19.1.2006 - 29.5.2008

The sweetest whippet in the world. I'll never forget you.

- Kirsi

Jade had Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), which was diagnosed in the end of February 2008. We couldn't find treatment that would have worked, so it was time to let Jade go.

Jade's SLE-diary / Jaden SLE-päiväkirja (pdf)
Sorry, only in Finnish

If you know someone who has a dog with this rare autoimmune disease and needs
someone to talk to, I'm always ready to share my story with Jade.
Please contact kirsi.helin1@pp.inet.fi

Links to SLE:


http://www.rr-oona.com/DLE/AI-SLE-fi.html (in Finnish)

http://www.rr-oona.com/DLE/AI-SLE-eng.html (in English)


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