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Kevin Stocks onstage at The Humber St. Andrews Club. Hull. 1993

Kevin Stocks 25th October 1993

Humber St. Andrews Club, Hull, England





It doesn't look so big does it? But Finland is 1½ times the size of England. It has 5 million people living there and is a bilingual country with 6% of the people speaking Swedish . I had to learn two languages and for an averagely educated guy like myself...not a bad feat, even if I do say so !!
It is also the most populated country above the 60th. parallel.  20% of the population live in Helsinki the country's capital city. As you can imagine with that kind of population density, ( 15 people to the square Km in the rural areas) you make sure that you don't run out of sugar!!
I came here to work in the late eighties and decided to stay. I originally come from England, Hull to be exact, a city in East Yorkshire. I am a singer and really like getting away from it all after I leave the stage. I live now with my Family in Pargas, an island south of Turku / Åbo.



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