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January 21st 2016

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                                         ENIGMA BABIES PHOTO CONTEST - The Celebration of Customization Baby Album
                                         Spring is coming along nicely and I thought it would be a good time to announce a friendly competition!
                                         I am in need of pictures of the babies for this website, to show the diversity available, the Celebration of Customization, if you will.
                                         This competition is for the content creators and mothers and fathers alike.
                                         The best pictures will be published on the Enigma Babies web site enigmababies.com on the Baby Pictures page.
                                         Contest entries are to be sent by email only (I will not save your email addresses or use them in commercial purpose.)

                                         CONTEST RULES
                                         First Prize 5.000 Linden dollars
                                         Second Prize 3.000 Linden dollars
                                         Third Prize 1.500 Linden dollars
                                         If there is a tie, the winners will share the prize. If the same person provides with more than one winning image,
                                         the next prize will be given to next best person.
                                         Runners up will be rewarded with a surprise prize
                                         The winners will be decided by me, Cay Enigma (cay.trudeau) with casual arbitrariness and mild tyranny XD

                                         CONTEST TIME
                                         All entries must be sent to the email by February 5th noon (12PM) SLT
                                         WHAT KIND OF IMAGES
                                         I am looking for images that: show customization of the babies and show the baby clearly and have extra je-ne-sais-quoi quality
                                         (the baby does not need to show entirely, but it needs to be major factor in the pic).
                                         Additionally the image should: give a nice atmosphere, or show mother-baby interaction, or show a cool get-up,
                                         a family pic, fantasy roleplay, tells a story, or something that makes the image pop
                                         Think what kind of pictures you would add to your baby album.
                                         Look also the composition of the picture, the color scheme and the cropping,
                                         although the contents (the story) of the picture weight more on the scale than the composition
                                         This website might help you, though http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/basics.htm
                                         (I do not have anything to do with this web page, just something I found online)
                                         1) The image must be at least 1024 x 1024 pixels, it may be larger and does not have to be square
                                         2) The image must be staged and taken entirely within the Second Life, using the lighting methods available in SL.
                                         You may not photo-shop the image to alter the looks of the baby, you may not add things to the image in photo shop.
                                         You may alter color balance & brightness & crop the image.
                                         You may edit out things in the background, if it can be done without leaving a mark.
                                         3) You may not add text on the image (unless the text is inside the pic, like street signs etc)
                                         4) Images may not contain sexual or violent content, they -MAY- contain partial nudity, the genitals may not show
                                         5) The staging of the image may not contain representations of blood, urine or feces.
                                         SENDING AN ENTRY
                                         All entries must be sent to the email by February 14th noon (12PM) SLT
                                         Send the image or images in one email to cay.enigma@gmail.com. Title (subject) the email: "Enigma Babies Photo Contest".
                                         Files may be attachments or in a zip file (I prefer attachments). Remember to type your Second Life user name in the email.
                                         You may also tell shortly something about the pictures. It would also be nice to know which creator's skin, clothes and items you used.

                                         Name each image to which you want the image be titled on the web page (it can be continuous with _ as a space).

                                         Maximum 10 images per contestant.
                                         DISCLAIMER: I might edit or crop your image before publishing it to the website, to better fit the page.
                                         I also might not put an image on the website at all, even if it wins for various reasons if the situation says so.
                                         Fe. a contestant sends me a wonderful funny picture of a mother changing the baby's diaper.
                                         The image wins, but because there is an unrelated person in the background with name title showing, I cannot publish the picture.

                                         I reserve the right to display any of the pictures sent to me in somewhere else on the website or in the inworld store.
                                         I will not be using a picture sent to me as an advertisement or otherwise else commercially without permission.

                                         Cay Enigma


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