Fishing salmon with dry fly is little bit different than trout dry fly fishing. That is why I have made a list of things to keep in mind when starting to fish salmon with a dry fly. This list is not perfect and complete, but to hopefully helps to make your fishing trip more pleasant.


1.     make the pool or fishing area familiar to yourself

2.     look for the best places the fish to stay or rest in water

3.     make minimum disturbance, donít let the fish know you are there

4.     Pick your fishing spot ideal concerning the sunlight

5.     pick your fishing spot high enough

6.     try to cast as well aimed as you can

7.     rather fish the fishes you can see in water

8.     let the fly float freely

9.     make your cast so the fly goes direct above the fish

10.  if you loose sight to the fly, make a new cast

11.  make enough casts to the same fish

12.  after you spot a fish, change the colour and size of the fly

13.  when fish rises to the fly, donít rush and panic

14.  to caught the fish in hook lift your rod up 

15.  let the fish decide for rhythm of tireing it out in first seconds

16.  keep your rod up during tireing the fish out

17.  donít let the fish rest

18.  check the place where your are going to offshore or pick up the fish

19.  tire the fish out properly

20.  knock the fish out and drain the blood out in first things you do                                                    Tips Explained

21.  always use polarised glasses

With these advises you get started with dry fly salmon fishing and hopefully reach the point 20. More you fish , more to learn and donít give up, the big one will rise...

If these points arises questions, I will explain them little bit more if you want.