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Log cabins, 5kg trout, trout file and Inari lake log cabin

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Lake Nitsijärvi is located North-East of Lake Inari.

Distance from highway E4 from Kaamanen is 57 km.
Distance from Inari is 82 km.
Distance from the Norwegian border village Näätämö is 68km.
35 km from Sevettijärvi

Easy access by canoe or small boat to Lake Inari.

Good chances for fishing in summer or winter. Also hiking, picking berries, driving snow mobiles or just relaxing.

We have 3 cabins close to the highway and accessible by car.

One cabin is on the lakeshore of Lake Inari.
Access only by boat ( 34 km ) or by walking/skiing/snow mobile ( 15 km ).

You must pay 200€ at least one month before reservation of lake Inari cabin and rest
when asking keys etc.

There's now solar panel and you can charge youe equipments with 4 like this and one like this Finnish


Red spot is Nitsijärvi
Nitsijärvi in Lapland

Lake Inari is more than 1000 square kilmometres
Nitsijärvi and lake Inari

Nitsijärvi cabins are some 420 km north from Rovaniemi.
About some 120 km north from Ivalo.
About some 82 km north from Inari ( in Inari is the siida museum ).
From highway E4 you turn to right before village Kaamanen.
Road sign is suggesting you to turn to Sevettijärvi and to Norway..
Look map above. With red spots
From kaamanen about 57 km and you will see brown traffic sign or number 5710.

Nitsijärvi water depths now marked in Internet map.
Click here example

Maybe also in new paper map, very new, I haven't seen.

Finnish national land survey
has very practical maps and aerial maps
and also in English,
click and check here



When you come along E4 from south
you will see this blue roadsign.
After some 35 from Inari village
and 5 km before Kaamanen village.
Turn here right to Sevettijärvi direction and drive some 57 km.

You will see this:

When you see this brown sign
you are only some 100 meters away !
This brown sign is maybe missing in winter
because snowcar will destroy it.

Always will be by the road white address roadsign
5710 ( number of the house )




New foto's in Finnish page " valokuvat "


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