Morrgan's Dark Projects

All for a Night's Sleep is my 8th released FM. It started out as a testing ground for various ideas and was then promptly ignored for about a year, along with all my other Thief projects while I was busy with Real Life.

While reaquainting myself with Dromed after the long break, I realized I could make it into a real mission, so I put together the missing bits and pieces in about a week, as practise before I got on with the bigger ones. Hence this is the quickest mission I've done so far, so it's short, sweet, simple and somewhat silly.

Date of release
February 28th, 2008
Updated to v1.1 March 10th, 2008


All for a Night's Sleep

Play Information


"I moved into my new Dayport digs not long ago. All's well until my neighbor across the river got a windchime. The damn thing jingles day and night, loud enough to rouse the Trickser, and I haven't had a good night's sleep all week. Tonight, the infernal contraption will disappear. Into the river.

I've scribbled down a hasty map... this is still a new area for me and it wouldn't do to get lost in one's own backyard. This is hardly the heist of the year, so my leftover tools from the last job will have to do.

Well, the neighbor's asleep and I'm wide awake. Time to grab what I need and hit the road."


The images are 800x600.