where are you, wuss? Come out, come out, wherever you are...

Boomer: Or are you chicken?

Brick: Show yourself and fight like a man!

They flew past some pine trees. In one of the pine trees, a branch moved a little and Timo peeked from it before hidding himself again. He had already many bruises on him.

Timo: (thinking) I can't fight them... not alone anyway. They're very tough. I can't even call the girls, not without telling them where I am. They'd manage to kill me before the girls arrive here. The leader did say, that they almost destroyed the girls last time. The girls aren't ready to fight them again. What do I do? If I don't do anything, they'll find me and kill me. If I call the girls, they'll come and kill me and probably kill the girls too. This time... I think this time HIM made a perfect plan... I'll die anyway. There's only one thing I can do... Fight them as best as I can. I could at least try and...

His trail of thoughts were interrupted by a sudden sound.

The Rowdyruff Boys: Peek-a-boo! Found you!

Timo looked behind in shock and got punched by Butch. Timo dropped to the ground badly enough to create a crater. He soon climbed out of it.

Timo: Ugh...

The boys landed in front of him.

Brick: Had enough, weakling?

Timo: (coughs) ... No...

He created an ice staff and attacked the boys but they dodged him. Boomer kicked him at the back. Timo swung his staff at Boomer, but he dodged and Butch in turn kicked Timo at the back and then Brick gave a punch to the jaw, sending Timo flying at a tree and dropping his ice staff. Weakly, Timo tried to reach for his ice staff.

Brick: You can't do better than that? That was so pathetic.

Before Timo could reach his ice staff, Brick went and lifted him by his throat, choking him.

Brick: It's a pity, really. You would have been a good ally to us... and a brother. Instead you chose to stay with those sissy Powerpuff Girls.

Timo tried to get loose from Brick's iron grip, but he was too weak. Knowing he would be destroyed made him shed tears.

Butch: Look at that! Little wuss is crying.

Boomer: What a crybaby.

Brick: You should have accepted the offer, weakling. Now you'll know, that you've failed. After we're finished with you, we'll go and crush those sissy girls at their school. That battle will be over in minutes.

Brick's words made Timo imagine the situation. The images he saw in his mind made him feel something else. He gritted his teeth, while he kept his eyes closed. Suddenly Brick felt like Timo was squeezing his hands. Timo opened his eyes. The color of his irises had turned into blood red.


Back at HIM's layer, HIM went wide eyed all of a sudden.

HIM: What is this? I'm feeling a VERY DARK presence. WHAT'S GOING ON?


Back at school the Powerpuff Girls were doing a school assignment. They weren't really concentrating at all. They were all too worried to do anything. Buttercup was starting to get impatient.

Blossom: (sighs) Is it just me or are we all too worried?

Buttercup: You should know. It's been far too long.

Bubbles:  I hope...

At that time they heard a scream from far away and when they looked out from the window, they saw a white light rising from the forest area.

Bubbles: Oh no!

Blossom: Something's happened to Timo! Come on, girls! Let's hurry!

They all flew out from their old holes and headed towards the edge of the forest.

Buttercup: Man, I knew this.

They were at the forest in no time and saw that a small area of the forest was damaged badly. All trees on that area were like cut to ground and the area looked like a battlefield. In the middle of it was Timo.

Girls: Timo!

They landed beside him, but once they did, Timo didn't react at any way. He was just kneeling down, right next to his ice staff, eyes half shut and watching forward. His irises had turned back to blue.

Bubbles: What's wrong, Timo?

Blossom: (looks around) What happened here?

Buttercup: And why do you look like beaten up?

Timo didn't say anything.

Bubbles: Timo? Timo? (waves her hand in front of Timo) Timo, what's wrong?

Right then, he turned his head and looked at Bubbles, eyes still half shut. His mouth started to quiver and soon his eyes started to fill with tears. Blossom was also looking at him now.

Bubbles: Timo...?

All of a sudden, Timo hugged Bubbles and cried. Bubbles was confused.

Timo: (sobs) I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, girls. I didn't call you as I promised...

Buttercup: What happened here?

Timo didn't answer.

