An Evil Return

By: Timo Wikström


A Friday morning in the city of Townsville started as normally as anyone could have wished for. People were starting to wake up for a brand new day. Even in the Powerpuff Girls' house, the professor had woken up. He had woken up earlier than the girls and had already done his morning ritual. He opened the door to the girl's room and watched them a little while with smile.

Professor: Rise and shine, girls! A new day has started.

The girls opened up their eyes, sat up and yawned.

Buttercup: Oh man, can't you wake us up a little later, professor?

Professor: Now, Buttercup. It's Friday and you girls have school. Get dressed and come down to eat breakfast.

Bubbles: Is Timo up yet?

Professor: Not yet. I'm just about to go and check him. (leaves the room)

The girls started to get dressed.

Buttercup: Man, today Timo will be attending our school for the first time.

Bubbles: I bet he's so excited.

Blossom: I'm actually worried. Before he became a Rowdyruff Boy, he's been 19 years old, so he probably has already gone through the high school at least.

Buttercup: So what?

Blossom: How do you think he feels to start all over again? High school is something you don't pass easily.

Bubbles: Are you saying he's sad because he has to start the school from the beginning?

Blossom: No, not sad, but rather angry.

Bubbles: I don't think he feels angry. You heard what he said to me yesterday. He said with a happy smile that he'd come to our school today.

Blossom: (looks at Bubbles) That's what I'm worried about. After gone through the high school, can he adjust himself again to be like a kindergarten student?


The professor walked to Timo's room, which was on the other end of the hallway, knocked on the door and went inside of the room. Timo was still sleeping.

Professor: Rise and shine, Timo. It's time to prepare for school.

Timo yawned, sat up and looked at the professor.

Timo: It's already time for that?

Professor: Yes, Timo. (walks towards Timo) How does it feel to start school here, Timo?

Timo: It feels interesting, professor. After going school for 12 years, I thought I would already hate school and I did. But now everything has changed. This is going to be a whole new experience for me.

Professor: I don't blame you feeling that way. It must have been hard to get through those final tests at high school.

Timo: You don't have any idea how I suffered at high school.

Professor: But you don't feel sad or angry that you have to attend school from the beginning again?

Timo: Not actually, even though it does make me feel sad that I have to do everything again from scratch. Still, this is all new to me so I might as well start from the beginning.

Professor: (smiles) Glad to hear that, Timo. Now come on, the girls must be already having breakfast. (leaves the room)

Timo got dressed quickly, left his room and went to the kitchen. He saw the girls having their morning cereal.

Timo: Good morning, girls.

Girls: Good morning, Timo.

Buttercup: How did you sleep?

Timo: Fine, although I need to get used to everything new around here.

Blossom: How do you feel going to our school instead of your usual school, Timo?

Buttercup: (looks at Blossom) You had to ask that now?

Timo: It's okay, Buttercup. The professor already asked a similar question. (looks at Blossom) It is okay to me, Blossom. Since everything's new here to me, I wouldn't mind starting from the beginning, so you don't need to worry how I feel about it, Blossom.

Bubbles: That's great! I'm sure you'll like Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, Timo.

Timo: We shall see that... today.

Professor: (yells from another room) Time to go to school girls! Oh and Timo, I made you a backpack. It's at the same place where the girl's backpacks are!

Timo: Thanks, professor!

Blossom: Alright, let's go to school.

They all went and took their backpacks, that were next to the front door.

Girls and Timo: Bye, professor!

Professor: Bye, girls and Timo. Have a nice schoolday.

The girls and Timo went outside.

Professor: (with a little worried face) I hope Timo can adjust himself to the school his never attended to.


The girls and Timo were flying to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.

Blossom: (looks at Timo) You sure you're okay with this? I mean you haven't even got used to the whole situation yet, Timo. Are you sure it's okay to you to go to school with us?

Timo: (smiles at Blossom) I said it's okay, Blossom. There's nothing you need to worry. I'll be okay.

Bubbles: You're gonna love Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. And you must meet Ms. Keane, our teacher, and our friends too.

Timo: I'd be glad to, Bubbles.

