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Welcome. Here you will find information on my fan missions for Thief: The Dark Project and Thief 2: The Metal Age, as well as other current projects.

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Looking at the background image some of you may ask: "Morrg, what does a sunset have to do with Thief?" Well, the answer is: not a hell of a lot. In fact, this particular sunset has nothing at all to do with that. But even though dedicated to Thief FMs, this is still my personal site and the picture was taken during a very special night of my life. (Yes, I do have a sentimental side.) Besides, it's a pretty sunset, so just enjoy it.



All for a Night's Sleep has been updated to version 1.1, thanks to the valiant efforts of Mr Vigil. While I was busy with the flu and then distracted by shiny things, Vigil was kind enough to fix a bug that was found after release and then proceeded to do all sorts of other fixes and tweaks too. A full list of the changes is found in the readme.

It's basically a shinier version of the original, but do give it a another try if you feel like finding a new way to rid the world of that pesky chime...

You can download from The Well-Equipped Thief. Thanks Vigil! Special thanks also to Spitter and Yandros for testing this version and to Winter Cat for T2 bugfix suggestions!


Hello! Yes, I'm still alive. More than that, I bring gifts!

As you may have guessed from the silence on this site, I've been busy elsewhere. In fact, I hadn't touched Thief or Dromed for about a year until a couple of weeks ago. Oh my, was I rusty. To get the hang of things again, I opened up an old test mission, where I'd tried out various ideas in the past and began playing around with it. After a little while I realised it could make a nice little mission, so I began putting in the missing bits and pieces while relearning how to use Dromed. Now, about a week later, I bring you All for a Night's Sleep, my 8th FM.

This is a small city mission, kind of a taste of what's to come in Serious Business. It's best described as short, sweet, simple and somewhat silly. A page with the introduction, screenshots and other info has been added to the site, as usual.

You can download from Southquarter. I hope you enjoy it! In the mean time, I shall enjoy a celebratory glass of fancy foreign dark beer.

I'd like to thank these people for their much appreciated contributions.


So MTV3 decided to discontinue their webhost services. Hence, I welcome you to the new dwelling of Morrgan's Dark Projects.

Enjoy. There is cake.


For whatever random reason, I decided to advertise some other places where I make my presence felt on the internet. However, I'm too shy to link to them directly on the front page, so just go to the appropriate Links section to find them. Yes, I'm strange like that.


Here's a piece of news that should be of interest to all FM players: Southquarter is a shiny new Thief site dedicated to FM reviews. I will gradually add my reviews to the site. Perhaps you'd like to contribute with reviews of your own?

Continuing on the subject of reviews, I found a nigh-complete review I'd written many months ago and decided to finish it. The Cell Next Door by Frank Mitchell is a quick but good mission, well worth the tiny download. Here's the review. Thanks to Vigil as usual for reading it through.


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