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The Saint of Redmound is my first attempt at level editing. Well, that is if I don't count the other two versions that were lost because I had an evil computer that hated me. Both were nearly finished too. This, by the way, is the main reason why making Redmound took so damn long.

Date of release
April 16th, 2001


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The Saint of Redmound

Play Information


"I've been hired by an eccentric but wealthy man called Ranfield to retrieve something for him. The object in question is a holy relic, the skull of St. Lambert. The man claims to be a distant relative of St. Lambert and would like to place the skull in his family tomb. Personally I don't care if this is true or not, just as long as he pays well.

According to Ranfield, the skull is kept in the reliquary of a hammerite monastery called Redmound. The monastery is situated to the west, in the outskirts of the City. Getting inside might prove to be difficult since the gates are guarded day and night. However, a few years back the Hammers bought a warehouse close to the monastery. The best way inside is probably through this warehouse, as there should be a passage connecting these two buildings."


The images are 600x450. More screens can be found at The Keep of Metal and Gold.