Buttercup: And maybe you can play dodgeball with me and Mitch.

Timo: Mitch?

Buttercup: Mitch Mitchellson. He's a bully, but at least he knows how to play.

Timo: Okay, maybe I'll try that.

Blossom: Look, Timo. Here we are. Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.

They had arrived to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Children were going in and the school bell had just started to ring.

Buttercup: You ready, Timo?

Timo: As ready as I can be.

Blossom: Wait outside for a moment while we talk to Ms. Keane.

Timo: Okay.

They landed on the front door. Timo leaned to the wall, while the girls went inside. Timo's face turned into worried one.

Timo: (thinking) I wonder how everyone will react when they see me?

After some time, Ms. Keane came out and saw Timo.

Ms. Keane: Ah, so you're Timo?

Timo: Yes, Ms. Keane.

Ms. Keane: The girls explained everything to me. You don't have to be afraid to come in. So, come in. I'll introduce you to the others.

Timo: Okay.

Ms. Keane took Timo's hand and escorted her inside. Before going inside, though, Timo felt his heart was beating fast. He felt so nervous

Timo: (thinking) Calm down, Timo. Calm down.

Timo took a deep breath and went inside.

Ms. Keane: Class, we have a new student starting in our school today. Please welcome Timo.

Timo: (looks at the class, calmly) Hi, everybody. It's nice to meet you all.

Class (including the girls): Hi, Timo! Welcome to our school.

Ms. Keane: Now where could you sit down?

At the back, a familiar girl was smirking.

Princess: (thinking) Ooh. He's handsome. (saying) Ms. Keane? Here would be two places free.

Everyone looked at the Princess. The girls had an angry face.

Ms. Keane: Yes, that's true. Timo? Would you like to go and sit with Princess Morebucks?

The girls turned suddenly with a worried look on their faces.

Timo: (sees the girls' faces) Umm...

???: Ms. Keane? Here would be one place free.

It was Robin Schneider with Mike Believe.

Robin: Timo could come here if he wants to.

Ms. Keane: Well, it seems you have to choose Timo. With who do you want to sit with?

Princess started to smile and wink her eyes at Timo. No one else did nothing.

Timo: (thinking) What an easy choice. (saying) I want to sit with those two. (points at Robin and Mike)

Immediately the girls started to smile, unlike Princess, who was now steaming from anger.

Princess: (thinking) WHAT? How could he say no to me? Every boy loves me. ME!!

Ms. Keane: Okay, go and sit there, Timo.

Timo walked to the table where Robin and Mike sat and sat on the free chair there.

Ms. Keane: Okay, class. Let's begin.


Recess came faster then expected and everyone went outside. Timo flew next to the girls.

Timo: Umm, girls? I wanna ask you something.

Blossom: What is it?

Timo: That girl that wanted me to sit with her... is she THE Princess Morebucks? The one who wants to be a Powerpuff Girl?

Buttercup: The very one, Timo. I strongly suggest you stay away from her. Who knows what she would want from you.

Timo: Don't worry. I'll stay away from her. I've heard that she caused a lot of troubles to you girls.

Bubbles: Yes, she did.

Timo: You said that every villain is in jail. When did Princess come back?

Blossom: Princess hasn't been in jail during the peace. She had been in Europe all the time studying at a special school. I don't know where or what school. She came back yesterday evening.

Timo: At a special school? Did her father send her away for some reason?

Buttercup: Nah, she wanted to get out of here. I guess she couldn't stand anymore that we didn't accept her as a member of our team. I'm glad we never didn't. She was a pain in the butt.

Timo: Oh. Has she changed then?

Blossom: We don't know.

While Timo was talking to the girls, Princess was standing next to the fence.

Princess: (thinking  angrily)  Oh, I knew it. That boy likes to hang out with those Powerpuff Girls and not me, Princess Morebucks. Well, I'll fix that soon enough.


Everyone were now studying geography. Ms. Keane was giving each student a paper.

Ms. Keane: Alright, class. You have to choose a partner for each other and list at least ten states in USA.

