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Here I am again! For once I actually have a good reason for the lack of updates, but let's just get on with the news.

Remember that little mission I've mentioned once or twice, which I couldn't resist naming Serious Business? It's become much bigger than I initially intended and looks like it'll be finished sometime this year. Here's a few screenshots to show how the mission is coming along.


After a long break from all things Thief, sorely needed after finishing TGG part 2, I have started playing FMs again. Unfinished Business by SlyFoxx was a fun one I decided to review. Thanks to Vigil for making sure the text is readable.


Well well, at times I thought this day would never come. After almost 5 years in production, The Greyfeather Gems part II: Rodamill is finished and ready for public release. A page with the introduction and other info has been added to the site.

You can download from I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I will enjoy this glass of wine I shall now relax with.

I'd like to thank quite a few people for all their much appreciated help.


Another review has been added. Sir Lector Comes to Dine by William the Taffer is another older mission, created for the 2nd FM contest in 2001. It's short and easy, but the suspense is lovely. Thanks to Vigil for proofreading the text.


I've been lucky with finding good FMs lately. This time I played one of the oldies for Thief 1: Tears of Blood by Sperry. This mission definitely belongs among the better ones. I had almost forgotten how immersive and atmospheric Thief 1 FMs can be. A review has been added, and Vigil was again kind enough to check my English.

I've been busy with a mission of my own too, namely The Greyfeather Gems part 2. Or perhaps it would be more correct to say other people have been busy with it. The mission's in beta and is being tested to bits. Shouldn't be too long now before a public release!


I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fun I had playing a mission pack called All Torc by R Soul. This one's great, I suggest you give it a try. If you want to know why I think it's so good, read my review. Again, thanks to Vigil for reading through my text and pointing out the most embarrassing mistakes.

In other news, Into the Maelstrom has been added to and can now be downloaded there as well. As you may recall, this is a contest mission by Vigil and I, made for Komag's 5th FM contest.


I've been playing some FMs again and found one I'd like to recommend: Ack! There's a Zombie in the Basement by Polygon. I just love that title. It's a short mission, but it's fun and pretty, so try it.

Oh yeah, here's a link to the review. As usual, a thankyou goes to Vigil for making sure my English is readable.


The first update of the year. Mmm.

I did a bit of digging around the harddrive and found a review I wrote a year ago but apparently forgot to publish. How odd. Oh well, better late than never. The review for Relic - Left For Dead by Schwaa has been added. If you haven't played this mission before, do it now. If you have played it before, play it again, it's worth it. Thanks goes to my special someone, Vigil (no need to be shy about names now that we're married and all, eh?), for making sure the text reads well and the screenies look good.

But wait, there's more. As someone kindly pointed out, the so-called latest info on The Greyfeather Gems Part 2 hasn't been updated for over a year. Well, that's been fixed now. Enjoy this fresh piece of news. There's even some screenshots.

My, I just realised this site has been up for over 4 years. Time does go quickly indeed.


Ooh, ooh! There's some news!

Though it's not my news. Vigil has released his lovely textures and models to the Dromeding public. If you haven't been to his site yet, go there now. You won't regret it.

The Well-Equipped Thief


Um, hi. Here I am, a "week" later. To distract you from the fact that the "week" turned into over a month, I bring gifts! In the shape of a webpage for Into the Maelstrom.

But before you click the link, allow me to perform a happy-dance. The reason? Into the Maelstrom won Komag's 5th FM Contest! A big thank you to all the voters, this was a great surprise. Congrats to all the other authors who took part in the contest for creating a fine set of missions, I enjoyed playing them!


There, you can click the link now.


The truth has been revealed. Vigil and I are the mad geniuses behind the Contest 5 entry Into the Maelstrom!

Well ok, just "mad" is more correct. Mad enough to build not one, but two ships with that thing called Dromed. If you still doubt my insanity, I can say that one of the ships was built at a 22.5 degree angle. Hah! (Those of you who are familiar with Dromed know what this means. I'm sure you can also imagine the long, horrible hours I spent trying to get the room brushing to work.)

Yup, mad indeed.

I'll put up a page for the mission this week, but until then you can find a link to download it on the Contest 5 page at the Keep of Metal and Gold.

By the way, I've updated the link of the... well, whatever, really. It certainly isn't month, much less week or day. Anyways, there's a new one. Just so you know.


Psst! You! Yes, you! Come over here for a moment, I've got something to tell you...

Have you heard that Komag's 5th FM Contest is on? Yup, a whole 19 missions to play and vote for! Just click away to The Keep of Metal and Gold for all the details.

Hmm? Why I'm telling you all this? Come on, surely you can guess. Now off you go to download those missions!


My latest review is of a mission that was released almost two years ago: The Darkness Falls: The Royal Garmyth by Hidden In Shadows. Both the title and the story hint that this was meant as the first part of a series, but sadly a sequel has not (yet) been released. My special someone's help with the writing is much appreciated, as always.

