My own concept for a mountain-dwelling strek.

The combed gluck, the second gallosaur species that was never properly described. Or actually gallocephalid, as I've decided to change the genus into Gallocephalus and have come up as "gluck" for the general vernacular name for the ex-gallosaurs. The latin name of this species is Gallocephalus meleagrides.

A sketchy maniraptoran arm incomplitely folded. note that much of the arm and hand contours may disappear under the plumage

The head of a boreonychid. (If you want to use this for Spec, call it a Homonychus and base the description on my old deinonychosauria history essay.)

The head of a vulgure (not the grisly vulgure). Possibly the North American red vulgure? :P

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