Almost everyone chose their partners immediately. Timo couldn't decide a partner for himself. Princess saw this and grinned. She walked next to Timo.

Princess: Do you want to be my partner? I'm smart and I know at least ten states in USA.

Timo looked at the Princess and hesitated to answer. Bubbles saw this situation and flew close to Timo.

Bubbles: Timo, would you like to be my partner? We could work together on this assignment.

Princess: (angrily) Hey! I asked him first!

Bubbles: Yeah, so what? I don't have a partner.

Princess: (still angrily) Beat it, crybaby! He wants to be with me!

Timo: (with serious face) I haven't said anything, Princess. (stands up and looks at Bubbles with a smile) Sure, I'll be your partner, Bubbles.

Timo flew with Bubbles to another desk. Princess was steaming from anger. She returned to her desk, took a pen and looked at Timo and Bubbles. She saw how happily they looked at each other. It made her angrier than ever. She squeezed her pen so much, that it broke into her hands.

Princess: (thinking, very angrily) I'll teach that boy a lesson. A lesson he will never forget. I will make him pay.


The school ended sooner than expected. The girls and Timo were returning home now.

Blossom: Well, Timo? How did you like your first day in our school?

Timo: It was good. (looks at Bubbles) You were right, Bubbles. I sure liked to be in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.

Bubbles: I told you, didn't I?

Timo: And Ms. Keane is a wonderful teacher. Much better than those that have teached me before.

Buttercup: Why do you say that? Didn't you like the teachers?

Timo: (little sadly) Oh I liked some of them, but...

Timo couldn't finish his sentence.

Blossom: It's okay. You don't have to say anything.

They had arrived home. They went inside and saw the professor in the kitchen.

Girls: Hi, professor!

Professor: Hi, girls and Timo. How was your school today?

Blossom: It was good.

Buttercup: Yeah, unless you don't count that Princess is back in our school.

Professor: (little worried) Princess Morebucks is back? Did she cause any trouble to you?

Bubbles: No, actually she didn't.

Professor: Alright. That's good. (looks at Timo) What about you, Timo? Did you have a good day?

Timo: It was great. I could get used to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.

Professor: Good to hear that. Dinner will be ready in a moment so you still have some time to do whatever you want.

But then everyone heard noise from upstairs. It was the hotline. Blossom went to answer it.

Professor: (sighs) It seems  we're gonna have our dinner later.

Buttercup: Well, I'm up for a battle. How about you, Timo? This is your first fight for real.

Timo: I'm excited... too excited.

Blossom came down.

Blossom: Something's up at downtown. Come on, everybody! Let's roll!

Professor: Try to come back by dinner time.

The girls and Timo left and flew towards Townsville.

Timo: What did Mayor say?

Blossom: He only said that there's someone at downtown making a threat, nothing else.

Timo: What kind of threat?

Buttercup: Even I can answer that. Threat to destroy Townsville, as usual.

Timo: For what?

Blossom: I think we're about to find out.

The girls and Timo saw someone on a roof of a building. When they got closer, they couldn't believe what they saw.


Princess had the same battle armor she created the first time she had fought the Powerpuff Girls.

Princess: That's right, Powerpuff Girls.

Timo: I guess this means you haven't changed a bit during these six months.

Princess: Why would I want to change? I studied all kinds of fighting styles and some weaponry in Europe. My daddy paid all the expenses. Now I'm cabable to destroy you girls. (points at Timo) And you! You will pay for dumping me at school.

Timo: Dumping you? You live in a dream world, Princess.

Princess: (angrily) SHUT UP!! I'm gonna make you pay, boy. I'm gonna make you pay dearly.

Buttercup: Is that why you made a threat, Princess? Man, you're even more dumber than before.

Blossom: And you still have that same old battle suit. You've lost your touch.

Bubbles: Your just the same old brat with nothing new.

Princess: I don't think you three have listened to me...

Suddenly Princess shot two beams from her hands and one beam from her tiara. The beams hit the girls and they winced from pain.

Timo: Girls!

Buttercup: I can't move!

Bubbles: Me either!

