Allan Pepper, Canada
Lilian Hanniste, Estonia
Rudi Brandt, Denmark
Jean Lanning, UK (N)
Eva Ekstam, New Zealand
David Allan, Spain (S)

Zafra Sirik, Israel
Björg Foss, Norway
Anita Gielisse, Netherlands
Ray Lindholm, Sweden

Jean Lanning, UK (N)
Eva Ekstam, New Zealand
Kari Järvinen, Finland
Kresten Scheel, Denmark
Per Iversen, Norway
Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland
Unto Timonen, Finland (S)

Per Iversen, Norway
Eeva Resko, Finland
Robert Paust, USA
Paul Stanton, Sweden

Saga with her daughter Noona (Softouch Wildcat)


Top whippet bitch #4 in 2004 (shown 9 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #5 in 2005 (shown 14 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #2 in 2006 (shown 5 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #3 in 2007 (shown 11 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #10 in 2008 (shown 6 times in Finland)
Top whippet bitch #5 in 2009 (shown 5 times in Finland)



Best In Show Tammsvik 2005 Swedish Sighthound Club Specialty >> Read more!
Best In Show Finnish Whippet Club Open Show 2007 & 2008 (Whippet-Tapahtuma)
BIS-2 at Helsinki Sighthound Club's Specialty 2007
BOS Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 2004
BIS-young Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 2003
BIG-1 Kouvola All Breeds 2005
BIS-1 Puppy Eckerö All Breeds 2002


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Helsinki Int (Finnish Winner-08) 14.12.2008
Judge: Martha Heine, Germany

"7 years. Feminine in type. Correct in head, eyes and ears.
Typical neckline and topline. Well angulated. Correct in body propotions.
Correct tailset and deep brisket. Good mover."

(VAl) ERI/-

Stockholm int (HUND 2008) 6.12.2008
Judge: Unto Timonen, Finland (Woodbrook's)

"Kaunislinjainen narttu, jolla hyvät mittasuhteet. Kaunis pää ja ilme.
Kaunis niskan kaari. Hyvin täyttynyt etuosa. Kaunis runko.
Hyvä rinnan syvyys. Hyvä reiden leveys. Hyvä kinnerkulma.
Liikkuu hyvällä askelpituudella."

(VAL) 1. CK BT1 BOS CACIB -> new Int Ch!

Jyväskylä Int 23.11.2008
Judge: Ursula Langer, Germany

"6,5 years old bitch, blackbrindle on sand. Elegant appearance with
long neck. Excellent head. Very well angulated. Good topline.
Free & easy mover with parallel action."


Lahti 1.11.2008
Judge: Vanna Leathart, UK (Ringmore)

"Brindle bitch of nice size. Sufficient bone. Well placed shoulder.
Good depth & topline. Correctly made hindquarters.
Good profile movement, but a little wide in front."

(VAl) ERI/3

Seinäjoki Int 26.10.2008
Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland (Scheik's)

"Korkealuokkainen, kaunislinjainen narttu jolla ihana pää ja ilme.
Kaunis, pitkä kaula. Erinomainen runko. Kaunis ylälinja. Oikein kulmautuneet takaraajat. Liikkuu hieman leveästi edestä, muuten upeat, keveät liikkeet."


Whippet-Tapahtuma, Lempäälä 11.10.2008
Judge: Annette Stone, Sweden (Khalibadh)

"A very elegant bitch full of quality. Love her head and neck and front. Very good top- and underline. Very nice hindquarters.
Excellent mover. Well presented."


Swedish Sighthound Club Specialty, Lövudden 13.7.2008
Judge: Linda Jones, UK

"A very attractive silver brindle. Lovely size and type. Pretty head set on a long neck. Nice depth of brisket. Good forehand. Strong over the loin. Well angulated. Moved well around ring. A worthy champion."


World Dog Show, Stockholm 5.7.2008
Judge: Magnus Hagstedt, Sweden (Signum)

"Excellent type & style. So balanced all trough with excellent proportions. Excellent size to match! Sweet head. Sweepy topline. Stands firmly on her legs & feet. Sound free mover. 100 % whippet!"


Finnish Whippet Club Specialty 1.6.2008
Judge: Iva Kimmelman, USA (Merci Isle)

"Excellent breed character. Beautiful head & expression. Lovely shape. Perfect soundness coming & going. Flawless side gait."


Finnish Whippet Club Open Show 31.5.2008
Judge: Susanne Oschinski, Germany (Whipcat)

"Lovely, pretty, attractive bitch of good size. Pretty head and expression. Long elegant neck. Lovely shape. Well angulated front & behind.
Covers a lot of ground. Moves well from all sides with a lot of drive."

(VAL) 1 KP PN2 BIS-valio

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