Morrgan's Dark Projects

My 7th FM, Rodamill, is the second part of a three-mission series called The Greyfeather Gems. Garrett has hitched a ride with the Mechanists and now finds himself in the ruined mining town of Rodamill.

Date of release
August 21st, 2005


The Greyfeather Gems
Part II: Rodamill

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"Mr. Garrett,
It comes to my humble ears that you are a man who gets things done, and done with discretion. I hope this letter finds you in fine health and ample spare time, for I have much coin with which to buy it.

Permit me a certain amount of exposition, before I introduce my purpose. I am Lord Greyfeather II, a name of which no doubt you are familiar. One of my family's richest assets were the Greyfeather mines of Rodamill, which were buried in an earthquake some years back. The quake also buried our family manor: and with it, my brother and some of his most interesting and valuable collections.

The Order of the Gear are purchasing the deeds to the mines from me, and have already begun excavating the town of Rodamill. Their excavations will uncover many heirlooms which I would rather keep in the family, and which the Mechanists would be - shall we say - reluctant to part with. To disclose the existence of such artifacts to them by way of asking for their return would raise eyebrows and uncomfortable questions.

Hence my discretion in hiring you, Mr. Garrett. To come to the point: I would pay you well to follow the Mechanists to the excavation and retrieve my family's finest collection, the Greyfeather gems, from under their very noses. You would be welcome to anything else you find among my family's ample fortunes; along with whatever fee you deem suitable for your services.

The task I present to you should prove little trouble to a capable man. I am eagerly awaiting your reply, Mr. Garrett.

With Regard,
Jacob Greyfeather, Fifth Lord of Rodamill"


The images are 800x600.