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Please make yourself at home on these pages. It isn´t as if that was always possible at you own home, is it.

Our website is being continuously revised, but the main structure is taking shape. From now on, you may check from the shortcuts down on the first page on any new items having appeared since your last visit. Should you want just to roam about, you can cruise between our main hobbies; DOGS, PHOTOES, our summer paradise on SARFSALÖ Island and DETECTIVE STORIES. Something about ourselves and our family is to be found behind the topic MISCELANEOUS. Unfortunately all these matters tend to mix a bit, but that is how it is. Fact of life.

All photoes are shot by me – unless otherwise idicated – so, the copyright lies with us here in Krämertskog. The same goes for the texts, for which I am usually responsible. Dog issues, however, need my wife Tina’s blessing, since she is the formal owner of the kennel.

If I ever learn how to go about it, I shall put in a guest book, as well. Until then, please feel free to give any comments you consider adequate to our e-mail address

Helsinki, November 7, 2000

Ove Paul


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