And now on to the important news. Today is my special someone's birthday! I hope you enjoy the cake. ;)


I'd say it's time for the first review for the year. This time I present my opinions on the Thief Gold FM Mr Chuz by Azrarhn. It's a strange little mission, but strange in a good way. Read away! Once again, I wish to express my gratitude to my special someone for his help.


Happy New Year, people.

I spent the Christmas holidays at my parents' place, as I've always done, but this time was a little different from the others. I had an Idea for a mission. This Idea couldn't wait and so I wasted most of the holidays working on my parents' very, very old computer that can run only Thief 1 bearably. This is why my 5th FM, Returning a Favor, is in fact for Thief: The Dark Project/Gold.

I figure there must be at least three people who still have Thief 1 installed, so I may as well release it to the public for the gaming pleasure of these three. As a very brief description of the FM, I can say that I returned to my old favorites, the Hammerites, and made a little murder story for Garrett to solve. As usual, there is a new page for the FM with more information and a download link.

Finally, I want to thank Vigil and Rustibus for all their help. Thanks to epithumia as well, for hosting the mission at


The code! It's... It's getting smaller! *gasp*

As if you'd really notice, or more correctly, care. Still, it is. I've learned A Few New Things About HTML and CSS and have put them to use on the site. I know there still are painfully boring and time-consuming things I could do to perfect the code and that too may happen one day. Though because they are painfully boring and time-consuming things, that day is still far away in the future.

In the mean time I have better things to do, such as wishing my brother a Very Happy Birthday today. Enjoy your 18th, little bro!


Oh no! What is this! She's been reviewing again, hasn't she?

Indeed I have. I returned once more to an old favourite of mine, Bloodstone Prison by Kung Fu Gecko. I'm happy to say that several years after its release, the mission's still a pleasure to play. Read on for more details. As usual, a big thankyou to my special someone for his help with the writing.


Good afternoon, fellow taffers. I thought now would be a good time for an update. Not that I have much to update with, but hey, that's never stopped me before.

I had a look at the links page and found some broken ones. Tsk. Here I was counting on you people to tell me when something's wrong. But do not fear, the problem has been fixed. I have also added a few architectural links that some of you may find interesting. I know I do, which is obviously the reason why I link to them in the first place. Anyway...

I seem to remember promising to put up a lootlist for The Shipment. Finally got that done now, so no more aimless loot hunting for you.


I'm very happy to announce that The Shipment has been released! A page for the FM has been added, and there you can also find a link to download the mission. Enjoy.

Thanks to epithumia for hosting the mission at Another big thankyou goes to Rustibus and Vigil for their help with creating the mission.

Now, I shall celebrate this achievement by getting a good night's sleep for once. Good night everyone.


I'll shortly return to being busy (still not at all in a bad way), so I'll be brief.

I felt an irresistable urge to express my opinion again. Therefore I give you another review. This time I chose Saturio Returns Home by Robin G. A very good FM; in fact, it's one of my favourite FMs. Thanks to my special someone for his help with the writing.

I also made a small change to all the reviews. There are now screenshots from the missions, just so you'll have some idea of what I'm talking about. Other than that, there's not much new. Added/fixed a few links, that's all. However, if everything goes well, there may be a larger update soon(ish). The Shipment is getting closer and closer to the final release.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to being pleasantly busy. Have a nice day.


Time for another review! For my 4th review I returned to the contest FMs and chose Hightowne Museum by Spitter. Hightowne Museum was the winner of the 2nd small FM contest, a well-deserved title. I want to thank Spitter for his feedback on my review and, as always, my special someone for his help.

Because I don't want anyone to start worrying (you never know, there might be someone who would out there), I hereby let you know that I'll be quite busy for the next weeks, maybe months (and not at all in a bad way, I might add). Therefore my updates may become less frequent.


After looking more or less the same for two years, the site has received a much needed face lift. Can you tell?

I had a thiefier look in mind at first, but this intention was ambushed and brutally beaten down by my sentimentality, which instead demanded to see more personal images on the site. My diplomatic side had to come to the poor intention's rescue and eventually a peaceful agreement was made. The simple but elegant solution was to use screenshots from my FMs as background for the missions' pages and a picture of a sunset, which brings back fond memories to me from the night it was taken, for the rest. All was well and there was much rejoicing.

But there is more to this update. Oh yes indeed. If you click away to the FMs page, you'll see that I've added a page for Careless Little Fly. This is my 3rd released FM, made for Komag's 4th FM contest. As I never aimed for any particular category and just made the mission because it felt like a fun thing to do, I'm quite happy with the result. Congrats to the winner and thank you all who voted for my mission, it's much appreciated!


There's no stopping me now, it seems. Yet another review has seen the light of day; this time the victim is Hidden Agenda by AsyluM. This is an excellent Mechanist mission, much recommended. Thanks to AsyluM for his comments on the review. As usual, I also want to thank my special someone for his much appreciated help.

The next update will be something other than reviews. I promise.