Princess moved the girls closer to her. Timo watched in horror as the girls were still feeling pain from the beam.

Timo: Let them go, Princess!

Princess: Or what, boy? You will attack me? I would reconsider that if I were you.

Right then, Princess gave a small shock to the girls. The girls screamed and Timo's eyes went wide.

Timo: Girls!

Princess: (grins) That was one of the most impressive tricks that I learned in that school. Torturing people with little electrical shots.

Timo: (looks at Princess angrily) What do you want, Princess?

Princess: Simple. I want you to move into my mansion, promise me you will never be with anyone else than me and that you will sit next to me in school.

Timo: (almost in shock) You expect me to agree with those terms?

Princess: Yes. If you won't accept my terms...

Princess gave a small shock to Bubbles, who screamed so loud that it made Timo gasp.

Princess: ... I will destroy the girls in front of you one at a time, starting with Bubbles.

Timo: STOP! Don't hurt the girls or I'll kill you.

Princess: You can't do that without killing one of the girls in the process.

Timo: (starts to sweat, thinking) I can't risk the girls' lives.

Princess: I'll give you ten seconds and then I'll shock each girl one at a time, before you say 'yes'.

Timo: (sweats harder, thinking) Princess' terms are outrageous! I can't abandon the girls like this, but I don't want them to suffer like this either. What shall I do?

Bubbles opened her eyes weakly and looked at Timo. Timo saw this and looked back at Bubbles. He saw Bubbles' mouth moving slowly. But before Timo could understand anything, Princess gave another shock at Bubbles. Timo saw Bubbles crying from the pain.

Timo: Stop it already, Princess!

Princess: Say that you will accept my terms. Next will be Blossom's and Buttercup's turn to get shocked.

Timo: (thinking) She's crazy! But I cannot let the girls die because of me. (looks at the girls) I would never forgive myself. My job is to protect Townsville... and the girls at the same time... I don't have any choice.

Princess gave both Blossom and Buttercup a shock sooner than expected.

Princess: My patient is running out. Give your answer NOW!

Timo: (almost crying) Alright, alright! I accept your terms, just don't hurt the girls anymore.

Princess: (grins) I knew you would be reasonable. Come closer to me and I will release the girls.

Timo: You better hold that promise or I'll make you wish you were never borned.

Timo started to fly closer to the Princess. When closing in, Timo saw the girls' expressions. He knew what they were thinking, but he also knew that he was the only one that could save them.

Timo: (thinking) I'm sorry, girls. This seems to be the only way.

Timo was now close to the Princess.

Timo: I'm close enough. Let the girls go now!

Princess: (grins) As you wish.

Princess let go Blossom and Buttercup and they fell to the roof, but Bubbles was still effected by the beam.

Timo: Let Bubbles go too!

Princess: Not yet. First I want you to hit her in the face as hard as you can or else I'll destroy her.

Timo: (wide eyed, thinking) WHAT? She's truly insane! I could never hit Bubbles.

Timo looked at Bubbles and then back at the Princess. He noticed that the beam was coming from the tiara's jewel. Timo saw a chance.

Timo: (thinking) Well, since she didn't keep her promise and doesn't know me that well... (puts a hand behind his back and creates a small ice staff)

Princess: Well, what's it gonna be... Timo?

Timo: (looks at Princess very angrily) ... No

With that, Timo swung his ice staff at the Princess' tiara and it hit at the jewel. The beam stopped and Bubbles fell to the roof too. Princess realized this and she punched Timo in the stomach, sending him to the other side of the building's wall. Princess flew immediately at him and crabbed Timo by his shirt.

Princess: How stupid can you get? You could have lived with me. You could have been a rich boy and do whatever would have pleased you. Instead you choose to rather be destroyed.

Timo: (looks at the Princess) You don't get it, do you? There's no way I would live with a spoiled brat like you who doesn't even know how to be nice to other people or know how to make friends.

Princess looked angrily at Timo and was about to punch him, when she suddenly got hit by laser. Timo was released and he looked at the way the laser had come from and he saw the Powerpuff Girls floating in the air. The girls flew to Timo.

