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Yes, I decided to inflict my opinions upon the world. Reviews are basically opinions, after all. I'll try to be nice and fair though, don't worry.

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The Cell Next Door (7)
A fun little mission, offering more enjoyment than you might expect from such a small download.

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Mission Name Author Mission Type Game Score Mission Size
Bloodstone Prison Kung Fu Gecko (Garett Choy) Undead T1 9 Medium
Burglary in Blackbrook John D. Hammerites / Undead T1 5.5 Medium
Mr Chuz Azrarhn Human Castle / Weirdness T1 5 Medium
Tears of Blood Sperry Jailbreak / Hammerites T1 8 Medium
Ack! There's a Zombie in the Basement Polygon Mansion T2 7.5 Tiny
All Torc R Soul (Robin Collier) Humans. The series contains both a city mission and a mansion. T2 8 Campaign
The Cell Next Door Frank Mitchell Hammerites / Jailbreak T2 7 Tiny
The Darkness Falls: The Royal Garmyth Hidden In Shadows (Janne Kahkonen) Humans / City T2 7 Small
Hedgerows & Hammerites Gumdrop (Tim Murray) Contest 2 Mission - Hammerites / Undead T2 6.5 Tiny
Hidden Agenda AsyluM (Mark Smith) Mechanist / Exploration / Discovery T2 9 Huge
Hightowne Museum Spitter Contest 2 Mission - Museum Heist / Humans T2 7.5 Tiny
Relic - Left For Dead Schwaa (J. Knez) Discovery / Exploration T2 8.5 Large
Saturio Returns Home Robin G. Mansion T2 8.5 Medium
Sir Lector Comes to Dine William the Taffer Contest 2 Mission - Human T2 5 Tiny
Unfinished Business SlyFoxx Human / City T2 7 Medium

My Rating System

To clear possible doubts that I just make up the scores randomly, I'll explain the method I use. Feel free to skip this if you trust me and scroll down a bit for the actual reviews.

The rating system is pretty simple. The main aspects of a mission (architecture/terrain, atmosphere, story and gameplay) are rated on a scale from 0 to 10. I have some minimum requirements that I think are needed for a fair mission. I won't bore you by going into details, but in general terms they're the basics I feel every mission should get right. If the mission meets my requirements, it gets the average score 5. If I think the mission lacks something essential, it gets less. How much less depends on how much I think is missing. If I find the mission surpasses my minimum requirements, it gets more than 5. Fair enough?

Once the main aspects of the mission have been rated, I may give bonuses or penalties, if I feel the mission is something other than the sum of its parts. The extra points are added to or subtracted from the sum of the main ratings, which is then averaged, giving the final score.

However, a mathematical score is quite useless on its own. Every mission has its strengths and weaknesses, and to find out what these are you should read the review. I review missions I like, so if a mission is found here it must have something that makes it worth playing, regardless of the number it gets. Also, different players emphasize different aspects. The review gives a better idea of what to expect than the final score alone.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have comments or questions regarding the reviews.