Surface technique



Let’s take closer look to salmon fly-fishing by using surface technique.


This is a technique where you use normal wet fly or tube fly as you use them in normal salmon fishing except we do it with floating line plus maybe the casting style and the way to float the fly.


The purpose is make the fly float on surface so that it makes visible track or wake to the water surface. To make this easier I grease the wings of the fly. The cast itself is made upstream or at least at right angle towards the stream and pulling line in so that the fly makes the wake. Pulling in the line has to make so that it is not straightforward but on the contrary changing the rhythm of pulling so it makes the float irresistible for the salmon. Usually with short line I use rod to make the movement of the fly and with long line both line and rod.


Now you probably ask yourself why to use this kind of technique. The reason for that is I have noticed especially with salmon the moment when salmon catches the fly is right after the fly has made its float or when we a starting a new cast. Both times when the fly is near the surface.


Even old fisherman from river Vuoksi in eastern Finland had noticed that track making ”Nirha” lure is better mostly when fishes are not so willing to eat our lure. Why not this wouldn’t work with the fly....

Here is my advises in short terms


1.     Use floating line

2.     Rather choose long tippet than short

3.     Grease the wing of the fly or why not the whole fly

4.     Make the cast little bit upstream

5.     Fish the fishing pool or area very closely

6.     Float the fly with variable speeds

7.     Don’t get frightened when fish strikes                                                Tips Explained

8.     Don’t do too powerful countermove when fish strikes

9.     Let the fish decide the rhythm of tiring it out

10.  Keep your rod up during the time you exhaust out the fish


Everything that is said about salmon dry fly fishing is valid with this technique. These basic steps leads you pretty good, but every fisherman has it’s own point of view in techniques. I believe this is something, which is worth of trying when fishing salmon.


Something about the gear I use myself. It is Lee Wolff’s Triangle Taper Salmon/Spey line with 80’ cone with Ken Sawada running line. It gives good floating and enjoyable casting with 16’ Thomas & Thomas rod.