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Pentti Röppänen 2006 Kuusamo



Homepages – English : Education : Sea Captain , 1974 Rauma , Finland GMDSS / GOC General operator `s certificate 1995 Turku , Finland Certificate of competency in handling of Oil on tankers 1988 , Kotka , Finland Certificate of competency in the handling of chemicals in bulk of chemical tankers 1995 Kotka , Finland FA basic course with complies with European Red Cross standards 1988 Turku , Finland

Languages : Finland states official certificate of complefence Swedish language written and spoken , 1977 Tampere Universitet English language written and spoken certificate , Oulu Universitet , professor J. Cromer

History of the Röppänen Root- Arms : We started to design our Röppänen – root - arms , soon after that we made together genealogical studies with headpastor , teacher Mauno Röppänen in the year 2004 . Soon after that , we marked up , that it should to be at least now the time , to start planning heraldic icon for this old and respected root REPON , RÖPPÖIN , RÖPPÄIN , REPPIJEV , RÖPPÄNEN , RÖPPÖNEN .

In the ancient time rooth Röppänen have been lived mostly in the Ladoga Karelia distrect . Ancestry or “ clan “ Roppanen has affected powerfully to place of residence `s commercial life , agriculture , seafaring , business , industry , culture and especially religious life in the time of hundreds of years .

We planned together the root - arms Roppanen , with head pastor , teacher Mauno Röppänen , FM , church sosial worker , teacher Jukka Röppänen and licentiate`s wife , teacher Sinikka Jutila . Mrs. Eija af Cardemeister from Finland and Mr. Sergei Burkov from United Kingdom advised us also to the aristocratic and peasant root –arms .

Heraldic artist Harri Rantanen finally drow the arms Roppanen at Tampere in the year 2006 . Suomen Heraldinen Seura ( Finland`s Heraldic society ) is marked up to the heraldic register with number 1381 arm , of which owner is Pentti Aleksi Röppänen . In Helsinki , 23.10.2006 Suomen Heraldinen Seura . Chairman C.R. Register manager , Harri Rantanen . Hobbies : Fishing , picking of berries and mushrooming . Genealogy .