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Stockholm International (HUND2008)
Judge: Unto Timonen (Woodbrook's whippets)

Saga really made our day!

She got her qualifying CACIB for the International Champion title
at the prestigious "Stora Stockholm" -show (now known as HUND2008)! Wow!

BOB Twyborn Smoke on the Water - BOS Saga

Thanks for these memorable pictures to Jörgen Oinonen and Antti Ruotsalo!

And special thanks for my travelling company Pirjo, Nilla & Fjalle, Jyyni & Bravo!

Only little in this sweet whippetgirl is her size -
wins rarely, but when she does she does it with big style from year to year ;)



Seinäjoki International
Breed & Group judge: Jarmo Vuorinen (Scheik's whippets)

Saga continues showing her best... today with BOB & Group 2nd! :)

BOB Saga & BOS Fanfare's Special Export

We are also very proud of Saga's son Fjalle (Softouch Wild Hawk),
who went 3rd Best Male with res-CC in his first official show at the age of 9 months!

Congratulations to Nilla & Fjalle!


And also huge congratulations to Fjalle's father Koda (Pipsqueak Kelju K Kojootti) who became Finnish Champion at the same show!




Long time since last update... Better late than never, right? ;)

I have been taking a break from dog activities after Jade sadly passed away.
But now we are ready to start again.


Yesterday we went to Finnish Whippet Club's Open Show (Whippet-Tapahtuma) at Lempäälä. Judge was swedish breeder Annette Stone (Khalibadh).
Saga showed her best and went all the way to
Best In Show from 117 entered whippets! Wow! =)

BIS Saga - BOS Ch Fanfare's Special Export

*  *  *  *  *

Saga's and Savu's kids have done great
both in shows and lure coursing during spring and summer...

Brothers Haiku (S. Montana Sky) and Joiku (S. Mohawk River)
gained their Finnish Champion titles

Olli (S. Fasterthanu) took part to his first lure coursing competition
and was 12th with CCQ

Loimu (S. Finders Keepers) became Canadian Lure Coursing Champion
and has also points from shows towards his Canadian Champion title

Papu (S. Follow The Sun) got his first CC in Ypäjä

Topaz (S. Wild Eagle) has started winning after winning in puppy classes in Norway

Also brother Fjalle (S. Wild Hawk) has several BOB-puppy wins and group placements in puppy shows here in Finland


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