Morrgan's Dark Projects

"I was put on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things.
Right now I'm so far behind I will never die."

As always, the quote seems so fitting.


Updated: 07.10.2008

Well, I finished my MSc degree this summer, finally. \o/

Whether I'll now have a chance to finish Serious Business remains to be seen. First I have to get through all this travelling I have been doing lately and get over some computer woes (yes, my harddrive died, AGAIN). The fate of TGG part 3 is even more uncertain than before, but perhaps I will be able to finish it eventually. Possibly. Maybe.

The Greyfeather Gems

The second part of the series has now been released. However, due to the reason stated above, it may be a while before I continue work on the third part. Also, I want to release the mission described below first.

Serious Business

I have a little something I work on when I feel like it. It started out as way to avoid work on TGG part 2 (as did so many other FMs of mine), but looks like it'll end up as a release-worthy medium-sized city mission.

Terrain, sound, scripting and AI placement is as good as done, but some new textures and other graphics are still needed before testing.


The images are 800x600.