Puppynews - updated 17.5.2009 (picture 25.6.2006)

From last litters, Ruusa (Hannula Renholms Rosemarie), now mother herself, owner Päivi Teurokoski (b. Lehtinen).

Two litters for our kennel this spring:








2.5.2009 Morning sun for Nemi and her pups: http://picasaweb.google.fi/paulgustaf/Valpmorgon#

1.5.2009 Nemi had three fine girls in the early morning, 220-235 gr/each. Here one more look: http://picasaweb.google.fi/paulgustaf/BlasipporOchValpar#.

Here Vidalita's pups

10.4.2009 This night her pups are one week old. Click for having them weighed: http://picasaweb.google.fi/paulgustaf/PennutVaakalaudalla#

4.4.2009 Early morning brings three dogs and one bitch to Vidalita, all in very good shape and feeding well. Have a look att the first pits: (http://picasaweb.google.com/zetapotat/VidalitaKullII#).

Contact here for reservations:

Kristina Paul, mobile +358 40 5511583 (Ove Paul +358 400 967686), Krämertintie 3, 00620 Helsinki, tel/fax +358 9-799714, e-mail: ove.paul@pp.inet.fi

1.3.2009. Hannula Renholms Nocturn (Nemi) and Liisa Äijälä's Hubert vom Trajan (Hubi) have been mated.

4.2.2009. Hannula Renholms Vidalita and Sven-Bertil were mated in February (2. ja 3.2.2009)

19.2.2008. Hannula Renholms Vidalita and Hannula Renholms Sven-Bertil (Pete) had 5 pups, out of which two bitches went abroad, one to Germany Manchester Terrier Niedersachsen and the other to Sweden www.dolcecascada.com. Both have already managed well in international shows.

Slideshow Rosemarie's Babies: http://picasaweb.google.com/zetapotat


Cidas had 3 girl pups on May 13th 2006, of which we kept Vidalita. Here you can have a look at them

Cida (Hannula Renholms Fragancia) is one certificate from championship. She is owned by our new kennel partner Päivi Lehtimem from Sipoo. Cida is Maj's (Hannula Renholms Maj på Malö) daughter daughter, and the mother's name is Papu (Hannula Renholms Flickan i Peru).

Sire was Max (Bonwild Arctic Soulmate (Bob-, CC- and Res-Cc winner, Bm-2), owner Irina Rytkönen, Porvoo.

Both dogs' (Cida och Max) eyes have been examined wtih faultless results.

Owner: Irina Rytkönen, Borgå


Meantime, we continue to welcome wishes and suggestions for our planning of the future. Breeding in a family surrounding is a long-term task, especially for puppies going abroad. It is essential that every litter is welcome to this world and well prepared for, wherever it will settle. It is equally important that the special qualities of a breed are developed in a correct direction and that the puppies get responsible owners.

Inquiries by e-mail or phone as follows:

There is also a new website on one of the pups to look at!


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