An unfinished adjutant roc. I'll try to finish this up at home, so don't upload it, Dan'o!

A notstrich shading sketch just made for a reference to Erik

Two versions of a djad. I was unsure of what it's head should look, so I did two variations for you to choose from...

In case you missed this for the first time, here's Felipithecus sinisaloi again.

The common pokemus (Pokemus vulgaris), an omnivorous pokemurid from the temperate zone forests of Eurasia.

The sivachilla (Viverramimus sp.) is a nocturnal pokemurid that seems to represent the type of pokemurids that later split into felimurids and macropokemurids. Sivachilla is not a true macropokemurid but a completely separate taxon. These predator/omnivores are found in the the forests of Southern Asia. Sivachilla will sleep most of the day up in the trees but at dusk it will climb down to look for food on the ground. Like macropokemurids, sivachillas have a varied diet; while insects, lizards, small mammals and bird eggs and young are their main source of nutrition, they are also known to eat certain fruits and nuts.

Profile of the nian (Smilotyrannus sinensis), an old sketch I finished just for Tim. ;)

Look at troodon now! :D
A better picture of a nandrake, the sentient dinosauroid that wasn't.

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