When Pirjo told me she was going to mate Puuma (Saga's mother) with a Canadian male Regal, I became interested immediately. I knew that my old afghanlady Janis wouldn't be with me and Saga forever. It was time to get a little sister to Saga. Since I was so pleased with Saga's temperament, there were no doubts that my next dog would also be a whippet. And getting another pup from an interesting litter, felt like winning lottery TWICE!

As I feared, Janis moved to the rainbowbridge the next spring. But there was also good news at the end of the rainbow; Puuma's season had begun. I started to wait for my puppy with little butterflies in my tummy. Butterflies doubled, when ultrasound revealed that there was only one puppy growing inside Puuma. I hoped so much that it would be a girl?

On June the 1st Puuma gave birth to a little brindle whippetgirl. Two months more waiting and Savu-pup finally arrived home. From the first day, Saga and Savu have been like "peas and carrots". Savu is the happiest dog I have ever met. She just loves everybody and everything. "Mom's little Duracel-bunny", as I call her. ;)

Savu has shown very promising results in lure-coursing.

Thanks Pirjo, for letting me to have this "little" Sunshine! :)

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