If you've been a speccer for long enough, you may remember the pics of polar drak limbs I had drawn for the first sketch. I thought it would be good to have those around to show the amount of webbing between the polar drak's toes, so I made these new versions.

The manticorant has been a difficult beast to classify. It's skeleton has some derived features that closely align it with maniraptorans, but it also has some archaic features, and not only in the skeleton; its integument that in ways seems to be even more primitive than that of errosaurs. A DNA analysis however seems to place it somewhere inside tyrannoraptora, and yet outside maniraptora. Currently it is classified within Archaoplumia together its equally primitive African cousin, Archaeopluma (sp.)

One of the more interesting skeletal characters of the manticorant is a pygostyle-like fusion of the last caudal vertebrae. This structure seems to have evolved to act as a base for the numerous large quills at the tip of manticorant's tail.

The corant (Anguivenator indicus) is a skreet-like predatory mattiraptor known especially as a serpent hunter. Recent analysis suggests that the corant and st. George's skreet are more closely related to each other than either is to Vulpessaurus.

This is an unfinished sketch of st.George's skreet, but I uploaded it, as it's at least a bit better than the previous sketch. I may do an actual color picture based on this sketch, so I probably will never finish it. (The snake in the pic is the grey skull snake.)

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