After having two afghan hounds, I wanted to get "an easier breed". First I considered greyhound, but after a long search I didn't manage to find what I was looking for... friendly and open character with looks for showrings. Ok, I also had one silly wish... I wanted my next dog to be brindle. I don't know why, I just had "a feeling". I was also certain that it should be a sighthound, there was no doubt about it.

After reading many books and surfing through Internet, I became interested in whippets. I had also heard the saying "poor man's sighthound". ;) Next step was to find an interesting litter. This time I was at the right place at the right time. Finnish whippetbreeders had lots of litters during that time. I found the right one for me very fast. Puppies were already born and there were pictures in Softouch websites. And yes, there was also one brindle bitch available. Next day I went to see the puppies and fell in love the minute I stepped in. After few weeks little-Saga arrived home.

From the very first day Saga has delighted me with her most sweetest and loving personality. She is also the most cleverest dog I have ever owned and full of temperament. For example, Saga learned how to play dead only at 10 weeks of age. Nowdays she knows multiple tricks and is "like a man's thought".

Besides her amazing personality, Saga looks just the whippet I have always fancied. She is ultrafeminine, has lots of elegance and long curvy lines. Such a sweetie. In a nutshell, a dream come true.

Thank you Pirjo for letting me have this little sweetheart!

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