Blossom: Well, whatever happened here, it must have been terrible. Bubbles, take Timo home. He needs some rest to calm down.

Bubbles nodded and started to fly home, carrying Timo with her.

Buttercup: (looks around) What in the world happened here?


Later that day, Timo woke up at his bed. He saw, that the girls and the professor were gathered around him.

Professor: How are you feeling?

Timo: Fine, I guess.

Bubbles: Thank goodness. We were so worried about you.

Timo: ... ... I'm so sorry, girls.

Blossom: What happened out there?

Timo: ... It was the Rowdyruff Boys.

Girls: (wide eyed) WHAT??

Professor: (also wide eyed) WHAT?

Timo told the whole story.

Timo: ... and then the leader said he and his brothers would attack you at school. I don't know what happened after that. All I know is that I was so angry. I didn't care what I did. All I wanted was to destroy. Then there was an explosion. I was still okay, but the boys were gone. I remembered what I had felt before and it made me feel horrified. I don't know whether I destroyed the boys or not, but I didn't care about it. I guess that's when you girls came then.

Professor: You really don't remember what happened that one time?

Timo: No.

Buttercup: I can't believe the Rowdyruff Boys are back. I thought we had seen the last of those boys.

Blossom: And they sure beat you up, Timo.

Timo: I fought the best I could, but they were too fast.

Blossom: But if they had beaten you up, they should have had a perfect time to destroy you.

Timo: I guess something did happen when I was so angry. Otherwise I wouldn't be alive.

Bubbles: I'm just glad you're alive.

Professor: This is very serious. Now that the Rowdyruff Boys are back, you girls have to get stronger faster. (looks at Timo) Timo, you actually had every right to be scared. Even the girls couldn't get there fast enough to save you. You realized that and wanted to at least save the girls from been destroyed.

Buttercup: But now we know they're back, so we can now be prepared for them.

Blossom: But can we beat them again? They nearly destroyed us last time. If it wasn't for professor, we wouldn't be alive now. After the Rowdyruff Boys were destroyed, Townsville gained it's peace.

Bubbles: Lucky for us. We were so beaten and bruised back then.

Timo: Probably like I am now.

Professor: Yeah... kinda like you. I remember I had to take care of the girls for a whole week, before they could fight again.

Timo: Am I that badly beaten?

Professor: No. You just need some good rest and you'll be fine by tomorrow morning.

Bubbles: And it's okay, that you didn't call us. You just wanted to protect us.

Buttercup: Yeah. And you did fight the best you could.

Blossom: And crying isn't a mark of been weak. You were scared and horrified. It's understandable. Next time you meet the Rowdyruff Boys alone, call us and we'll be there.

Timo: ... Thank you, everyone.

Blossom: I do wonder what happened to the Rowdyruff Boys, though?

Buttercup: Does it really matter?

Blossom: Not really. I'm just curious. Timo did fight them alone and lived.

Buttercup: Yes, it is strange.

Timo: As I said, I don't fully remember what happened.

Professor: Okay. Well, I'll go and make dinner. It'll be done soon so go wash yourself, girls.

Girls: Okay.

Professor and the girls left the room. Bubbles didn't leave until she gave a small kiss to Timo's cheek. Timo smiled, but when Bubbles left, Timo's smile turned into worried one.

Timo: (thinking) Just what DID happen there? Why can't I remember?


Back at HIM's layer, HIM was sitting on the couch.

HIM: Well, this is interesting. At that time, I felt an energy that I have never felt before.

HIM looked to the right. There was a one big capsule there and the Rowdyruff Boys were in it. They all had small cuts in their faces.

HIM: That energy was even so strong, that it beat my boys. They're lucky I saved them before Timo destroyed them. Heal well, boys, 'cause you're gonna need it. (looks at his TV) I wonder if it even was Timo that time.

HIM turned on the TV. It showed Timo resting on his bed with worried expression.

HIM: Well, Timo. It seems you're more than you think you are. I'll find out what was that energy you unleashed today... AND USE IT TO MY ADVANTAGE!

HIM's laugh echoed throughout his layer.