These free console programs help you to organize your soccer league data. You simply insert results, goalscorers etc. Besides maintaining the leaguetable it allows you to create a text file containing all played matches, including scorer data. Another text file you can create contains goal scorers. Perhaps the handiest feature of the program is a possibility to create week documents; you can include, for example, results of the matches of the past week; an updated league table is added.
No spreadsheets or database programs are needed. Any ANSI C compiler should do, though besides of gcc, I have compiled the project only with Borland's BCC32.
Because of poor testing, versions prior to 1.0 should be considered as beta. Earlier versions are also scarcely commented and their fault tolerance remains to be improved. You should know that learning C has been a main motivation to write these programs. This means that for example, instead of using general list structures I've written every linked list separately "by hand". Some parts of the code (sort functions of tools.c) date back to the late summer 1999 when I had studied C just a couple of months. There has been no overall design for this project but features are added on features. This kind of programming leads inevitably into the problems already present in this project; too many global variables and multiple code.If I only had time, I would rewrite the project in Java.

Here is xleague, a Motif-based GUI-version of myleague.

Unfortunate events happened when I was preparing a new 0.9-version of myleague. Somebody messed up the project files and both tar and zip were bundled with wrong sources. I suspect my cat of being guilty. Inputting an incorrectly formatted date causes a segmentation fault when working with a binary built from the sources shipped with original myleague-0.9.tar.gz or Both of these packages include now right sources and they are available in this directory but you had better download packages of version 0.9.2.

Here you find the tarball, 26.5kB containing the project files of myleague-0.9.2 A better support for dates has been added in this version enabling matchlists sorted by match date. Unfortunately, because of the changed date format this version can't read league data files created by versions prior to 0.9. The tarball contains,however, a tool for converting old files 0.9-compatible and so you can start using version 0.9 in the middle of season.
Note that version 0.9 compels the user to enter a valid date for every match. If you don't need new date features of 0.9 here is a tarball, 22.7kB containing myleague-0.8.2. It is compatible with previous versions and includes bugfixes of 0.9.2
Here is a zip-archive,69kB of myleague-0.9.2 for Windows users.Since many of them has no acces to compiler I've included an executable built with Borland's bcc32. This Windows-version is totally untested. It is zipped with Infozip's zip (version 2.3).Contrary to the files of tarballs, the names of zipped files contain no directoryname component.Perhaps you had better create first a directory named 'myleague-0.9.2' and unzip there.