Messari Maj second time Nordic Winner in Stockholm, December 2004. More show info soonest, these pages are being revised.

It really is no surprise to us that competition is tougher in Finland than in the rest of Europe. This was confirmed in Helsinki on December 7, 2002, when Maj was beaten by both her son Bagaren i SanRemo and Vuokkolan Vilhelmina. Congratulations to the 2002 Finnish Winners!

Maj has recovered from her summer pups. She took a flight to Paris and Le Bourget for the Euro Dog Show 9-11.11.2002 (http://www.kennelliitto.fi/uutiset20021110_1.htm).To our great joy she became Euro Winner 2002, Best bitch and BoB. Furthermore she got the last CACIB for an international championship. The Portugese judge especially liked her beautiful topline and colours. The victory was celebrated with good friends from Paris in a snail restaurant the following day. Maj took part in the feast (something unthinkable in Finland).

Maj is recovering from her summer litter and was BB in the Hyvinkää Special Show on 28.9.2002. BOB was the old fellow Fellow (Brenandi Starsearcher / Kati Wala)!

Maj's sister Cita (Hannula Renholms Black Carmencita) has again entered shows after a rather long paus. In the international show in Lahtis 28.4.2002 she was BOB and took her third CACIB.

Cita´s puppy Robi was BOB and received his third certificate and thus FIN CH in Lappeenranta in the beginning of April. Many happy returns to Liisa Äijälä, the new chief editor of the Finnish Manchester Terrier Club, who is doing a great job with her dog as well as with the club.

The first puppy to leave the home of Maj's second litter travelled all the way to Raahe. In January 2002 she entered her first international show which took place in Kajaani. Safira (Hannula Renholms Skärgårdsfrun) immediately took her first certificate and BOB. Her homefolk, Eero Ylitalo and Sarita Junnonaho, announced that they had just wanted to give her some experience from a big show and that the result exceeded the expectations by far. Congratulations!

We have held that Maj is not too keen on shows, but in the summer 2001 (after her 2. litter) she suddenly flourished and rapidly brought home the following bacons: Nordic, Finnish and Swedish Winner and BOB five times in a row, beaten only once, by her own son Buddy (Bagaren i San Remo), later on also FIN CH. The results also mean that Maj was clearly the best Show dog of the year 2001 in her breed.

Maj has been handled by Kirsi Hiltunen (Hilmanter's), Jade Erkko our "dog-girl) since many years) and by Tina. We know we have to thank Kirsi for the turning point in Tuusula in July.

Also Maj's son from home, Fänrik Rosenström got his certificate at the Terrier Show in Puistola.

Doing nicely are, as well, Sepe (Min Älskling) from Maj's second litter, BOB-puppy in Espoo and Porvoo and Honorary Prize in Helsinki.

Cita's puppy Dana (Greta Garbo) is photographed in the Finnish dog magazine "Koiramme". No. 11/2000. She did excellently in the Helsinki Shows, BOB-puppy 2000 and second in bitches after Maj this year. Out of Cita's other puppies both Robi (Gerswin) and Rekku (Gregorius) have managed well in shows.

Fänrik (Ensign) Rosenström, Maj's puppy from her first litter, surprised all and everyone by becoming Swedish Winner in Stockholm Dog Show 2000. So far his best achievements had been in consuming the most surprising items back home. Cita took a Swedish Certificate in the same event. The following year Ensign Rosenström did not manage quite as well, forgetting to salute correctly with his ears..

We also note from the December 2001 Manssi-magazine, that other puppies of Maj have come out fine in shows, as well. Kustu (Gustav Blom) and Bagarn in San Remo (mentioned above) have toured in Finland and brought home certificates and BoB prizes. Remembering the birth of these fellows, one has to admire their vitality.Or should we call it "sisu"?



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