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Hello! My name is Pentti Honkanen. I and my family live in Finland, in the town of Porvoo, near Helsinki. After high school I spent some years in working life in an oil refinery but decided to get some practical education, so I went to a business school. My job is still in the same refinery, where I have got acquainted in over twenty years with many sides of maintenance. During last years keeping up the equipment files and substituting some people during vacations have been my primary duties.
Some perhaps wonder after finding out our location between the 60th and 70th latitude, is it cold there. We have snow from November /December to April. Temperature may be at it's lowest -35 C (seldom). Let the reader make conclusions. Summers are warm, anyway.
I think the living is quite easy here, The state covers (mostly) health care and education. (And demands taxation of about 40 %…). Most people have a mobile phone in the pocket, so contacting almost anyone is just behind a button push. Gasoline is expensive, about one euro (a bit over 1$) a liter.

Something about us: Karita, 16 is the youngest in the family. She goes to school for years. Jani 21, studies computers at a college and got his driver's licence recently and bought Ford Orion. My wife Kaarina, ? years. cooks and cleans et cetera, et cetera…at home. I am 54. We also have one older daughter, Heidi, 24, who lives elsewhere. Our house was built in 1986/7 and has six rooms and sauna, of course. The electric heating elements are in the roof.
Like all people we fight with varying success bills and occasional diseases and so on. I fight also fat but I try to to keep fit by walking daily and swimming in the winter. (see pictures) ) Avoiding the awful combination of going to the refrigerator and loafing on the sofa watching TV is essential, too (not many pictures available about it.)
On the other hand, we have many refreshing hobbies. My wife makes dry flower arrangements with such a success, that it is a little business, especially in the autumn. Net surfing in the reasonable amount is interesting and useful, too, when you need some information, not to speak of the practicality of the e-mail and e-bank and learning languages. We are Jehovah's witnesses, too. You can find information here. This page is a co-operation of Jani and me. (It means I do the writing and Jani takes care of most of the technical side.)

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Winter Swimming.
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Veterans' Stadium, Philadelphia 1978

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