Blossom: You okay, Timo?

Timo: I'm okay. Where's Princess?

They all noticed the Princess at another building's wall fuming from anger.

Buttercup: What do you say, Blossom? Shall we finish this up?

Blossom: Sure, Buttercup. Bubbles, you ready?

Bubbles: Ready.

Princess was in rage. She gave a loud warcry and attacked  by flying full speed at the girls and Timo. Blossom used her ice breath on Princess and sealed her inside of a block of ice.

Blossom: Now, Bubbles!

Bubbles used her sonic scream and the ice cracked, freeing Princess at the process, only without her battle suit, which had torn up in pieces with the ice. Princess was falling to the ground until Timo catched her from the air, put her on another building's wall, created an ice staff and pushed it on Princess' throat. Princess was still in rage.

Timo: (very seriously) Listen to me, Princess. If you ever will do something like this again, I promise you I will hunt you down like a death sentenced criminal. (throws Princess in the air) She's all yours Buttercup.

Buttercup catched the Princess from the air by the neck.

Buttercup: (mockingly) You're going to jail now, your majesty. Let me transport you to the destination.

Buttercup started to fly at Townsville Jail.

Timo: Well, that was a rough fight to be my first one.

Blossom: But you handled it good. When Buttercup comes back, let's go home. We might still get there before dinner is ready.


The Powerpuff Girls and Timo really got home before dinner was ready. The professor was happy that the girls had survived the battle and he was astonished when he heard what Timo had done. They were eating their dinner now.

Professor: I must say, Timo, that for your first fight, you handled it pretty well.

Timo: I didn't do nothing, professor. Really, I didn't. I just wanted to save your girls. I couldn't stand watching someone been tortured like that.

Buttercup: Are you kidding us? Sure, it must have been hard for you to see us like that, but I think you handled the situation well.

Blossom: I agree, Timo. You handled it so well for your first battle.

Timo: (depressed) No, girls, I didn't handle anything good. You see, girls, I WAS ready to give up and accept Princess' terms, so that you would get free. She made a mistake, though by letting you two go and leave Bubbles. If she would have let go Bubbles instead of any of you two or let go all three of you, there wouldn't have been nothing, that I could have done.

Bubbles: It doesn't matter anymore, Timo. You saved us and you saved Townsville. that's what is important.

Blossom: That is so true.

Professor: Cheer up, Timo. You managed to do all that. And even if it wouldn't have happened, you still would have done the right thing.

Timo: I would have?

Professor: Yes, by doing what your heart and mind told you to do. you wanted to protect the girls by trading yourself to them.

Bubbles: Although I got scared when I heard that you accepted Princess' terms.

Blossom: Me too.

Buttercup: Me three.

Timo: And I would have sticked to those terms, if she wouldn't have broken her promise to let you girls go.

Professor: Don't think about the possibilities anymore, Timo. What's done is done and I think you did a good job on your first mission.

Timo: (looks at the professor) ... ... ... (looks at the table) Thank you, professor.

Blossom: Well, team. I think the new battle has begun. HIM and Princess are now back. It's only a matter of time, when will the rest of the villians return.

Timo: I hope not very soon.

Buttercup: I don't care how stronger they are, I will beat them all.

Bubbles: Oh, just like you beated Princess, Buttercup?

Buttercup: Shut up, Bubbles.

Everyone laughed except Buttercup.

Timo: With team work no one can beat us.

Blossom: Amen, Timo.

Professor: Well, girls and Timo. I guess it's time to watch some TV, don't you think?

Girls and Timo: YAY!


Night came and Townsville got quiet. At Townsville Jail, all lights were out. There was no one else, but a guard checking the cells one more time. Everything seemed to be alright in all the cells. There was just one cell left to check anymore. The guard checked it, but went almost immediately into shock. There was a hole on the floor inside the cell. When the guard ran from the cell, his flashlight showed a letter "M" on one of cell's walls.

Guard: Alert! Alert! A prisoner has escaped!!

Townsville Jail's lights went on immediately and somewhere in Townsville, an evil laughter could be heard.