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Orvokki, Marketta, Ulpukka and the rest of the family

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Orvokki (Violet) is an apricot miniature poodle from Yellowmellow-kennel (Espoo, Finland). She was born in 2001. She is an international champion as well as Finnish, Latvian and Estonian champion. In addition to that she has  brought up six puppies in 2005.

Marketta (Daisy) is a toy poodle, who became a family member two years after Orvokki. She is Finnish and Latvian champion. She had her first puppies in January 2007 and the second set of poodles was delivered in June 2009. 

Ulpukka (Water lily) was born in spring 2008. She is also an apricot miniature poodle. Her mother is Elsa, daughter of Orvokki.

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