Yes, I've been at it again. I've written my second review, this time for the FM Burglary in Blackbrook by John D. This is a fairly new Hammerite mission for Thief 1, and offers an hour or so of fun thieving. I want to thank both John D. and my special someone for reading the review beforehand and giving feedback.


A few days ago I did something I've wanted to do for a long time. I wrote a fan mission review.

For my very first review, I chose Hedgerows & Hammerites by Gumdrop. This FM was chosen because I wanted something small to start out with, and because it's one of my favourites from Komag's 2nd FM contest. Many thanks to Gumdrop himself for taking time to read the first draft and give feedback. A big thankyou to my special someone as well for doing the same and on top of that, putting up with me being all writey.

The review would be pretty useless if just left on my computer, so I decided to share my opinions with you all. A new section was therefore added, the FM Reviews. And yes, going through the trouble of adding a completely new section means there's more to come. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, read and marvel. Or weep. Whatever suits you best.


When your News/Updates page contains info from 3 years, some of the possible explanations are that you are way too lazy, way too inefficient or way too busy with your Real Life. After the previous update I noticed to my horror that this was the case for me. As I like to have as many excuses as possible, I'll claim all three.

But no longer! I post this "update" simply to get rid of the last news from 2001 from this page. My official reason is that I must inform you all that I have added one (1) link. (In addition to my somewhat puzzling desire not to appear so lazy/inefficient/busy with RL, there was a noble intention behind this as well. The old links were getting fed up with each other and the situation had become quite tense. Obviously, they needed a newcomer to harass playfully. I hope this will prevent the outbreak of violent hostilities in the Links section.)


Took some screenshots from my upcoming FM with the working title The Shipment. They're in, surprise surprise, the Screenshots section.

That's about all the news I have regarding that level. Been both studying and working hard due to some misguided sense of necessity, so progress on the new level has been slower than before. Still more or less on schedule though, and have already started testing.

There is also a better reason for delaying the release of this FM. I decided I needed a break from the series I've been working on for far too long, and am therefore taking part in Komag's 4th Small FM Contest.


Fact: I sometimes use Dromed to forget about reasons for being down.
Fact: I've been a bit moody for the past couple of weeks.
Result: My next mission is now halfway done.

Dromed isn't the only effective way for me to forget about the cruel outside world. With the help of a special someone my little corner of the web is now shinier than ever! Oh, the joy.


No, I'm not dead yet. Not completely anyway. I hope this news wasn't too much of a disappointment.

Was trying to find something to keep my mind busy, remembered this site and thought I'd mess around with it for a bit. It's such an effective way to forget about the outside world for a while. (And as a nice bonus you end up wasting a few nights of much needed sleeping time until you collapse on the keyboard.)

As far as FMs are concerned, there isn't much to report. I was planning to finish my miniseries during the summer, but after having a thorough look at the almost finished mission I decided to abandon the project. There was just too much wrong with it. But to look at the bright side, even in spite of lack of creativity I must say that this was the best summer I've ever had.

Since I can't seem to be able to give up Dromed completely, there is a new mission in progress. I'm not working alone on this one, so there is a possibility that it might even get finished.

The only problem here is that I have recently acquired a Life and that tends to interfere with this sort of thing. My Life also seems to be growing on its own and is feeding on more and more of my time. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean less opportunities for playing around with Dromed.

Oh, it might be a good idea to mention that my Iobox email address is no longer in use. If you need to contact me, try my Hotmail one instead.


Long time, no update. Well, nothing new with that I suppose... I've added and fixed a few links, as well as other small changes here and there. But on to actual news (yes, I will use the word "news" and for the moment ignore the fact that it's been more than four months since the FM was released).

I made a little something called The Inventor's Tower for Komag's 2nd FM contest. The contest is now over and I have added a section for the inventor, where you'll find a link if you wish to download it. The contest results can be seen here.


Added a FAQ and a loot list for The Saint of Redmound. Better late than never, right? With any luck someone might find them useful. Frankly I doubt there's any need for those, but hey, at least the Redmound page doesn't look that empty and useless now. ;)

Also added some other stuff, but nothing worth mentioning really.


I've made quite a few changes this time.


Hmm, just remembered this thing exists... ;) Well, I could make up excuses for not doing anything about the site for quite some time, but why bother. I've just been lazy. :)

I've been working on a couple of things in DromEd (or actually three different 'projects' right now), but those are still far from finished. I might put up some screens when I've made something I'm happy with. Since that hasn't happened yet, I'll only add a link this time.


You can now get TSoR here. It's also available from Thief Underground and The Circle.


Time for a small update, I think. I've had a million things to do, and that has kept me too busy to have any time left for doing something about this site. But enough complaining and on to the important thing.

I'm very happy to say that The Saint of Redmound has finally been released!
It's now available from The Keep of Metal and Gold.


Hello and welcome to my all new website. I suddenly felt like being creative and this is the result. :) Feel free to explore the area. Since this is my first attempt ever to make a website, feedback is very welcome.

These pages are still under construction so I'm afraid they are somewhat low on actual content for the moment, but I'm working on that.