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Action - or not

Black & Tan

Please let it fall Why donīt you obey? You think you have a chance?
  Wanna be served on a plate? Come and get it!

  Hey - who turned off the light?

  This is mine!

Colour 10

Black & White 10

Black & Tan 10



Well, well, what do you know?

I wonder...

...must have a closer look! Yes, i fits all right.

Well, if it is good enough for my brother...

You got something! I can tell.

Why canīt girls be on time..

The cheek of it!

Do I know you from somewhere?

She thinks she can push me with that rope.

Letīs find a place to lie down!

This is paradise!

Well, it is our magazine after all.

I love these sauna evenings. Oh no. Not another litter! A coffee break would do fine...

Black & Tan 10