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Our latest: "Own Name in the Book"

The title refers to a popular Hide and Seek game children used ty play in th 40:ies and 50:ies. It is still known in many places.

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Pilot-kustannus Oy - Eget namn i boken

Kristina & Ove Paul

The following text in ancient Swedish can barely be read on the surface of a large stone block on Sarfsalö Island in the south-eastern archipelago of Finland: "Here a Swain and a Maiden have murdered each other"

- Graffiti from the past?

”In today's world unhappy endings in fairy tales are forbidden. Unhappy endings only belong to the real world.” So says Sonja Palander who has had a happy childhood in the summerdays of Simminge Island. But the game turns serious and the end of Sonja becomes part of real life.

The one before that: "Water is a fatal poison"

The text on the coverback:

"In the county of Eastern Nyland peculiar things happen. Alfred Kraemert, popularly named, the Simminge Squire", dies, all too conveniently for this not to be murder, in the opinion of Anna and Olle Rönnqvist. And, in the small town of Lovisa a beloved vicar is shot right on the doorsteps to his church. Anna and Olle suspect connections between the two deaths somewhere, if not in Lovisa, at least on th Simminge Island, the popular summer resort. It is up to DC Ottosson, recently back from duties in the Baltic Task Force, to solve the cases, the first of which has caught the curiosity of even CNN. His thorough methods, but also his newly established relations eastwards, do gradually result."

When did you last read a


That was the esssence of what we asked in the förord to our first three books.

Today, admittedly the situation has changed.

But, our activity as mystery writers started in the eighties. Detective stories written by the Swedish authors Maria Lang, Stieg & Ulla Trenter, Bo Baldersson etc. had through the decades become increasingly popular in Finland, but our own publishing companies did not join the trend, at least not those publishing for the Swedish-speaking population of Finland. There was one clear exception: In the fifties, an author who earned his keep as an official in the Finnish Foreign Office and used the pen-name Peter Winge, wrote and got published four books in the classic puzzle story genre.

A fact is that from 8 books in all in the 50-ies, the amount of mystery novels written and published in Swedish in Finland declined to 4 in the 60-ies and 2 in the 70-ies! In the 80-ies the number was up by 1 to 3.

So, if you were aged, say 30-50, and wished to read detective stories from your own surroundings, you had to write them yourself! My wife and I loved to read stories from Stockholm or minor towns in Sweden, but what we yearned for was something from Finland, featuring people like ourselves. We both had our roots in a geographic area inhabited by a majority, or a substantial amount, of Swedish-speaking people with often a slightly separate culture from that of the Finnish, and there were years in row when nothing appeared. It was quite possible to find good crime novels by Finnish authors in Finnish, even translated to Swedish, but that was still not what we looke for.

Consequently, we started writing ourselves and, et first, just for ourselves. But more or less by accident, friends and colleagues got hold of the manuscripts, and we had to have them copied as A4:s. Publishing companies were mildly interested, detective stories were not looked upon as proper fiction.

At the time of our retiring from our jobs, Tina as a nursing teacher and I as a banker, printing techniques had advanced and Print on demand was offered as a means for minor editions in digital printing. We have now written five novels, the first four published by ourselves and the fifth by a publishing company, Pilot-kustannus Oy. Reception has been good and the books have been reviewed positively by relevant medias in the Swedish-speaking Finland, even by some from the Finnish language world. All our books have been sold in major book shops in Helsinki and Swedish-speaking Finland, and are kept by public libraries. They have also been adopted as talk books by Celia, the library for people with visual defect.

Our books have not been translated to any other language - translation to Finnish is being considere right now for our latest book. From this website you can find short resumés in English of each of them.


With mystery greetings

Ove & Kristina Paul

Our first: "And the Bird Song Ceased..."

"A highly disliked person is found murdered in his car outside the Central University Hospital of Helsinki. Potential mudererers there are plenty. But, they all seem to be quite too ordinary and decent people, who don't fit in the picture. With endless patience and the use of his head the young country policeman Birger Ottosson manages to sort out the culprit. But it is questionable whether this would have happened without the aid of Anna och Olle Rönnqvist and their curiosity and psykological approach. Their assistance was unasked for but crucial, and their adventures turned life upside down, at least that summer. To the extent that the bird song occasionally ceased for Anna."

Då tystnade fågelsången 266 s.

Our second: " The Cow War"

One of Simminge Island's leading farmers, Big Farm Calle, is found dead by his wife in the barn. The police believes the death to be accidential and rumour has it that he has been kicked by one of his own cows. But this was incredible. It was common knowledge that his beef cows hardly managed to lift their legs more than an inch, and Calle was hit in his head.

Kuddkriget 230 s.

Our third: "Murder in Mash"

Ampi-Stop helps against all insects…

-Is it dangerous for people?

The assistant in the small seed shop pointed at the poison warning on the wrapping. - This means that eating it is very dangerous. I must be kept out of reach for children... The wasps are given their own medicin, so to speak. But it is decomposed very quickly. We care about ecology in the garden business.

- It is fine that poisonous stuff like this doesn't affect those it shouldn't, the woman said seriously. This seems suitable for its purpose.

PSED, the private Nursing School for Swedish speaking students were facing difficulties. The amount of pupils was declining. Their product, the nurses, were not in demand and management needed solutions at any cost. Even at the cost of somebody's life.

Mord i mäsk 224 s.

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