Xleague is a Motif program for organizing soccer league data. Its features include scorerlists, matchlists, and a round report. xleague has its roots inmyleague and they save league data in similar binary files. This project is a byproduct of my attempts to learn programming with Motif. Currently basic features of myleague have been implemented and they should also work. Some minor features are still missing and crashes may occur. This initial release should be used only for testing. A more polished version may appear as the code becomes more stable.Motif version is 2.1 and I've build the project both with Open Motif and Metro Link's Motif Complete. It builds also with LesTiff but the comboboxes don't work. Xleague is free and it is licenced under GPL.

Here is source tarball,31kB, of xleague-0.5.1 Note that you need the development version of Motif to build the project, you can't do that with runtime libraries.

If you have no Motif here is a static build Linux binary,1.3MB for x86-machines. Files of this tarball have been tarred without any directory name component. Beware of overwriting when untarring.