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                               Pompero                                                                             Silver & Black                          Click   photo



Hi! Fellow

Here my favourite Salmon catch dry fly.

Its name is Pompero.

Pompero is best dry fly for Salmon

what  I  know, 26 year from experience.

Use them steelhead ,trout, rainbow and grayling catching.

Like this I dressing its.


Hook :    Partridge Single Wilson   4-10 or  CS 42   4-8

Thread : white

Tail :      white calf tail.

Body :    grey Polypropylene, fat Havana cigar in the form of

Hackle :  palmered  Blue Dun cock

Wing :   white calf tail ,forward ground fan                                       

 Head :    white  thread


My wet fly favourite  catch Salmon is very good too trout


Silver & Black   



Hook : all sizes  Salmon hook

Threat: black

Tag :  round silver tinsel and fluorescent orange floss.

Tail :  Golden pheasant  topping

Butt :  black ostrich

Body :  beneath flat silver, on top of  round flashabou

Rib :    black wool yarn

Hackle : natural black  cock

Wings :  Black goat

Head : black


Tight line.


Wish : Heikki Anttonen

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